Guarana [Paulinnia cupana] (Indian Elements) 60 capsules

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Are you a big fan of Guarana products? They can provide lots of energy which is something which you may be in need of. Then this product is what you are looking for. Now there are capsules. You only need to take them in and the rest goes without saying. It also may have an impact in the reduction of headaches. You will feel fit when you use it and it also acts as a nutritional supplement. Try out the Guarana capsules now!
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You’ve always been a fan of energizing Guarana products?  Now these handy capsules are also available. Mixing tea or drinks is a thing from the past with 60 practical capsules, enough for 2 months of use. Guarana capsules, easy to bring along for a direct healthy and energetic feeling, wherever you are.

Guarana capsules:

  • Effect can be compared to coffee.
  • Can have a headache reducing effect.
  • Gives you a healthy feeling
  • Easy to consume thanks to the capsules.
  • This is a food supplement.

History Guarana herb
Guarana herb, also known as Paullinia Cupana, is native to the Brazilian Amazon. It has been used for ages as energy supplement. The native people of Brazil used the agent for concentration during hunting. They dissolved the mashed and roasted seeds in water or used in their meals.

The herb contains a lot caffeine, a substance that enhances the power to concentrate positively. The concentration of caffeine in Guarana is several times higher than in coffee or soda. Despite the higher levels of caffeine, the herb has the so-called GRAS status. “Generally Regarded As Safe” status.

Guarana pills
The pills are very easy to use. You don't need to dissolve powder into another liquid. You just have a fixed amount, enough for 3 to 4 hours. Note; you can experience fatigue after use because of the heightened concentration level.

Usage Guarana pills
You can take in a capsule per day. You do need to save the Guarana capsules in a dry and cool place. Use of Guarana capsules is not recommended for people with heart conditions.

We recommend to not take part in traffic and/or operating of (heavy) machinery. We recommend to not use Guarana capsules if you use any other medicines. You can best contact your physician and/or pharmacy on the use of Guarana.

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Guarana [Paulinnia cupana] (Indian Elements) 60 capsules

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