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Clipper makes the best lighters in the world. Check out a large collection of Clipper lighters and easily order them online.

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Lighter Luxury Metal in Giftbox (Clipper)

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Rasta Lighter (Clipper)
Windproof Lighter Cannabis Leaf (Clipper)
Clipper Flints System 3 pieces
Gas lighter refill 300ml
Lighter Weed Leaf (Clipper)
Lighter Soft Touch (Clipper)
Mascotte Lighter (Clipper)
Fluor Lighter (Clipper)

Find out why Clipper lighters are the best in the world. Find one you like and order easily and quickly in our shop!

Clipper: The Best Lighter in the World

Numerous smokers agree that Clipper makes the best lighters in the world. What makes these lighters so special? A few reasons:

  • Clipper lighters are small yet sturdy. Where other small lighters break down quickly, a Clipper stays intact for a long time. This is due to the innovative system of the wheel and flint. Also, the wind collar (top cap) is firmly in place thanks to its round shape.
  • Each lighter has a replaceable flint. Is it spinning? Is it worn out after months of use? Then you can simply replace it. Clipper flints are widely available and replacement is easy!
  • Convenient for blowers: the flint is attached to a stick that is connected to the wheel. Pull up the wheel and you can use the stick to light your shag, joint or cigarette. Super convenient!
  • The wheel of the Clipper lighter is (in most cases) not round, but pentagonal. This makes it easier to rotate and doesn't hurt your finger.
  • A Clipper lighter lasts a long time. With a normal size you can light something about 3000 times before it runs out!
  • Clippers are refillable. Is it empty after 3000 lighting sessions? Just refill it with butane gas and you can use it for a lifetime.
  • Many people don't know this, but you can control the size of the flame with a Clipper lighter. Hold it at an angle to make the flame larger. Ideal for lighting candles. Or bongs, pipes and joints of course!
  • If you are a collector you can apply for a second mortgage. There are thousands of types! Also torch, gold, silicone, matte black or even metal Clipper. So the best lighter in the world is always there in a style that suits you. Guaranteed.

Clipper Lighter Metal

So Clipper lighters don't break easily because they are conveniently designed. But do you want a lighter that really lasts? Then go for a metal Clipper lighter. They are available in different colours and are delivered in a luxury gift box. They are unbreakable and like every Clipper you can simply refill them and replace the flint. Make sure no one steals it?

Buy Clipper Flints

The great thing about the best lighter in the world is that you can both refill the gas and replace the Clipper flints. You can buy the official Clipper flint systems from us. No mess that breaks every time. In addition to the stones, you will receive the entire system. So with gear and holder. Do you decide to buy Clipper Flints? Then you are again assured of easily lighting your "Jonko" 3000 times. The systems are safe for children and come in packs of three.

Weed lighter? Go for Clipper

Everyone who smokes weed should have a Clipper. At least, we think it can save these people a lot of trouble. The trick of lighting up with the stick is super handy. Making the flame larger and smaller comes in very handy when you need to light pipes, bongs or small joints. They are nice and small, so you can take them anywhere. Last but not least, there are all kinds of Clipper lighters with weed-related prints. For example, a normal weed Clipper or a Clipper Storm lighter with a weed leaf. To sum up: the best lighter for weed.

Refilling your Clipper lighter

Is your lighter empty after months of use? Don't panic. Refilling a Clipper lighter is easy. At the bottom of your lighter you will find a plug for a can of butane gas. Attach it, listen to the gas flow into the lighter, and remove it when you no longer hear anything. Yes, filling up a Clipper lighter only takes ten seconds. After that you can use it again for 3000 times!

Buying Clipper Lighters

Convinced? Have you seen one that suits you? Fortunately, buying a Clipper lighter with us is incredibly easy. After payment we ship the lighters within a day. You will receive a discreet package, so no one will see that you ordered at Dutch-Headshop. And if you have any questions or want to buy Clipper parts? Then you can also contact us. The web shop to buy Clipper lighters!