Starter Set Cannabis Nutrients Big Organic (BAC)


Starter Set Cannabis Nutrients Big Organic (BAC)
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Do you want to cultivate with organic fertilizer? Do you want to purchase all the high-quality weed plant fertilizer needed in one go? Then this BAC fertilizer starter kit is perfect for you! It contains everything you need for the cultivation of 1 m2 of plants. X-Seed, growth fertilizer, bloom fertilizer, PK Booster, root stimulator, bloom stimulator, Final Solution plus handy pipettes. All 100% organic! You can cultivate weed of the highest-quality with this BAC Starter Kit. Have you completed your first cultivation round? Then all you need to buy is growth fertilizer and bloom fertilizer. You still have enough of the other products for a new round of cultivation. Perfect for both beginners and advanced growers!



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A complete BAC starter kit for anyone wanting to cultivate organic weed. Carefully put-together weed plant fertilizer that enables you to set about growing the highest possible quality.

All-In-One BAC Starter Kit for Weed Plant Fertilizer

All the products in the BAC fertilizer starter kit are organic and cover every phase of the cultivation. X-Seed lets you germinate successfully every time. Organic Grow is the ultimate weed plant fertilizer that helps the stem, roots, growth shoots and leaves to grow optimally during the initial phase of the cultivation. Organic Bloom is the best bloom fertilizer for creating sugars and large, strong buds. PK Booster is for use in the final phase to improve the taste, aroma and quality of your weed.

BAC stimulators both in their own way accelerate and improve the cultivation process. Faster creation of roots and buds, improved uptake of nutrients and conversion of waste salts into high-quality and rapidly absorbable enzymes. In short: all the organic weed plant fertilizer that you need during the cultivation! And the pipettes that are supplied with the kit enable you to add all the fertilizers to the water with millilitre accuracy before you give it to the weed plants.

BAC Fertilizer Starter Kit Contains:

  • X-Seed Plant Boosters 10 ml 
  • Grow Fertilizer | Organic Grow 250 ml
  • Bloom Fertilizer | Organic Bloom 250 ml
  • Organic PK Booster 250 ml
  • Organic Root Stimulator 30 ml
  • Organic Bloom Stimulator 30 ml
  • Organic Final Solution 30 ml
  • Pipettes for applying the fertilizer to water

The content of the starter kit is enough for the cultivation of approximately 1m2 of weed plants. This could be a single, really large weed plant in the garden, or 5 small plants cultivated indoors – the usual numbers for a square metre. Tip: all these and other BAC products are also available separately in our shop.

Organic Plant Fertilizer

All BAC fertilizer from this starter kit is certified 100% organic by ControlUnion. The products are registered at the Vegan Society. This means that you can be sure that you’re cultivating in a completely natural way. There’s a reason why BAC weed plant fertilizer has a reputation as the best of the best. The BAC starter kit enables you to cultivate like a professional in a purely natural way!

About BAC Cannabis Nutrients

BAC is a renowned brand when it comes to organic plant feed. BAC weed feed has been a feature of growing rooms and gardens for both experienced growers and hobbyists for over 15 years. This brand produces an extensive range of plant feeds, stimulators, plant boosters and substrates. BAC feed can be applied to all possible substrates: hydro-cultivation, ordinary soil or growing on coconut? All these can be used with organic plant food from BAC. Virtually all products are 100% natural and thoroughly tested. BAC has won multiple awards for its products thanks to numerous certifications from universities, quality marks and scientists. Do you want only the best for your plant? In that case, opt for BAC organic plant feed.

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