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Do you want a tool for germinating and rooting of seeds and cuttings? Then go for the Spongepot. Easy to use and 100% organic. It ensures rapid germination and optimal humidity. It is supplied with bacto micro organisms. Suitable for beginners and essential for the serious gardener! The plant's health is improved and making your choice right now will only bring benefits!


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Spongepot is an ideal medium for germinating your seeds and creating roots on your cuttings. It is simple to use and has the possibility of high germination rates. The spongepot germination medium is perfect for beginners and a must for the serious gardener.

Advantages of Spongepot

  • 100% organic
  • Rapid germination
  • Optimal humidity
  • Easy to use
  • Includes Bacto microorganisms

Bacto is a blend of beneficial micro-organisms that acts as a catalyst. The Myconate bacteria and fungi stimulate the plants and promote health.

Using Spongepots

  1. Take a litre of water with a temperature of about 25 degrees and add the Bacto. Mix the bacto well in the water.
  2. Moisten the spongepots with the water.  Keep the water you are not using for a later stage.
  3. Punch a hole of 5 to 10 mm with a thin pen or pencil in each Spongepot.
  4. Place a seed in each Spongepot. Seeds can be planted in any way you cannot go wrong. The plant will naturally find its way up.
  5. Place the spongepot in an environment with high humidity and a stable temperature of about 25 degrees.

For step 5, you can use a propagator or cutting container with, for example, perlite on the bottom. You can fill the propagator with the water you have left from step 2. If you do not have a propagator, make sure that you place the Spongepot in a small, humid room. Use a small transparent bowl and cover it with cling film. Check the Spongepots daily to ensure they are still humid and water them if necessary.

Usually the seeds germinate within a week. After the cuttings appear, the Spongepots can be placed in the following (organic) medium such as a pot with soil.

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