Are you using even the least percentage of your brain’s total capacity? Is there such a thing as a pill that will unlock the rest? In fact, you can find everything you’re looking for in nature. Be the best version of you with natural nootropics.


What are Nootropics?

Nootropics are a form of legal drugs that are designed specifically to give your mental or physical performance a boost. Legal drugs are nothing to worry about. Usually, they are simply plant extracts that have a certain effect. Take caffeine for example. Caffeine comes in various forms in coffee, tea, guarana, ilex (holly) and even chocolate. It’s the world’s best known and most widely accepted drug. Caffeine use is so ubiquitous that most of us never stop to think that it’s a stimulant.

Caffeine is a concentration- and reaction-enhancing substance. For that reason, special concentration pills often contain an extra-high dose of caffeine. But it also has disadvantages and side effects. After a shot of caffeine, a lot of people experience the shakes and find it hard to get to sleep that evening.

Studying Ritalin

Talking about unpleasant side effects... No blog about concentration pills would be complete without mentioning ritalin. Ritalin is a medicine that (officially) is obtainable only on a doctor’s prescription in certain cases of ADHD. Nonetheless, this medicine is a substance in common use for exam revision, and also for performing better, allegedly, in the exam itself. The problem is, though, that ritalin and other medicines may have unpredictable side effects. Severe heart palpitations, for example. So, it’s certainly not safe to use medicines like ritalin to improve your concentration!

Luckily, there are plenty of safe alternatives that can help you in your studies or help you to get ready for that important presentation. Let’s take a look then at the range of safe and natural nootropics.

Buying Nootropics

You can buy nootropics in our online smartshop. There’s nothing to be concerned about unless you are affected by a cup of coffee. Allow us to introduce a selection from our range of natural nootropics:

Lion’s Mane

You might know lion’s mane as the hedgehog mushroom - a magnificent looking fungus you could come across in the woods. Lion’s mane is known to stimulate the NGF. NGF stands for nerve growth factor, which means it may stimulate the nerve endings to grow. Lion’s mane is used primarily to improve focus, or long-term memory. Take lion’s mane every day for a month and increase your concentration and sharpen your memory.

lion's mane


Ashwagandha or winter cress is a plant that is found by river banks in Southeast Asia and india. It’s used in traditional Ayurveda medicine to restore mental and physical balance, and also to improve stamina. Read more about ashwagandha in this blog.


The gym mushroom. Cordyceps improves your stamina in a legal and safe manner. It’s even allowed in the Olympics because the Chinese are known to take cordyceps to get that little bit extra. How does it work? Cordyceps increases oxygen uptake in the blood: the VO2 max. It’s not a massive performance boost but in elite sport even one percent of extra oxygen may make all the difference. The cordyceps mushroom is freely available. Give this great chocolate drink with cordyceps from Mushrooms4Life a try!

Magic Truffles

Yes, we should also mention psilocybin – the active substance in magic truffles and shrooms – in our list of nootropics. Although undoubtedly the most serious nootropic in this list, it’s also very effective in the area of cognitive processes. If you take a microdose, you don’t suffer any of the psychedelic effects but you do get an enhanced feeling of well-being, connectedness and creativity. The microdosing of magic truffles is a terrific way in which to stimulate thinking outside of the box. The easiest and safest way to do it is to take a microdosing pack with 6 pre-packed doses of 1 gramme.

Study Pill

A safe alternative to ritalin – that is exactly what Study Pill is. It contains only natural plant extracts like Rhodiola, Mucuna Pruriens and CDP choline. These ingredients work together to help your grey matter to function optimally. From good blood circulation to enhanced focus and tip-top memory. In short, if you have studying to do, then take a safe Study Pill.

Concentration Pills from Limitless

The idea that we use only 10% of our brains is a fairy tale. Scientists are learning more and more about the most complex organ in the world: the human brain. In the film Limitless and the TV series of the same name, the main character happens across a mysterious drug that puts the brain into overdrive temporarily and thus utilises the phenomenal remaining 90% as well. As a result, you see everything in slow motion as it were. You think and act much faster than everyone else and thus go through life like some kind of superhero. The Limitless drug may be an invention but there definitely are safe and legal drugs that give you a bit extra.

Are you open for what nature has to offer? Then perhaps you should check out the nootropics category albeit in slow motion! Who knows, you might discover a way in which to give yourself that bit extra.

Are Nootropics Legal Drugs?

Yes, you can regards nootropics as legal drugs. In the same way that you can regard caffeine as a legal drug, for example. As you can see, nootropics not only have to be legal but also accepted. Some nootropics are not at all well-known. And we really like that! It’s our mission to seek out plants and herbs from all corners of the world and share them with you. For example, ashwagandha was completely unknown. But now the herb is known to such an extent that you can get it in the pharmacy. With our online smartshop we are always a bit ahead of the pharmacy round the corner. That means you can buy legal and safe nootropics from us before they become really well-known.

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