ZenPen Hash Grinder (Hash Grinder Company)

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Are you a hash smoker but fed up with crumbling it time after time? We have the solution for you. Behold the ZenPen: the world’s first hash grinder. With this you can get any hash ready for throwing in your joint. Whether it’s a rock-hard, dark hash or a light-brown, sticky sort. It’s all the same to the ZenPen. Just heat it up, use the pen in one of the 2 ways and in no time at all you’re ready to roll. The big advantage: your hands stay clean without any stickiness! Curious about how it works? Check out the video underneath the product information and prepare to be amazed. Once you’ve used it you won’t want anything else!

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The ZenPen is a metal pen that enables you to finely crumble hash without any difficulty. With this you can handle your hash more efficiently – no more dirty hands and less time taken up in rolling a hash joint. The pen is small (7.9 cm) and unobtrusive. Really strong and convenient to carry around. Use the clip to attach it to your trousers to avoid losing it.

Hash Grinder? How Does It Work?

You can crumble your hash in 2 different ways with the ZenPen. Try out both methods and see which one is easier for you!

  1. The Snake Method: heat the point of the ZenPen with a lighter and pull out the innermost needle. Then push the front of the Pen into your block of hash until the interior of the hash grinder is filled. Stick the needle back in the ZenPen and press out the string of hash. You can cut the hash into tiny pieces with the back.
  • The Flake Method: heat the back of the ZenPen. This serves as a round cutting head. Once it’s heated you scrape the back along your block of hash and it’s ready!

To get a better idea of how it works, check out the video at the bottom of the page. Tip: if the needle gets stuck you can just heat the pen and then everything will be back to working fantastically well!

Advantages of ZenPen Hash Grinder

  • By making tiny crumbs you create more surface area and the hash burns more efficiently
  • No more dirty hands and no hash under your nails
  • Helps you crumble all kinds of hash – even hard and ultra-sticky types
  • No more burning hash making holes in your clothes
  • Robust: made from stainless steel and wrought iron

About The Hash Grinder Company

The Hash Grinder Company makes top quality products with a high-quality design. Most products are designed to make hash smoking much easier. The Hash Grinder Company's first invention, the now famous ZenPen, is one of the many hash grinders the company has produced. The company started with hash tools, but after years of experience and detailed development processes, the company has expanded its range to include all kinds of practical smoking and dabbing tools. At The Hash Grinder Company, you will find the most innovative stoner tools that make life easier. Everything has been thought of!

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ZenPen Hash Grinder (Hash Grinder Company)

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