Weed Grinder 4 parts (SLX Grinders) 50 mm

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Are you ready for the best weed grinder in the world? The 4-piece SLX Grinder (50 mm) is the only grinder which doesn’t stick! Thanks to its special Nano-Ceramic Coating which is present in all the grinder’s nooks and crannies, no weed is left behind and the grinder always turns smoothly. Say goodbye to the infamous brown-black border on the inside of your grinder! As well as the fantastic coating, this weed grinder has a lot more to offer you. Extremely high-quality material, perfectly formed teeth, unique sprinkle tray, perfect pollen screen and a whole lot more. This is the only expensive grinder in the world which is really worth more than its cost. Discover the SLX Weed Grinder’s benefits and ease of use and you’ll never want anything else. Guaranteed! 

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Nano-Ceramic Coating

The world’s first weed grinder with a Nano-Ceramic Coating: the SLX Grinder (50 mm). The coating ensures that no weed, tobacco or herbs stay stuck and you don’t have to manually extricate anything. Everything glides nicely through to the bottom section of the grinder. This means that your grinder always turns smoothly and you’ll never be bothered by stubborn hash remnants left on the inside of your grinder. You have to see it to believe it but after filling the grinder all you have to do is turn it a couple of times to get perfectly formatted weed. This 50 mm diameter version of the SLX Weed Grinder is the smallest in the range. It fits easily in your pocket meaning you can take it wherever you want.

Multiple versions of the SLX Grinder have been produced. Dutch Headshop sells only the most recent variant. Currently: V2.5

Benefits of the SLX Weed Grinder

  • Stylish weed grinder - an asset to your turning toolset.
  • Nano-Ceramic Coating™
  • Available in two sizes: 50 mm and 62 mm
  • The only grinder in the world that doesn’t stick
  • Specially designed teeth - make everything fine
  • No fiddlng, everything ends up in the sprinkle tray
  • No stubborn brown-black stained rim 
  • Always turns smoothly
  • Rare-earth Neodymium magnets
  • Suitable for weed, tobacco and dry herbs.
  • Convenient sprinkle tray and perfect THC filter
  • Both turning lids fitted with grip surfaces
  • Includes two handy scrapers
  • Format: 50 x 33 mm
  • Outstanding SLX Service

Form and Material: Pure Perfection

Not for nothing does the world’s best weed grinder have a price tag to match. You are dealing here with pure perfection. The SLX is made from extremely high-quality material: 7075 T6 Aerospace-Grade aluminium. The material is extremely strong and durable. Are you going to buy an SLX grinder? Then you can be assured that it will last your entire lifetime! Neither the material nor the coating contain any harmful substances such as Teflon or PTFE. These are substances that are often used for special coatings. But not with the SLX. The world’s best weed grinder is 100% safe and is therefore not harmful to your health. 

The form of the grinder can also be described as sublime. The pocket-format SLX with a diameter of 50.8 mm has 27 specially shaped teeth. Each tooth has 4 razor-sharp cutting edges for a very precise grinding operation. Everything you throw into it comes out finely ground. And all with no effort at all. The special form contributes to the smooth turning. The best grinder ever also features special grip surfaces on the lids so that you can keep hold of it nicely. 

Buying a User-Friendly Grinder?

Are you looking for a user-friendly grinder? In that case, look no further. As well as the special coating, the razor-sharp teeth and the grip surfaces, this weed grinder has yet more gadgets that make grinding a great deal easier. Really, they have thought of everything. Take the handy sprinkle tray to start with. When you crumble weed with the SLX grinder, it falls through the bottom of the top chamber onto a super fine screen. This screen is fixed by a detachable tray which you can remove from the lower section of the grinder. You can then put the weed or herbs into your joint or vaporizer in no time at all. Normally speaking you have to unscrew another 2 sections from a grinder to get at the weed and pollen chamber. But that’s not necessary with the SLX, making everything that much quicker and easier.

The pollen chamber is covered with a premium quality stainless steel screen. The screen has the optimum mesh size so that only the THC is filtered from the weed. Therefore, no surplus plant material. You will see that the world’s best weed grinder produces THC faster than other grinders. To keep everything together, you get two scrapers with the SLX grinder. With these you can, for example, clean the screen or brush together all the kief. 

The grinder is fitted with two special magnets which connect the lid properly to the rest of the grinder. Not any old magnets, but rare-earth neodymium magnets. These ensure that your grinder never comes open when you’re not using it. 

The SLX Promise

Buying the SLX Weed Grinder? In that case, you are assured of a grinder which you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life. What if something unexpected happens to your grinder? Are you noticing that a certain part of it is sticking? Or has something broken off? SLX Grinders promise to help every customer. Send them a photograph via the URL on the bottom of your grinder and you’ll receive new parts or even a complete new grinder. Just so that every SLX user is a satisfied customer.

Cleaning the Grinder

This grinder is designed to clean itself and not accumulate any residues. But if you frequently cut very moist materials, it can happen that your SLX misses a beat. However, don’t panic! The coating is still in place and with a little effort it will be as good as new again. It’s really easy to clean an SLX grinder. Brush or scrape all the plant material out with the scrapers supplied and soak the grinder in rubbing alcohol for a couple of hours. Then rinse it with warm water and allow to dry properly. Your grinder is now like new again! If this is not the case, then get in touch with us or SLX and you’ll receive a new one.

SKU G-2015
Brand SLX Grinders
Material Nano Ceramic
Grinder Parts 4 parts
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Don't know of I'm just unlucky with the Charcoal version but this is my second one and again the coating is damaged/gone. Maybe I have sticky weed, I need to clean this grinder at least two times a month. Layout, with the loose weed catcher, isn't my fav. My twenty bucks Flames grinder is a better grinder than this one. It also becomes sticky but it doesn't advertise not to be superb like SLX does.
Review by FeaR
star star star star star
the best grinder ever used in my long life as user
Review by Polo

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