Cleaning Vaporizer | Cleaners & Tools

Cleaning a vaporizer is not difficult, as long as you use the right cleaners and tools. On this page you'll find all kinds of stuff that makes the cleaning easier. A clean vaporizer produces vapour with the most pure and unadulterated flavour. The device also lasts longer if you clean it regularly. To sum up: cleaning your vaporizer is essential.

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Zeus Purify Vaporizer Cleaning Kit
Bong & Pipe Cleaner Bio (LimPuro) 250 ml
Degummed Hemp Fibre / Vape Wool (Black Leaf)

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Bong & Pipe Cleaner Bio (Black Leaf) 100 ml
Pipe Cleaners / Brushes (Black Leaf) 44 pieces
Zeus Purify Grime Wipes
Zeus Purify Grime Sticks
Stainless Steel Stirring Tool | Arizer
Zeus Armor Vaporizer Protection Case
Dome Screen Pack | Arizer XQ2, V-Tower & Extreme Q
Screen Pack | Arizer XQ2, V-Tower & Extreme Q
Fine Screen Set | Storz & Bickel Plenty & Volcano
Chamber Screens (3 pieces) | Flowermate Aura
Flowsink Screens (5 pieces) | Zeus Arc GT & Arc
Screens (5 pieces) | Zeus Smite
Mouthpiece Screens | Aura Vaporizer (Flowermate) 2 pieces
Herb Chamber Screens / Gauze Pads CFX Vaporizer (Boundless) 2 pieces
Mouthpiece Screens (2 pieces) | Boundless CFX
Screens Gauzes Fine Meshed Steel 15 mm
Drip Pad Set Small | Storz & Bickel Vaporisateurs

Why should you clean your vaporizer?

A big advantage of a vaporizer is that you can really taste the flavour of the weed, herbs, hash or concentrates you put in it. The pure taste of the different types of weed for example. Priceless! That's why you want to clean your vaporizer properly. Only then can you enjoy the purest taste of weed products and herbs for a long time.

A clean vaporizer lasts longer. If parts are clogged or not properly cleaned, they can be damaged. If you want to use your vaporizer for as long as possible, you should clean it regularly.

How to clean your vaporizer?

Cleaning a vaporizer is not difficult at all. However, each vaporizer needs to be cleaned differently. When you purchase a vaporizer, instructions are provided. You can also search for a video or look under extensive product information. To give you an idea of the steps you need to go through when cleaning most vaporizers, here are the steps.

  1. Grab the cleaning tools, such as brushes or wipes, that you received when you purchased your vaporizer.
  2. Take off all the loose parts of the vaporizer. For example, the mouthpiece, the herb or concentrate chamber, and any other small parts that you can detach from the device.
  3. Place the parts in a container with warm water and vaporizer cleaner. Let them soak for a while.
  4. Replace the screen in the herb chamber of the vaporizer.
  5. Clean both the inside and outside of the vaporizer. Beware: not all parts can withstand moisture, water or cleaning agents. Use only the cleaning tools provided and refer to the instructions.
  6. Clean the loose parts that you soaked in the container.
  7. Dry everything thoroughly and attach everything back in its original place. That’s it!

Vaporizer Cleaner, Screens & Tools

Besides the brushes, wipes and tools you get with some vaporizers, you can buy additional cleaning tools. Consider, for example, the cleaners on this page. They are suitable for all materials that vaporizers are made of. Or the Grime Sticks and Grime Wipes from Zeus Arsenal. These allow you to clean any vaporizer.

Prefer a complete set for cleaning your vaporizer? Check out the Vaporizer Cleaning Kit from Zeus Arsenal. It contains everything you need to get your vaporizer as good as new!

Besides cleaning parts, it's also important to replace your screens once in a while. In our vaporizer shop you'll find screens for all vaporizers. Replace the screen of your vaporizer when it no longer looks very clean or when you notice that the taste of the vapour is not the same as before.