A weed pipe is a great alternative to a joint. Smoking pure weed is very easy. But if you are faced with the choice and have seen three web pages full of weed pipes, chances are you will not be able to find your way through them. In this article we will discuss the advantages of the weed pipe and what kind of pipes there are. But as you expect from us, we first go back to a bit of history.

What is a weed pipe?

Smoking weed with a weed pipe is not something that has been invented recently. The history of the weed pipe goes back in any case to India and the Middle East, where saints used the weed pipe as an alternative to the popular hookah. The dry pipe was especially easier to prepare than the fancy water pipe. Archaeological excavations in Ethiopia also discovered pipes with weed residues. Carbon dating indicates that these weed pipes were already used in Africa around the year 1320.

How does a weed pipe work?

The principle of a weed pipe is quite simple. You place dry weed in the bowl and light it while sucking air through a hollow opening. The air triggers the combustion process, causing you to inhale the smoke of the weed during your puff.

Weed pipe vs Hash pipe

In ancient times hash was actually only consumed directly. It was only after the year 1500 that hash was actually smoked. The Moroccan sebsi is probably the most well-known traditional hash pipe. On a long hardwood stem a narrow bowl was mounted; the skuff. But even the sebsi was not originally used to smoke hash, but to smoke kief mixed with herbs or tobacco. Kief means something different in Morocco than in the Western world. Whereas we understand kief as the separated trichomes in which the THC percentage can be as high as 90%, in Morocco kief is the best part of the weed. Moroccan kief is chopped up very finely and put in the sebsi, with or without tobacco or another delicacy.

Types of weed pipes

There are now so many types of weed pipes that it is better to arrange them in categories. There are one hitters, chillums, hand pipes and long pipes. You can also buy a weed pipe entirely to your taste. From stone pipes to traditional wooden units and from ultramodern metal weed pipes to a beautifully decorated glass shotgun weed pipe.

Chillum weed pipe from India.


The chillum is also a traditional weed pipe, at first mainly made of clay. The chillum originates from India and has been used there to smoke weed since the 18th century. Later the chillum also came to Africa and finally to America and the Caribbean, where it grew especially in popularity in Jamaica. As a result, the chillum is still used in Rastafarians' rituals. It is actually a long stone pipe, which is sometimes fitted with a stone stopper. This is to prevent you from getting pieces of ash or plant matter in your mouth.

One Hitter Weed pipe

A one hitter is a pipe meant to take one strong drag of a small amount of weed. A great one hitter is the Dugout Pipe, which conceals a cigarette-shaped weed pipe and/or joint in a beautiful teak box. The term is now also used to refer to other headshop products than weed pipes. There are also vaporizers like the VapCap M that are intended as one hitters. The advantage of the VapCap M is that you don't inhale smoke but vapour. At the same time this mechanical vaporizer requires no power to take a hit of your favourite weed anywhere and anytime.

The next evolution of the weed pipe: the Vapcap M

Advantages of the Weed pipe

Speaking of advantages, let's look at the reasons why a weed pipe could be a good option for you! Why should you buy a weed pipe?

  • Cost saving
  • Reusable
  • Convenience
  • Smoking anyway
  • Smoking pure weed

Cost saving

If you buy a weed pipe, you will probably save on costs. You don't have to buy any more rolling papers, tips or cones. It is not a matter of large sums of money and it may take a while before you have recovered your costs, but remember that a weed pipe lasts for years. You do need to replace the screens regularly and clean your weed pipe. But even a pipe rag and a little pipe cleaner are not expensive. Every weed pipe has a different size of screens. The required size of screens is always listed in the recommended products. So scroll down on your smartphone and you will immediately find a supply of matching screens.


The fact that a weed pipe lasts for years is not only good for your wallet. It also saves material, which in turn protects the environment. So if you think green, the weed pipe is a good option too. Especially the wooden weed pipes made of rosewood are recommended, since they are made of renewable wood, destined for logging. From this same wood, furniture and musical instruments are made.

Convenience of the weed pipe

If rolling a joint is not your strong point, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your weed. A weed pipe makes your life easier because you simply put a little weed in the bowl and light it.

Smoking anyway

Unlike the healthier choice of a vaporizer, a weed pipe simply gives you sharp smoke. It is the easiest, most economical transition to pure weed smoking if you are used to a joint.

Smoking Pure Weed

We mentioned it in passing. The main reason for choosing a weed pipe is of course to smoke pure weed. Ideal if you want to get rid of your nicotine addiction and still want to smoke weed once in a while. So yeah, your weed has to share the space in the joint with the tobacco you want to get rid of. 

Smoking pure weed has many advantages. It is much better for your wallet, your physical dependence, for the high and for the taste. Smoking weed without tobacco is the future!

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