Cannabis Growing Accessories Shopping List

Grow your own weed in your own hobby weed farm? Then you'll have to do some shopping first. Because whether you want to grow indoors or outdoors, you'll always need the proper supplies. That's why we've provided you with a shopping list of all the things you need to grow weed. Nice and easy!

benodigdheden wiet kweken boodschappenlijstje

Let's get right to the point. Below you will find two shopping lists. On the first one you'll find all the supplies you need to grow weed indoors. On the second one you'll find everything you need to grow weed outdoors. The products marked with an * are optional. They are not necessary, but they do provide a better result. After the shopping lists we explain why you need these items to grow weed.

Supplies to grow weed indoors

Benodigdheden Wiet Kweken Outdoors

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Get out of that shopping cart! The shopping can begin!

Grow room or grow tent

If you are going to grow weed indoors, you need a suitable grow room or grow tent. You can't just put weed plants in a shed or bedroom. There is more preparation required. You can convert a room into a grow room yourself, or buy a grow tent. Grow tents are usually already equipped with a number of supplies for growing weed. A bare room is something you have to set up all by yourself. Here are the requirements for a grow room.

  • You need electricity to connect the lights and extractor.
  • No light is allowed to enter from outside.
  • A stable temperature is important. 
  • You need to let fresh air into the room continuously. The air must also be able to get out on the other side. Air circulation, in other words!
  • Obviously you need sufficient space for the number of weed plants you want to grow.
  • You must be able to water the plants. Excess water and moisture must be able to be removed.
  • You want the growing space to be hidden. Indoor growing is not allowed. Discretion is necessary if you do not want your plants to be taken away. Moreover, you could get yourself in trouble.
  • If you want to be discreet you need an air filter. A carbon filter prevents the entire neighborhood from smelling your hobby weed plant from a distance.
  • Safety! Make sure that the electricity is grounded, that you only use fireproof materials and that there are materials available to intervene when things go wrong

We'll tell you more about the supplies mentioned above in a moment!

kweekruimte kweektent

A fully installed grow tent with electricity, air supply, filters and other equipment.

Pot for growing weed

Unless you are going to dig a hole in the garden outside and grow in the open ground, you will need a pot. Be sure to use one that is suitable for growing weed. A stone pot, for example, is less suitable because it draws moisture and nutrients from the soil. The pot will become moldy and the roots will attach to the inside of the pot. On top of this, most stone pots have no holes, which means there is no drainage. The water has nowhere to go and the roots stay moist all the time. With all its consequences. 

Preferably use a large plastic pot with holes. Want to do it really well? A fabric pot is perfect! Our Rootmaxx Supreme pots from the shopping list are made of a breathable fabric so the roots develop better. The fabric regulates temperature and drainage. They are also very lightweight. 

Soil or any other Medium

Moving on to the contents of the pot! To grow weed, of course, you need a medium. This can be suitable soil or potting soil but also another medium such as rock wool, coconut fiber or hydro granules. Whatever you do, don't just buy a bag of garden soil. Do a little research. The composition of the soil, its structure, volume, water retention and drainage, for example, are very important. Click on the links for more information about all mediums!

Soil improver for weed

Want to give soil for weed growing an extra boost? Consider using a soil improver. These additives are full of healthy fungi and bacteria that your weed plants love. Among other things, it ensures better growth and higher resistance. It helps you get the most out of your weed plant.


Perhaps the most obvious item on the shopping list: water. Fortunately, you don't usually have to get this yourself. Unless you are growing somewhere in the middle of a forest. Anyway: a water supply is essential. Make sure there is always a tap or water source nearby.

Cannabis Seeds

Without good weed seeds, there will be no beautiful, full weed plants. Therefore, do your research on the seeds and the variety you want to grow. Do you want a very strong strain, for example? Or one that is resistant to cold weather or fungus? Maybe you want a 3 meter weed tree in the garden, or maybe you prefer to finish within 10 weeks with an autoflower. Whatever you are looking for, there is always a weed seed that suits you. 

Use the filters in our seed shop to find the right seed. You can also ask our Weed Seed Wizard for help. Would you like to get some information first? Then take a look at our cannabis seeds blogs for more information.

Inexpensive weed seeds of premium quality? Go for our Dutch-Headshop private label!

wietzaadjes dutch-headshop

Growth and flowering nutrition

Want to get the most out of your weed plants? Then you will have to give them plant nutrition. Standard growth and flowering nutrition contains all kinds of essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Your plant desperately needs these substances in order to grow and flower. Without these substances your plant will probably survive, as long as you take good care of her. But do you want the maximum THC percentage, yield or height? The best flavour and aroma? Then standard growth and flowering nutrition is necessary! 

Additives / Stimulators

Taking it up a notch? Want to give your plant everything it needs? Then you can also go for additives and stimulants. These are added on top of the growth and flowering nutrition. Choose, for example, a root stimulator or B vitamins in the growth phase. In the flowering phase you can choose a PK booster or a flowering stimulator.

pH-Meter and pH min

Administering all these nutrients is nice, but your plant has to be able to absorb them properly. To do that, regulating the pH value is extremely important. The pH value is the acidity level in the soil and nutrient solution. It has to be at the right level otherwise your weed plant cannot properly absorb the nutrients you feed it. It turns out in practice that the feed water you give your weed plants often has a pH value that is too high. Therefore you need to measure it first and then reduce it. Use a pH meter and pH minus for this. Want to know more? Read our blog about the ideal pH level for growing weed.

