Almost everyone visiting an event who uses blissful substances will have experienced it at least once: the mid-week blues. It doesn’t necessarily have to happen to you because not everyone is susceptible or suffers from it. But a good number of festival visitors do regularly complain about it. And if you need to get back to normal business on Monday or Tuesday, then it’s best to be fully fit and focused again. Whether it’s at work or school, you want to perform properly again. The question is how do you do that after you’ve gone crazy all weekend. We can help you to avoid the XTC downer as far as possible.

What are the mid-week blues?

Many festival visitors will be familiar with the XTC downer phenomenon but for the inexperienced party animals among us, a brief explanation. The mid-week blues are a phenomenon in which people feel down or even depressed. It is the result of a shortage of serotonin in the days after the party. The cause of the serotonin shortage is use of drugs and, in particular, XTC. Serotonin is the substance which provides the feeling of ectasy. Narcotic substances stimulate the release of more of this substance. In the days after the festival the store of serotonin is exhausted and the shortage needs to be replaced. However, this takes time. Until the serotonin content is back to normal, people can feel miserable, dejected and depressed. 

We only sell legal drugs. This makes sense, because XTC and similar narcotics are illegal. Our products do not give you a hangover or a slight hangover, but the prohibited substances often do. We don't encourage it, but we understand very well that every now and then drugs are used that give you a big Tuesday dip or a hangover. Do not worry! We have products that can help you reduce the Tuesday dip, ecstasy dip or hangover. You can certainly use it when you have gone out for a night. We'll tell you more about these anti-hangover drugs in a moment, but do you want a taste? View all mid-week blues and anti-hangover remedies in our shop!

5-HTP versus XTC Downer

It’s a well-known fact that 5-HTP is used a lot after festivals. You can fight off the mid-week blues or even avoid them by taking 5-HTP capsules. 5-HTP raises the level of serotonin in the brain thus making you feel better again. Moreover, 5-HTP restores your state of mind back to its normal, everyday level. Only ever use 5-HTP on the day after the festival. It can be dangerous if used in combination with XTC or other drugs. Otherwise the level of serotonin can be raised so much that it can produce tiresome or even dangerous symptoms. 5-HTP capsules are completely vegetable in origin and contain Griffonia Simplicifonia, California Poppy, Rice Starch and Calcium Stearate. All natural ingredients that promote recovery from a festival.


Although Magnesium raises the level of serotonin to a lesser extent, it is still an excellent means of counteracting the mid-week blues. Just like 5-HTP, Magnesium has a positive effect on the state of mind. Magnesium can also reduce tiredness. This can be a valuable characteristic for festival-goers because you need a day, or even several days, to get back to normal after a festival. 

What can also bother you for days are your muscles and joints. You walk for miles at a festival and this can really get to you if you’re not used to covering such distances. The result is days of muscle pain. Magnesium has the property of reducing muscle pain. Certainly, if you regularly swallow 1 or 2 capsules a day, then your muscles and joints won’t bother you so much. But it’s definitely recommended to take 1 or 2 capsules anyway as soon as you experience muscle pain.


Do you want to prevent those post-festival blues at all costs? Then you need to properly prepare. You need to take Tripsitter capsules before, during and after the festival. You might find this a bit awkward and tiresome but you’ll certainly benefit from it after the festival. You take the first 2 capsules 24 hours before the event and 2 more 2 hours before the festival. You complete the cycle by taking the final 2 capsules 24 hours after the event. The combination of all-natural ingredients will ensure that your state of mind is the same as before the festival.


Experiencing a heavy downer and about to have a test or go on a course for your work? Then there’s a good chance that your head is not up to it and your concentration has gone completely. Obviously it’s not a good idea to trip a few days before a test. But if you do have to study while feeling down, then Nootropics are your salvation. Omnimind capsules or study pills can save you during your test or important projects. You will notice that your concentration and focus are immediately back to normal. Wouldn’t it be great to still pass your test even after a wild festival? Achieve this with Nootropics!

Avoid Isolation

Are you suffering from the mid-week blues but would rather not take any capsules or anything else to counter the downer? Don’t worry too much! There are other ways in which to wear off the festival hangover. Rest is good for you but it’s not beneficial for your blues to mope around at home on your own. You feel much better when you have people around you. So it’s a good plan to chill out with a group of friends. Especially if your arrange it with the very friends who were at the festival with you a few days before. Then you can look back together at a fantastic day, share your experiences with drug use and help each other out if necessary.

In the end, you shouldn’t worry if you’re suffering from the mid-week blues. The XTC downer will last only a few days at most. Even so, it’s great if you can avoid it altogether in one way or another. Quitting drugs is not an option for most festival-goers so the above remedies offer ways to recover. Go to a festival without any negative consequences!

Ready for a Trip

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