Verdemax Professional Pruning Shears

Verdemax Professional Pruning Shears
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With these strong and handy trimmers of the Italian brand Verdemax, you can easily trim, defoliate or harvest your weed plant. With these razor-sharp scissors with a pressure of up to 250 kg you can effortlessly cut through the thickest branches. Moreover, you limit the damage to the rest of your weed plant. The weed scissors are made of superior quality tool steel and have a soft grip handle. The total length of the trimmer is 21 cm.



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Professional trimmer for weed plants. With these powerful trimmers you can make precise or enormously powerful cuts. Very suitable for heavy maintenance work and harvesting your weed.

  • Verdemax professional trimmer
  • Sharp and strong scissors to trim your weed plant
  • Suitable for harvesting and defoliating weed and for heavier trimming
  • Soft grip handle
  • Up to 250 kg pressure
  • Length: 21 cm

Weed Scissors for Maintenance and Harvesting

A good pair of trimmers or scissors for weed has a number of requirements. For example, you have to be able to easily access everything and the blades have to be narrow enough to get between the leaf axes and nodes. These powerful scissors are suitable for harvesting your weed, but also for professional maintenance of your weed plant. Increase the yield with advanced growing techniques such as budding or fimming, where you remove new growth shoots prematurely to force the growth of new nodes. This gives your cannabis plant extra branches and that means extra buds!

These professional weed scissors have a soft grip handle and powerful blades, which you can use to effortlessly trim your adult weed plant, but also to harvest your weed.

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