Pipette / Measuring cup

Since you are shopping anyway, pick up a pipette or measuring cup as well. It will save you a lot of trouble. Plant nutrition is very concentrated. You often only need a few milliliters. To measure this you need a pipette or measuring cup. Fortune is in the small things, so to speak!

Grow lights 

Growing weed indoors? Then you need a grow light. Growing without lamps does not work. Your plant will stretch tremendously and become weak. Moreover, it will not achieve nearly the yield and strength you would wish for. So it's a bit of a halfway job. Want to do it right? Invest in a good grow light. It will more than pay for itself.

There are many different types of grow lights. Make sure you read up on them before you buy one. There are a number of things to consider. We wrote about all kinds of topics in our blog. You have the old-school HPS and MH lamps and the modern LED lamps. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Whatever you do, make sure your lamp has enough power. Pay close attention to the light spectrum and make sure the lamp is hanging at the right height. Once you have this covered you can make a good choice.

kweeklampen wiet

Will these be enough grow lights?

Extractor / Fan

Remember what a grow room needs? The supply of fresh air is essential. The air must also be able to get out again. So make sure there is enough air circulation. You can do this by supplying air to the bottom of the growing space and placing an extractor somewhere at the top to take the air out again. Also always use a ventilator. This ensures sufficient air circulation. 

Without these items there is no air circulation and that is fatal for your hobby weed farm. Without fresh air your plants cannot grow and flower to their full potential. You might also get problems with mould and pests. So this should not be missing from your shopping list of supplies for growing weed!

Carbon filter

Don't want the entire neighborhood to smell your weed farm? Then we recommend buying a carbon filter. You attach this to your extractor to mask the smell of marijuana. With a good quality filter you will, in theory, not be able to smell anything outside the grow room. That's nice if you're growing in the attic and don't want the neighbors to know about it.

Shade or shelter

Are you growing weed outdoors? Then shelter is extremely important. The best place for a weed plant is in the sun, of course. Unfortunately, this is also the place where they catch the most wind and suffer from other weather conditions such as rain and storms. So make sure you have a roof or some other form of shelter. If your plant is in a pot, you can move it around. But if it is in the ground, it is advisable to think carefully about this. A severe autumn storm in the last weeks of growing can ruin everything. So be prepared!

Weed Microscope

A weed plant must be harvested at the right time. Are you harvesting too early? Then the weed does not contain the optimal amount of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, terpenes and other substances. Are you harvesting too late? Then substances such as THC have been converted into other substances, making the weed much weaker, but also less tasty. To determine the right moment, you should have a weed microscope at home. This will enable you to see the trichomes (resin glands) on your weed. This will tell you whether it is already time to harvest. 

Want to know more about trichomes, weed microscopes and the best time to harvest? Check out the blog “How and when to harvest weed”.

trichomen wiet microscoop

The trick is in the white resin glands that cover the weed. To see those up close, you need a weed microscope.


Cutting weed is a difficult and time-consuming task. Take it from us: with a good pair of scissors you make it many times easier for yourself. So just throw them in the shopping cart. This will save you a lot of trouble.

Optional equipment to grow weed

Once you have all the above supplies in your home, nothing will stand in your way. You're equipped with everything you need to grow a healthy green goddess. Would you like to take care of everything down to the last detail? Then there are always extra supplies you can use when growing weed. Take a look at the following items, along with a brief explanation.

Thermometer & Hygrometer

Temperature and humidity are extremely important for weed plants. To regulate this properly you need a thermometer and hygrometer. With these you can keep an eye on the values and intervene when things get out of hand. Especially in an indoor growing space it is certainly necessary. 


An EC meter measures the amount of nutrients in the soil or water based on conductivity. If you want to be sure that your weed plant is not getting too little or too much nutrients, you can check the EC value. This is advisable, especially when growing on hydro power. Want to know more? Read: “EC value when growing weed”.


You can apply various growing techniques while growing. One popular technique is scrogging. In the ScrOG method, or Screen of Green, you hang a net above your weed plant. Then you bend the stems back through the holes to make the weed plant grow more in width instead of height. This growing technique is very efficient. Want to do it too? Then you need a ScrOG net. Further instructions can be found in our blog.


Humidity is a problem in some grow rooms. If the air is too dry, your weed plant cannot grow and flower optimally. Some insects like it too. In that case use a humidifier to increase the humidity in the grow room. 

Soft binding wire

Other common growing techniques are Low Stress Training (LST), and mainlining. These involve forcing side branches of weed plants in a certain direction by using binding wire. The wire must be soft otherwise it can damage the stems, which gives a greater chance of disease. Binding wire is also useful for strengthening your weed plant or to secure the pot. So it is best to have a roll of it in the shed!

Want to know more about growing techniques? In our blog “Increasing weed yield with advanced growing techniques” you'll find an overview. This will allow you to perfectly complete your hobby weed farm!

Disclaimer: growing weed is not legal. Dutch-Headshop is not responsible for any consequences. We only want to inform you about the material you need.