Magic Truffles Grinder 2 parts (Dutch-Headshop) 82 mm

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Many users of Magic Truffles or Shrooms dread eating them. You don’t need to worry about that any longer with this Magic Truffles Grinder. The grinder produces a paste from your truffles which retains the active substance and makes the taste less strong. After grinding the Truffles are ready for use within a few seconds. The drawback of eating them melts away like snow in the sun. The Dutch Headshop truffle grinder is conveniently portable. Your trip can start anywhere and at any time!

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Special Grinder for Magic Truffles

Whereas you are familiar with grinders for grinding weed, this grinder with its Dutch Headshop logo has a different function. The Magic Truffles Grinder is specially designed for turning your truffles into paste in just a few seconds. The active substance in truffles is still retained after grinding so that you can go on a heavy trip without having to experience the taste of truffles. The grinder is suitable for shrooms as well as truffles. The grinder is reasonably large at 82 mm which means you can fit a decent amount of truffles or shrooms in it. Grinding a box of magic truffles in one go is therefore no problem! On the outside, the grinder is fitted with a kind of dish. After grinding you can let the ‘magic truffle paste’ fall into it ready to eat later. Really easy, right?


  • Makes a paste from your Magic Truffles
  • Also suitable for grinding shrooms
  • Active substance is preserved
  • Easy to carry around
  • Complete with a Dutch Headshop logo
  • 2-piece

Taste of Truffles and Shrooms

A lot of fuss is made about eating Magic Truffles and shrooms. Some users have no problem at all with the taste, while others throw up after small bite. For the latter, eating shrooms or truffles is a big disaster. As the trip starts they are often sitting with this vile taste in their mouth. Which does not bode well for the trip. The Magic Truffles Grinder offers a solution. After grinding, it’s many times easier to take truffles and they are also better absorbed in the bloodstream. This means you can begin tripping faster than usual. 

Usage Method

Using the Magic Truffles Grinder is not rocket science. Put your truffles in the grinder and turn both halves until you have produced a paste. Within the space of a minute your truffles have turned into a creamy substance that is ready for use.

Dutch-Headshop Private Label

Top quality for a competitive price, where we can tell you all about it. That is the Private label of Dutch-Headshop. We buy from the best suppliers and ensure that you get the best quality. In addition, we do our best to keep the amount of packaging material as low as possible and thus save our environment. Our products are safe, legal and healthy and our customer service is ready to answer your questions. What else do you want?

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Grinder Parts 2 parts
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Works like a charm, even with fresh truffles. But then the grinder is not that easy to clean out. My recommendation is to dry your stash first.
Review by BobRoss

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Magic Truffles Grinder 2 parts (Dutch-Headshop) 82 mm

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