Want to make growing weed a little easier? Then check out this top 10! Here you will find the best accessories and supplies for growing weed. From weed scissors to drying nets and from a pH meter to a grow box: you'll find it all here.

Supplies for growing weed

We have put together a top 10 of the most useful accessories for growing weed. With these growing accessories you can simplify or refine many aspects of growing weed. Growing becomes more fun and you increase the quality of your weed. We start the top 10 with the things you can use in the first phase of growing and end with the supplies for the last phase of growing. 

10. Germination kit

Growing weed starts with germinating and sowing seeds. Our germination kit will help you with this. The Dutch-Headshop Germination kit contains a germination tray, cotton pads, stick-in labels and instructions. All made from sustainable materials. Germinating weed seeds with this kit is very easy and effective. You get a germination kit for free with the purchase of our house brand weed seeds, but you can also order them separately. You can find detailed instructions on our blog.

Germination kit

9. Spongepot 

The Spongepot is one of the most popular growing accessories. The trays contain the ideal medium for germinating weed seeds, rooting and sprouting. The Sponge pot is perfect for seedlings to grow strong to be able to cope with the growth phase. The medium is 100% organic and comes with bacterial micro-organisms that speed up and improve the germination, rooting and sprouting process. Seedling or sprout fully grown? Then simply repot to a larger pot.


8. Propagator

A propagator is actually a germination or sprouting tray that provides sufficient light and the ideal air humidity. Our Propagator Pro 2 is provided with LED lighting, a perlite bottom and a thermometer strip. You can use it perfectly in combination with Sponge pots. In the propagator you can easily make weed cuttings or seeds germinate (up to 20 at a time). While the young plants are standing there nicely, you can keep an eye on the temperature, while the perlite soil and lighting provide the best conditions.

Propagator Pro 2

7. Cannabis Nutrients Boxsets

We don't need to tell you that plant nutrition is important when growing weed. But we can well understand that with the many types of fertilizers, stimulators and boosters you can lose the big picture. So choose one of the manyCannabis Nutrients Boxsets. These contain everything you need to grow a number of weed plants. Ideally suited to the hobby grower. With a starter set you provide yourself with normal growth and flowering nutrients and many extras. One order and you are ready to go! Choose from the following starter sets.

Cannabis Nutrients Boxsets

6. Soil Improver for Weed

Growing weed only works if you use a good medium. Most people choose to grow on soil. A good choice, provided you use the right potting soil for weed. You can choose potting soil with extra nutrition, but this has its disadvantages and you can't buy it everywhere. We advise you to buy universal potting soil and enrich it with one of our soil improvers. They contain all kinds of fertilizers, fungi and bacteria that ensure a rich soil life and a good resilience of your weed plant. Read more about the best soil for weed and soil improvers in this article. Or choose from the following soil improvers and take a look at the information on the page.

Soil Improver for Weed

5. pH meter

A pH meter is indispensable when growing weed. At least, if you want your weed plant to be able to optimally absorb all the nutrition you give it. This is only possible if the pH value (acidity) in the medium you use is favourable for the plant. In practice the best way to check the pH value of the medium is to check the pH value of the water you give your weed plants. You need a pH meter for this. You can choose from a simple one in our store pH meter or a pH meter and Thermometer built in one. Learn more about what this pH value exactly means and why it is so important? Read the blog!

pH meters

4. Weed Microscope

A weed microscope is used to view trichomes on your weed. Trichomes are the small balls on the buds, leaves and branches of the weed plant that contain THC. You can hardly see them with the naked eye. That’s why you need a weed microscope. You want to look at the trichomes because by looking at them, you can tell when it is time to harvest your weed. During flowering the resin glands are transparent, but when the majority become cloudy it's time to harvest. With one of our weed microscopes you can easily see the trichomes and choose the right time to harvest. The Trichoscope 60X even comes with a smartphone clip. This will allow you to take beautiful pictures of the trichomes on your buds. Want to learn more about trichomes and the right moment to harvest? Read this blog.

Weed Microscope

3. Weed scissors 

When your weed plant is ready, there is still a big job ahead of you. Cutting and drying weed. It is a time-consuming chore and you want to do it right to keep the quality of home-grown weed high. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a good pair of weed scissors. They come in all shapes and sizes. From large pruning shears for the bracts to small bonsai shears for the sugar leaves. One thing we know for sure is that with a good pair of scissors you will save yourself a lot of time and effort cutting weed. Read more information on cutting weed here or choose one of the following harvest scissors.

Weed scissors

2. Drying net for weed

Finished cutting weed? Then there is only one thing left to do and that is to dry. You can do this by leaving your weed buds hanging from the branches and hanging them on the washing line in a dark room. But you guessed it: we have a better solution! Use a special weed drying net and make it easier on yourself. They are supplied ready to use, which means that you can hang them up and use them straight away. Cut off all the buds from the branches and divide them over the layers of the drying net. The drying net helps to increase air circulation, which reduces the risk of mould. You can choose a single-layer version or a large drying net with eight layers. Read the product description for more information and instructions for use.

Drying net for weed

1. MiniGrow Growbox

The mother of all growing accessories is of course the grow box. Simple, safe and discreet in your own home, you can grow weed with the MiniGrow Growbox. The box is small and fits anywhere in your home. You can set your own light schedules via the simple operation. It is fireproof (tested & certified) and energy efficient. Your weed benefits from the best LED lighting and thanks to the carbon filter, the smell does not bother you. And from the outside, you cannot see that it is a grow room for weed! In short: the MiniGrow grow box is equipped with all modern conveniences. You can grow up to 70 grams per plant! Would you like to know more about this box? Check out the information on the product page and be amazed.


MiniGrow Growbox