Lion’s Mane [Hericium erinaceus] Organic (Mushrooms4Life) 60 capsules


Lion’s Mane [Hericium erinaceus] Organic (Mushrooms4Life) 60 capsules
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Lion’s Mane is a magnificent mushroom (also known as the hedgehog mushroom in the Netherlands). This strikingly blonde-coloured mushroom is a feast for the eyes and also for the brain. Effects which are attributed to the eating of Lion’s Mane are enhanced focus, memory and alertness - a natural nootropic! Mushrooms4Life presents a food supplement from 100% Lion’s Mane. A jar of Lion’s Mane from Mushrooms4Life contains 60 capsules with organic mushroom extract. Take two every day and feel in top condition mentally.



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This complete Lion’s Mane food supplement from Mushrooms4Life contains the best parts of the Lion’s Mane mushroom. Each capsule contains a combination of the mycelium, young fruiting bodies and mature Lion’s Mane for a powerful cocktail to support your grey matter. From times immemorial, Lion’s Mane has been considered as the mushroom for mental health.

  • For a naturally cast-iron memory, sharp focus and alertness.
  • Stimulates NGF (Nerve Growth Factor)
  • Supports the cognitive functions
  • Optimises the normal working of the nervous and immune systems
  • 100% Organic food supplement

Habitat and effect of the Lion's Mane Mushroom

The bearded tooth mushroom, another name for Lion’s Mane Mushroom, is a sturdy and bizarre-looking mushroom you could simply stumble upon in the forest. The fungus grows on trees and has long, hair-like threads so it resembles the mane of a lion. In Japan, this giant is also called the mountain priest mushroom, because the cream-colored mushroom is thought to offer divine wisdom.

The Lion's Mane is recognized in traditional Eastern medicine for its positive effects on the mind. Lion's Mane contains nonlinear polysaccharides and active ingredients that would enhance concentration and memory.

Is Lion’s Mane a Nootropic?

A nootropic is a food supplement which temporarily puts us in the highest gear. That can be on all kinds of fronts. Thus, there are nootropics for tiptop physical performance or for when you can use some extra calculating ability. The Lion’s Mane mushroom falls under the second category. In addition, these capsules are 100% natural.

Note that Lion’s Mane has a mildly short-term effect which is perfect for countering the slow-down you get at around 4 o’clock in the afternoon. But where a Lion’s Mane supplement really scores is in the long-term benefits. Lion’s Mane stimulates a bodily process called Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) which needs time to develop. You can research how this works online, but we can at least say that it has something to do with your nerves and memory. To experience all the benefits of Lion’s Mane you need to take the food supplement consistently for six weeks.

Packaging contents

  • 60 plant-based capsules (vegan)

Ingredients and Dosage

100% organic Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus). A dosage of two capsules per day contains:

  • 85% Full-spectrum Lion’s Mane biomass from the mycelium and young fruiting bodies. Cultivated on whole-grain rice under conditions which also occur in nature. (850 mg)
  • 15% Pure Lion’s Mane fruiting body for an extra dose of beta-glucan. (150 mg)

Capsules made from plant-based cellulose. Lion’s Mane capsules are safe to take. Take them with a glass of water and maintain a dosage of 1 to 3 capsules a day. Keep taking them for several weeks.

Tip: go outside each day for around an hour to get a dose of sunlight. The vitamin D which you’ll make combines very well with this mushroom.


Mushrooms4Life is a British company, founded by the world famous researcher and author Martin Powell. His mission? Making organic mushroom supplements available to everyone at a fair price. At Mushrooms4Life they know that every mushroom has its own character. That is why only the best raw materials are used to grow the mushrooms. All supplements are free from binders, additives or artificial ingredients. Pure nature.

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Customer Reviews

Ever since watching that Joe Rogan podcast, It's on my daily menu. And it's fantastic. I'm sharper, wittier and feel great.
Overall Rating
Review by Stu Wilson / (Posted on 20/09/2019)
Lion's Mane... fantastic product. Works very well for me
Overall Rating
Review by Brandon / (Posted on 13/09/2019)
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