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Thinking of buying a water pipe or bong? We have a huge range of great, good-quality water pipes and bongs for you. Do you smoke weed, dabs, concentrates, hash, tobacco, herbs or something else? Do you want a plastic, bamboo or just a glass bong? Dab bong with nail or banger? Mini bong or just a great big one in a gift box? Check out our range and discover them all!

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Glass Ice Bong | Alchemie Flask (Blaze Glass)
Glass Ice Bong | Copper Archimedes Reactor (Black Leaf)
Bong Bowl | Active Charcoal Adapter (actiTube)

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Glass Ice Bong | Triple HoneyComb (Black Leaf) Top Quality
Glass Ice Bong | Cylinder (Black Leaf)
Glass Mini Bong | Freaky Bubbles Flask
Glass Mini Percolator Bong | Rasta
Activated Carbon Refill | Charcoal Loose (actiTube) 335 ml
Glass Mini Bong (Breit)
Glass Mini Bong for Dabs & Weed (Black Leaf) 2 in 1
Glass Mini Percolator Bong
Glass Bong Black
Glass Weed & Dab Bong Ice (Black Leaf) 2 in 1
Bong & Pipe Cleaner Bio (LimPuro) 250 ml
Bong & Pipe Cleaner Bio (Black Leaf) 100 ml
Tiny Bird Joint Bubbler (Black Leaf)
Bamboo Bong with Cannabis Leaf
Glass Recycler Mini Bong (Black Leaf) 2 in 1
Mini Bong / Waterpipe Beer Bottle
Glass Bong Bowl | Crocodile 18,8 mm

What is a Bong?

A bong is actually a development of the waterpipe with a lot of differences. Bongs were specially devised for smoking herbs such as weed or dabs/concentrates. Smoking from a bong is heavier than a normal joint or vaporizer. You use larger quantities and inhale more smoke at the same time. A bong is often compared to a waterpipe or shisha because you also put water in the bottom of the bong. However, this comparison is misplaced. A waterpipe (shisha) is a pipe which is heated with a coal and aromatic tobacco is often used in it. A bong has to be heated with a lighter and is used for weed, hash or dabs.

Bongs are commonly used in America. There the bong is more popular than in Europe because Americans seldom combine weed with tobacco. Smoking with a bong is pure and produces the desired effect at lightning speed. Bongs also come in all shapes and sizes (such as percolator, ice or gravity bongs) so that it’s seen as the showpiece of smoking equipment.

How Does a Bong Work?

A bong is a hollow pipe with a hole (kick hole) and a large space at the bottom. Water is used in this space to cool and/or filter the smoke (hence the confusion with waterpipe). A bong has a connector attached to a bowl. You can put weed, herbs or something else that you want to smoke in here. You ignite the herbs with a lighter and inhale at the same time via the mouthpiece. While doing this you keep a finger on the hole so that the pipe fills with smoke. Once there is sufficient smoke in the pipe, you stop inhaling and take your finger off the hole. Then you can inhale all the smoke from the pipe with a second drag. Repeat this until the content of the bowl is no longer usable.

There are also bongs without holes. These work exactly the same except you have to then detach the bowl from the bong to inhale the smoke from the pipe. Some bongs are fitted with an ice holder (ice bong) or a filter (percolator bong) to additionally cool or filter the smoke. The refined waterpipes are made from all kinds of materials. Glass, bamboo, acrylic, ceramics and lots more.

You can also smoke dabs/concentrates in a dab bong or dab rig. This works with a dabbing nail or banger. You can read more information about dabbing in our blog.

What different kinds of Bongs are there?

We have a large collection of different bongs in our range. Bamboo, acrylic, gravity or glass bong? We’ve got them in all kinds of shapes and sizes:

We represent the best brands when it comes to Bongs. You have the choice of Dude, Eject-a-Bowl, Tsunami, Black Leaf, Bukket and more from us. If you’re buying a bong, come to Dutch Headshop!

Bong versus Shisha

Many people mix up the bong and the shisha with each other. Quite logical, given that the bong is derived from the shisha and they both have to be filled with water. But they work very differently from each other. A waterpipe or shisha is usually used for smoking aromatic tobacco (or weed or hash too). The tobacco is placed in a bowl and set on top of the waterpipe. This is then heated by means of a coal. The smoke is inhaled via an air pipe.

A bong doesn’t have any coals or pipe. You heat the bowl by hand with a torch lighter and inhale directly from the bong. A bong can also be used without water. Although this isn’t recommended because the smoke can be really hot. But do you want to smoke hash, weed, herbs or dabs? If so, then a bong is your undisputed choice.

The Emergence of the Waterpipe

The smoking of a waterpipe has been done worldwide for years. However, it is not clear where the shisha was invented. Some claim that the origin of the waterpipe lies in the Persian Empire, according to others the first waterpipe was smoked in India. A hollowed coconut appears to have been the first waterpipe in the 15th century; the substances were inhaled by means of a straw. Waterpipes or shishas were used at the time to improve the moods of the people.

Nowadays we recognise the waterpipe, also called a shisha, as the tower with pipes connected to it. Tobacco, weed or other herbs are heated by means of a coal. This is then cooled by the water underneath the pipe and you inhale via the air pipe. There are numerous shisha lounges in the Netherlands where you can smoke a waterpipe with lots of others at the same time. You also often see the pipe in hot countries like Turkey and Spain.

Types of Waterpipes

Like almost every product, the waterpipe has undergone a huge development. Waterpipes have grown into large, sometimes somewhat smaller decorations of strong material. Other names for waterpipes are bongs or shishas. There are many different types of waterpipes available today. View our range for a wide range of high-quality waterpipes. When selecting a waterpipe, consider your personal preferences as material, size, appearance and ease of use.

Function of a shisha

A shisha is ideal for smoking your favorite herbs. Although this mainly means flavored tobacco, the smoking of weed or hash with a shisha / waterpipe is also possible. But a bong is often used for smoking hash, weed, dabs or concentrate. Usually, a fruit flavor is added to the waterpipe to make the taste more pleasant during smoking. The waterpipe is mainly used by people who want to relax a day or evening.

Important properties of a Shisha

  • Suitable for all kinds of herbs and tobacco products, but usually used for flavored tobacco
  • Nice as decoration for the home
  • Easy to clean
  • Cozy to smoke with a group of friends

Bong and Pipe Accessories

Maintaining your waterpipe, shisha or bong may be just as important as smoking. You need accessories for both; smoking and maintaining a bong, shisha or waterpipe. To prevent crumbs of weed coming into your mouth during smoking, using screens or gauze is essential. The maintenance is done by cleaning your shisha or bong. For this we have special pipe cleaners and other great stuff on offer that are perfect to clean your pipe in no time.

So: you can also come to Dutch Headshop for all your pipe accessories. Check out our range!

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