A grinder is indispensable for any weed smoker. After all, you don’t want to be thinking that you have to crumble all that green gold by hand. Fortunately, you can come to us for all types of grinders. What options are there and which one would suit you best? What actually is the best weed grinder and why? After you’ve read this blog, you’ll know all about crushers, shredders and crumblers. So you’ll be able to buy the right weed grinder with confidence!

In this article:

  • What is a Weed Grinder?
  • How Does a Weed Grinder Work?
  • Grinder Functions
  • Plastic, Wooden or Metal Grinder?
  • The Best Weed Grinder
  • Special Grinders
  • Hash Grinder
  • Cleaning a Weed Grinder
  • Thinking of Buying a Weed Grinder? Our favourites!

What is a Weed Grinder?

A weed grinder is a handy tool for finely crumbling your weed. Grinders may also be referred to as weed crushers, shredders or crumblers. They always consist of at least 2 parts. The inside of both parts features sharp points. By placing the weed in between them, doing the grinder up tightly and turning it a number of times, you quickly crumble your weed. A grinder is essential for anyone who smokes weed regularly. Certain varieties of weed are very difficult to crumble by hand. So virtually every smoker needs one.

Grinders come in all shapes and sizes. You can get them in wood, plastic, stone or metal. The best weed grinder you can get is often made of metal. Grinders often have additional parts and functions. For example, a storage tray on the bottom and a pollen filter / THC filter on the top. There are also a lot of special crushers. At a good headshop you’ll find electrical weed grinders, mini grinders and even hash grinders. The possibilities are endless. The choice is up to you!

Here is Where to Buy a Weed Grinder!

Wiet Grinder

How Does a Weed Grinder Work?

How does this type of weed crusher, shredder or grinder work? It’s very simple. A child could understand it. But do you want to crumble weed as finely as possible? So that you can get stoned and the joint still tastes good? Without the familiar tar tip? Then check these steps:

  1. Get your weed ready and open the grinder. 
  2. Separate out the weed buds slightly from each other. Really big buds can get stuck in the grinder and it will take you more effort.
  3. Important: make sure you remove all twigs from the weed before putting it in your weed grinder. Twigs contain little THC. Smoking this plant material is unhealthy and you have more chance of getting a headache and a dry mouth!
  4. Put the crumbs of weed in the bottom of the grinder and place the lid on top. Not the other way round. Because over time that would result in a stubborn, dirty rim on the inside of your grinder. 
  5. Ensure the lid is properly secured by giving it a knock. Now hold the grinder firmly and rotate the lid a few times. Keep turning until you no longer feel any resistance.
  6. Don’t open the lid immediately. First, tap the bottom of the grinder on the ground or table. This will make all the weed drop down and you’ll know for sure that none of it remains stuck.
  7. Open the grinder, if there are several parts, unscrew the grinder part and empty the weed into your joint. Save the pollen / THC in the bottom tray or put it into your joint straight away. 
  8. Hold your grinder (without the THC tray) upside down and tap it a number of times against the side so that everything falls out. All done!

In this way, it will be less trouble for you and everything will effortlessly come out of your grinder. Pro tip: don’t put any tobacco in your weed grinder. Over time, that will make it stiff. Use your crusher for weed only!

Additional Grinder Functions

Sometimes grinders come in 5 parts. With each part having its own function. For example, there are grinders with storage trays. This is handy for storing everything that falls out of your joint when you are rolling it. Over time, this will enable you to roll another nice joint. Of course, you can also store small amounts of weed or tobacco in there.

Yet another important component of your grinder is the screen. The gauze filter serves as a pollen sieve / THC filter. When you crumble weed, THC-rich crystals emerge from the weed. If you capture these in the tray you can either put them in your joint immediately or save them. You can, for example, make a block of hash or dabsfrom these crystals. Grinders often have a scraper next to the screen for keeping it clean at all times.

Grinder screens with scrapers. The capture tray for the pollen/THC is under this screen.

Some grinders have a wheel on the top for even easier crumbling. Other grinders, such as the Metalen Grinder (Tsunami) have a unique top with a bowl. You can insert the crumbled weed here for mixing with tobacco. Or for putting in your joint immediately, of course. There are also special grinders with a funnel. This is very convenient for getting the weed directly from your grinder into a vaporizer.

Plastic, Wooden or Metal Grinder?

Grinders are made from all kinds of materials. The most popular are metal grinders, but they also come in plastic, wood and even stone. The advantages and disadvantages.

Plastic Grinder

Plastic grinders are often quite cheap. You can order a plastic grinderfor a few euros. They work very well but get dirty very quickly. It’s difficult to remove rims of stubborn dirt on the inside. Because if you poke around hard in a plastic grinder, it can easily break. And you don’t want bits of plastic coming off. They could end up in your joint and that’s very bad for your health. A plastic grinder is a good choice for those who don’t smoke a lot of weed and are looking to economise.

Wooden Grinder

A wooden grinderis often quite handsome. They are sometimes carved with all kinds of shapes, e.g. a weed logo. The big advantage of wooden grinders is that they turn very smoothly (provided you use them correctly). You can appreciate that lacquered wood surfaces glide against each other better than plastic or resistant metal. In general, wooden grinders don’t last as long as metal or plastic grinders. The points can break off or wear out. Are you looking mainly for a good-looking grinder? If so, then a wooden grinder is a good choice. Or do you want one that’s going to last a long time? In that case, it has to be a metal grinder!

