Aluminium Grinder Thorinder 4 parts (After Grow) 50 mm

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The Thorinder Mini is one fancy grinder. This grinder consists of four parts and is fashioned from anodized aluminium. It's built with medical-grade, stainless steel and features an ergonomic design. A magnetic closing lid and a stylish packaging make this appliance indisposable for the seasoned cannabis user. This top-notch quality grinder will accompany you for the rest of your life! Experience all the conveniences of this great grinder yourself and order now!
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Thorinder Mini Luxury grinder, the most compact and sticky buds are no problem for this luxury grinder made of airplane quality aluminum and stainless steel.

The Thorinder consists of:

  • Four parts
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Medical quality stainless steel
  • Ergonomic design
  • Magnetic lid
  • Stylish gift wrap

A Thorinder Mini grinder is one of those accessories that is part of the inventory of every self-respecting cannabis user. The Thorinder Mini is probably the last one you are ever going to buy. This grinder is of good quality, such good quality that it lasts a whole life. What products are like that nowadays?

The design of the Thorinder Mini grinder
The design of this Thorinder Mini grinder is beautiful, the case is matte black and consists of 3 compartment levels. In practice this means that when you remove the transparent lid of the grinder, you can place the cannabis between the razor sharp teeth and start grinding straight away. When the cannabis is fine enough, it falls automatically through the lightning-shaped holes in the bottom. This brings the cannabis that is ready for use to the compartment below.

They only thing left to do is to unscrew the grinding part and take the cannabis out of the compartment. Now you can fill your joint, vaporizer or use your bong with the most beautiful herbs or other products. 
The bottom of this compartment consists of a very fine gauze that ensures that the most fine cannabis rests in powder form, also known as skuff, reach the third and last compartment.

Nothing is lost
With the included scraping tool, that resembles a guitar valve, you can easily scrape out all cannabis rests of any compartment. So nothing is lost of your valuable cannabis. This grinder pays itself back in no-time.

Stylish packaging
A top luxury grinder like the Thorinder Mini grinder deserves a nice presentation. After grow knows this. The packaging of this grinder is not inferior to those packagings used for expensive watches or other gadgets. Making this grinder not only interesting to buy for yourself, but also the ultimate present for your good friends.


  • Thorinder mini
  • Scraper
  • Instructions
  • Gift wrap

All Thorinders are black on the outside. The color you can choose only concerns the inside of the grinder, see the pictures for more details.

SKU G-1280
Availability In Stock
Brand After Grow
Material Metal
Grinder Parts 4 parts
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Aluminium Grinder Thorinder 4 parts (After Grow) 50 mm

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