Hash or Weed: the Differences and Uses

In case you are new to the cannabis world, the many different terms may be very confusing. A good example is hashish and marijuana. First of all, what is the difference between these two? How can you best use them, and what are the effects?

Hash and Weed have the same Basis

An important similarity between hash and weed is the female cannabis plant cannabis sativa. Either as hash or weed, the weed plant contains the substance THC which enables you as a user to experience a stoned or high feeling.THC is present in the resin the cannabis plant produces, among other parts. When looking closely at the highest flower tops and leaves of the plant, you can observe small hairs on the buds. These are resin glands, also called trichomes that separate the resin. 

cannabis trichomes

The trichomes of a cannabis plant

The same building blocks, a different recipe

Both hash and marijuana contain the same main ingredient: flower tops and young leaves of the cannabis plant. The difference is the way they are prepared.

Preparation method Cannabis

Cannabis, also called marijuana or weed, has a strong odor and varies in color between gray-green, green and orange, green-brown and even green and purple. The color strongly depends on the type of weed (or strain). 

When the cannabis plant is ready to be harvested, snip its leaves off up to the top. These leaves are full of THC. The remaining, good-quality leaves can be thrown away or kept for making oil for example. After this, allow the flower heads to dry. As soon as the weed plant has dried properly, you can crumble the heads with your fingers and divide the weed into pieces. The crumbling can be done very easily with a Grinder for example. The strength of the weed depends to a large extent on the type of cannabis plant (strain) and to a lesser extent on its freshness.

weed nugs

Weed nugs (flowers)

Hash Preparation method

Hash is prepared in a somewhat different way than cannabis. It is more complicated, and also a more intensive production process. Hashish consists of pure trichomes coming from the cannabis plant (Sativa or Indica).

block of hash

A thick block of prime hash

Making Hash with Dry Ice (Cold)

A well-known method for making hash is by using dry ice. There is, of course, more than one method, such as ‘knocking’ dried weed plants - think of drumming - through a cloth sieve. The knocking action results in the trichomes falling to the bottom of the drum so you can then scrape them together. This method is mainly used in Morocco.

We are going to focus on the dry-ice method. For this method: 

  1. Allow the cannabis plant to dry in the same way as for weed and then crumble it into small bits. Tip: a Grinder can help you to crumble the plant material. 
  2. Make sure you have some dry ice (temperature approximately -78.5°C) Never touch the ice with your bare hands; always wear gloves. Put the dry ice together with the plant material into a net bag. 
  3. Turn the bag over and shake it well over a flat surface such as a mirror. This makes the (very) fine hair crystals (trichomes) fall down - this is also known as kief. 
  4. To make hash from the kief you press the fine powder firmly together into a small brick. The pressing operation is best done using a hash press.
  5. The pressing action releases an oil which causes the powder to stick together. The result is a small brown brick: hash 

Tip: Do you want to make hash even faster from the heads or waste snippings? Then use a hash shaker »

Warm Pressing Hash

You can also warm press hash. A commonly used method for making hash - using heat - is by rubbing the kief for a long time with your hands. A very intensive process. Warm pressing hash is done particularly in Morocco and for Eastern hash.

How High is the THC- or CBD-content?

Hashish is made from pure trichomes from the cannabis plant. It contains the active ingredient THC, which implies the average THC percentage is higher than with cannabis. Strong hashish can contain up to 30% THC, while this is usually around 15% for cannabis. The THC and CBD percentage of course highly depend on the cannabis plant being used. 

Stoned or High?

You can get high or stoned on cannabis and hashish. Sometimes both, but what is ‘being high’? A feeling of being high produces an increase in physical energy and mental euphoria. The feeling of being high can make you more creative. Stoned, on the other hand, makes you feel lazy and relaxed. Arms and legs may feel weak or heavy. Feeling stoned is a physical feeling.

You often hear people about getting high on hashish and stoned on cannabis. Yet, there are also people who claim or experience the exact opposite. Conclusion? Both the effect of hash and cannabis depend on the amount and the THC and CBD ratio (and a few other substances, such as terpenes). Furthermore, product quality, way of administration and especially the user himself plays an important role when talking about the effect of hash and weed.

How to use Hash?

As hash and weed are prepared in a different manner, its use is also different. There are certain things weed is not suitable for while hashish is, and vice versa. For example, with hash you can...

  • smoke via a joint, weed pipe or water pipe. Note: depending on the size of the weed pipe, you may or may not need tobacco (or another herb) and a filter to top it up. No topping-up is required in the case of a weed pipe with a small head.This allows you to prevent the molten hash from dripping into the pipe and becoming polluted.
  • food: brownies, space cake, dissolve in milk and butter. Butter is the basis of many types of delicacies, because you can easily dissolve THC in animal fats (and some vegetable oils like coconut, avocado and to a lesser extent olive oil). 
  • microdoses for medicinal use. Tip: use empty capsules here. 

Caution! When using Hashish in a Vaporizer, Warranty is void

In general, hashish is not suitable for a vaporizer or cannolator. Due to the composition of hashish, most vaporizers will break. Hash is very sticky, compared to weed. When you heat hashish, it starts to melt. This sticky substance may easily end up in the vaporizer's control system. The result is the vaporizer will not function properly, and the warranty on the device will be void.

Some vaporizers are delivered with concentrate pads or liquid pads, and you may be tempted to put hash on it. Don't do this! The concentrate or pad are immediately unusable after using hashish. When you do use hashish in the vaporizer, this is specifically mentioned in the manual or product description.

Still using hash in your vaporizer?

There seems to be a solution to the hash problem in vaporizers. Put a 100% organic cotton plug on every part of the vaporizer that may be exposed to the hashish. This ensures the sticky substance will not enter the control system, and is absorbed by the cotton. This is not really a waterproof plan. Chances are that hashish ends up in places where it shouldn't go. When your vaporizer breaks down due to hashish, you lose the supplier's guarantee.

Tip: you still like to vape / smoke hash? Start looking for a weed pipe. Weed pipes are not electric, so hashish won't damage anything. Depending on the size of the weed pipe, tobacco is needed for filling it up. With hashish, you can best take weed pipes with a small head. For instance: 

cannabis pipe rosewood

Weed pipe Rosewood 20 cm

Do you want to vape hash? Then it’s best to use the Eagle Bill Shake Vape Vaporizer

Eagle Bill Shake Vape Vaporizer

Eagle Bill Shake Vape Vaporizer

How to use cannabis?

Compared to Hashish, cannabis is ideal for a vaporizer. With marijuana you can... 

  • smoke it via a joint, weed pipe, water pipe or vaporizer
  • food: space cake, brownies, cannabis, pancakes and much more. Butter is the basis of many types of delicacies, because you can easily dissolve THC in animal fats. 
  • microdoses for medicinal use. Tip: use empty capsules  here. 
  • extraction of cannabis oil with a cannolator.

Questions about Hashish or Cannabis? Our customer service is available!

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