Seed Germination Kit Dutch-Headshop

Seed Germination Kit Dutch-Headshop
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With these germination trays, self-seeding is much easier and more fun! A manual is included in Dutch and English. Good results have been achieved with this seed germination set. It is a handy size and the set features strong materials. Most of which are now biodegradable (PLA corn plastic). You can't make it any easier if you’re growing your own cannabis. Soon you have home-grown weed! Includes two labels to name your brand new cannabis plants. Note: You get the seed germination kit for free when you purchase our own Private Label cannabis seeds.



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These germination trays, including a Dutch and English manual, make germinating your cannabis seeds a lot easier.

Advantages Germination Set Dutch-Headshop

  • Easy to use
  • Good results
  • Instructions in 2 languages
  • Handy format
  • Strong material
  • Biodegradable materials

Germination Set

These germination trays are easy to use and especially suitable for germinating any cannabis seeds that you have ordered from us. Follow the clear instructions and germination is all automatic. In the enclosed flyer you will find all instructions and tips as also stated on our website. Just follow these germination tips and you have the best chance of success!


The plastic soup in our oceans is a serious problem. Therefore, all kinds of materials have been considered to replace the old plastic tray for something more durable. Glass and metal didn’t make the cut, because a lot of energy is used in their production and these materials also remain in the environment for a long time. We ended up choosing biodegradable corn plastic (PLA). The white container and the transparent lid last a long time as a germination container, but once discarded, nature can completely break them down.

It takes a bit more time for them to break down, so that is why the container is not allowed to be disposed of with the organic waste. Do you also want to spare our planet? Then this is the correct way to dispose after use:

  • Tray, lid (PLA), cotton pads (cotton fiber) and labels (plastic): residual waste
  • Packaging and manual (recycled paper): waste paper bin

Give the cotton pads a few drops more water than you may be used to and place the germination set on a small saucer. The corn plastic tray absorbs a small amount of moisture, which means that your cotton pads will dry up earlier than is the case with environmentally polluting plastics.

Dutch Headshop Germination Trays

The Dutch Headshop team has been active for years as a smart-, head- and seedshop. Our experiences with customers have shown that there is a need for extra explanation when germinating cannabis seeds. This germination set and the instructions were therefore created at the request of our customers.

Germination Set Contents:

  • 3 germination trays including cotton pads
  • 2 labels, so you can write the strain or the germination date on them when the seeds have sprouted
  • Includes graphic manual in Dutch and English

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