Funky Fungi Soil Improver Organic (BAC) 50 grams

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BAC Funky Fungi is a highly effective organic soil improver that enlarges and enhances the root system of your weed plant. It includes 4 types of mycorrhiza (fungal threads) that work hard underground to provide an extremely strong foundation for your weed plant. BAC Funky Fungi grow in and around the plant roots. The fungi actively seek out water and minerals in the soil and pass these on to your weed plant. In addition, they produce a compact network of fungal threads that optimize the root system. In short: the uptake of all essential nutrients is improved. You only have to use the soil improver once. Mix 5 grammes into the soil prior to cultivation. For the very best results, you should use Funky Fungi in combination with BAC’s stimulators.

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BAC Funky Fungi is an organic soil improver that is full of active fungi. This 50-gramme tub will certainly provide you with enough fungi for 10 weed plants. Make the best potting soil for weed with Funky Fungi!

BAC Funky Fungi Soil Improver

Do you want potting soil for weed that is going to stimulate the root system of your weed plant in an optimal manner? Then use BAC Funky Fungi. Packed full of fungi including four types of mycorrhiza that allow the root system to grow and function better. The fungi in this organic soil improver are specially adapted to trace water and minerals in the soil and pass them on to your plant. The necessary carbon compounds are produced via photosynthesis that then go on to help the fungi do their work better. In this way, your weed plants and the fungi help out each other and suddenly 1 + 1 becomes 3! Are you combining BAC Funky Fungi with BAC’s root stimulator and bloom stimulator (recommended products)? If so, then your weed’s potting soil is literally getting everything it needs.

Make the Best Potting Soil for Weed Yourself with Fungi

Usage: you can make the best potting soil for weed yourself by thoroughly mixing 5 grammes of Funky Fungi into your soil prior to cultivation. Particularly around the roots. Use 5 grammes per plant.

The fungi in Funky Fungi will grow in and around the root system of your weed plant. The system will get bigger and function much better. In combination with the stimulators from BAC, it makes a large network of fungal threads which facilitates better uptake of all the essential nutrients (incl. phosphorus, potassium and trace elements like iron). The fungi in BAC Funky Fungi even find soil pores that are usually too small for the roots.

  • Funky Fungi is full of fungi for your plant
  • Certified 100% organic by ControlUnion
  • The product is registered at the Vegan Society.
  • Rich in 4 types of mycorrhiza
  • Enlarges and improves the root system
  • Better absorption of nutrients
  • Soil improver produces the best potting soil for weed
  • Best used in combination with BAC’s stimulators (recommended products)
  • 5 grammes per plant is enough: tub is sufficient for 10 plants

About BAC Fertilizer

BAC is a renowned brand when it comes to organic plant feed. BAC weed feed has been a feature of growing rooms and gardens for both experienced growers and hobbyists for over 15 years. This brand produces an extensive range of plant feeds, stimulators, plant boosters and substrates. BAC feed can be applied to all possible substrates: hydro-cultivation, ordinary soil or growing on coconut? All these can be used with organic plant food from BAC. Virtually all products are 100% natural and thoroughly tested. BAC has won multiple awards for its products thanks to numerous certifications from universities, quality marks and scientists. Do you want only the best for your plant? In that case, opt for BAC organic plant feed.

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Searched for mycorrhiza for a long time. Finally found in this shop and surprised about the good and fast delivery. Thanks!
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