Cordyceps Beetroot Latte Organic (Mushrooms4Life) 130 grams

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In need of a nice drink before you hit the gym? Try this power drink with cordyceps and beetroot from Mushrooms4Life. Raise your performance and keep going for longer. Cordyceps is the sports mushroom for stamina and this hot chocolate latte with beetroot is unbelievably delicious as well. A jar contains 130 grams. Good for about 20 cups with 1000 mg of organic Cordyceps militaris.

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A delicious hot chocolate drink for sports. Really great if you’re looking to break your personal records. Cordyceps and beetroot are for stamina, while cocoa and coconut milk provide the deliciously creamy chocolate flavour.

  • Perfect hot drink before you take part in sports
  • Strengthens stamina
  • Naturally gluten-free and dairy-free (vegan)
  • Jar of 130 grams for 20 servings
  • Contains 1000 mg cordyceps extract per serving
  • 100% organic and completely natural


Sportsmen and athletes in the know swear by this healthy mushroom as it stimulates energy and possibly even improves oxygen intake. That makes Cordyceps extremely popular in sporting circles. Cordyceps can also be taken to stimulate the libido.Vegan cordyceps - no caterpillars are used in the cultivation of these cordyceps.


Beetroot contains nutritious nitrates that stimulate your endurance capacity. In combination with cordyceps, that makes this latte the ideal hot sports drink. For best results, take Beetroot Latte before your workout and take a sports drink with electrolytes after your workout.

Taste and Preparation

Don’t be concerned if you’re not fond of the taste of beetroot. As well as cordyceps and beetroot, this creamy hot drink also contains cocoa which is what makes it taste exactly like hot drinking chocolate.

Preparation: Mix a tablespoon of Cordyceps Beetroot Latte with about 200 ml (vegetable) milk.


Organic raw cocoa powder, organic coconut milk powder, organic beetroot juice powder, organic cordyceps extract powder.

Packaging Contents

  • Jar of 130 grams for 20 servings. 1000 mg organic cordyceps (Cordyceps militaris) per serving.


Mushrooms4Life is a British company, founded by the world famous researcher and author Martin Powell. His mission? Making organic mushroom supplements available to everyone at a fair price. At Mushrooms4Life they know that every mushroom has its own character. That is why only the best raw materials are used to grow the mushrooms. All supplements are free from binders, additives or artificial ingredients. Pure nature.

Brand Mushrooms For Life
GTIN 634158970139
Organic Yes
Product Type Poeder
Content 130 gram
Vegan Yes
Ingredients Biologische rauwe cacaopoeder, biologische kokosmelkpoeder, biologische bietensappoeder, biologische Cordyceps Militaris-extractpoeder
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Cordyceps Beetroot Latte Organic (Mushrooms4Life) 130 grams

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