Metal Grinder

As mentioned, metal grinders are the most popular. Simply because they are robust, easy to clean and therefore last the longest. Some of them are also given special coatings so that nothing sticks inside. Metal grinders are often a bit more expensive but they do last. So, do you want to buy a weed grinder that you’ll be able to use for years to come? Without it going wrong? In that case, buy a metal grinder.

SLX Grinder

The Best Weed Grinder

All products are tested by the Dutch Headshop team before we make them part of our range. And that includes grinders. In our search for the best weed grinder, we have compared all shredders, crumblers and weed crushers. One stands out head and shoulders above the rest: the SLX Weed Grinder!

The SLX is far and away the best weed grinder on the market. It costs somewhat more than a standard weed grinder but it’s well worth it. The biggest advantage: it doesn’t stick! That’s because it has a Nano-Ceramic Coating applied to every nook and cranny of the grinder. As a result, the weed glides with no difficulty through your grinder and no dirt accumulates. It always turns smoothly and you don’t have to extricate anything from the grinder with your fingers. In addition, the SLX Weed Grinder has an extremely handy sprinkle tray, a pollen screen of the highest quality and razor-sharp teeth. This high-end weed crusher is available in two sizes (50 mm and 62 mm). It’s an investment but if you consider that it costs about the same as a couple of bags of weed then that cost is not out of place. Thanks to the top quality and outstanding SLX Service, you’ll be able to use it for a lifetime. That makes the SLX the world’s best weed grinder!

Special Grinders

There are a number of special grinders which, once you’ve seen one you’ve got to have it. It’s nice to have a different grinder from most other people, especially if weed is a big influence on your lifestyle. Just take a look at these special grinders:

  • Grinder Board: this wooden grinder board with chopping knife is for anyone who wants to crumble their weed or hash in the classic manner. Not in a hurry and like some of those classic vibes? Then you’ll appreciate this. The grinder board has a bowl-shaped bottom so that the curved chopping knife cuts through your weed or has easily. Nicely old school!

  • Electric Weed Grinder: don’t want to have to exert yourself when grinding? Then you can always opt for the electric weed grinder. Throw in your weed, press a button and hey presto, the ganja is ready for your joint. Prefer to take it easy? Then this is the gadget for you!

  • Grinder Cards: these are highly compact weed grinders in the form of a credit card. They fit in your wallet so you can have a grinder in your pocket whenever and wherever you go. Take a bud, run it along the finger-safe grinder card and your weed is finely cut in no time.

  • Magic Truffles Grinder: this grinder is not for weed but for magic truffles. These sticky tubers are not that easy to crumble and they are dirty as well if you eat them all at once. Want to use taste-free truffles? Use the magic truffles grinder!

  • Eco Grinder: do you like to use sustainable products and to be environmentally aware when crumbling your weed? If so, check out the Eco Grinder from Greengo. This is made entirely from recycled plastic. And it gets better! It was plastic that served as returnable containers for keeping weed in. You can see bits of weed still there in the plastic material of the grinders! Awesome, don’t you think?

Hash Grinder

The big disadvantage of most grinders is that they are not suitable for grinding hash. For lovers of hash, this is a pain in the neck. But don’t fret! The ZenPen Hash Grinder is rushing to your rescue. An ingenious invention that enables you to easily reduce hard or soft hash into small bits. You won’t suffer from dirty fingers any more and you won’t have to burn off half of your hash chunk with a lighter. Check out the product information to see how the ZenPen works. Are you a fan of hash? You won’t be disappointed by this hash grinder!

Cleaning a Weed Grinder

Cleaning your grinder can be a tricky job at best. Especially if you’ve neglected it and the dirt has therefore become ‘caked on’. Use Limpuro Bong & Pipe Cleaner or the special Grinder Cleaner to deal with the task. These items are made specially for cleaning weed accessories and/or grinders. Is your weed grinder in need of cleaning? Here’s a brief, step-by-step plan:

  1. Put the kettle on.
  2. Disassemble the weed grinder completely and put all the parts in a heat-resistant container.
  3. Once the water has boiled, leave it a bit to cool down so that there are no unfortunate accidents. Moreover, boiling water may not be good for certain materials. Hot water cannot do any harm.
  4. Pour the hot water in the pan with the parts and add a cleaning agent. Check the back of the cleaner for the concentration. 
  5. Leave the grinder to soak for about 15 minutes. Shake the pan back and forth regularly so that the dirt comes off.
  6. Take out the grinder parts (they may be hot) and scrub off the last bits of dirt with a pipe cleaner or an old toothbrush. All done!

With the special Bong Cleaner, you can omit a couple of steps. Spray inside your grinder a couple of times, leave to soak in a bit and then start scrubbing. Rinse with hot water and the chore is done!

Please note: for plastic grinders you can also use vinegar. Don’t use any sharp objects with plastic grinders. Do you want to clean an SLX Grinder? Read the product information first! 

Want to Buy a Weed Grinder? Our favourites!

After reading this blog, you can call yourself a grinder expert. Are you going to buy a weed grinder? Then at least you know what to look out for. Even so, we’d like to point out our favourites. We have tested all grinders in our range.

  • When it comes to price/quality ratio, our own Dutch Headshop grinders are a good choice. You can find them in all kinds (metal/plastic) and sizes (50 mm / 60 mm / 76 mm). Our own grinders are extra-competitively priced and last a nice long time. Check them out in the grinder shop!

  • The SLX Grinder is by far our favourite. The advantages outweigh the cost. Do you want a really good grinder? The best of the best? If so, go for an SLX.

  • The Thorinder Weed Grinder is a fantastic crusher to give as a present to your friends. It looks neat, is made from top-quality materials and comes in a stylish box. Not your average shredder, that’s for sure! 

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