It’s every drug user’s worst nightmare: a bad trip. Your nerves are on edge when you start to take a tripping substance and you ask yourself whether it’s all going to go well. Not at all stupid if you have little to no experience of smart drugs. And naturally it does go wrong once in a while. But don’t let people’s stories of bad trips get to you, because there’s a good chance that they did something wrong. When you go to work carefully and take a number of factors into account, a bad trip can be avoided. Certainly, once you’ve read this article, you won’t have to worry about anything.

Proper Preparation

Everything stands or falls on proper preparation. Are you preparing properly? If not, there’s a risk that it will go wrong. The most important thing is to know what you’re taking. With our products, you are in a good place because we only sell Smart Drugs which are legal. And therefore they can be used with confidence. It’s a different matter when you use drugs purchased on the illegal circuit. Of course, we know that a lot is bought and sold on the street. Is that what you’re doing? If so, make sure in any event that you buy something from someone you know and trust. Never buy drugs from someone you don’t know because the chance of a bad trip is then immediately much greater.

However, the preparation doesn’t only consist of buying your smart drugs. Buying food and drink is at least as important. When using drugs, it’s important to get enough to drink. And we’re not talking about alcohol. Alcohol and drugs is definitely not a good combination. It increases the chance of a bad trip and the hangover is usually a good deal worse. To make things easier, we’ve put together a shopping list. Are you going to trip at a party or festival? In that case, you can get something to eat and drink there, of course.

  • Fruit juice
  • Soft drink
  • Tea
  • Fruit
  • Yogurt
  • Sugary sweets
  • Ice creams

During a trip the appetite is often limited. So it doesn’t make sense to get a lot to eat. Fruit and sugary sweets (e.g. Dextro) are good if someone is not having such a nice experience during the trip, while popsicles can be enjoyable in hot weather. Although you won’t eat much during the trip, you should not forget to eat something before you start tripping. A light to normal meal a few hours before the trip is perfect.


Before the trip starts, have regard to the set of someone. By set, we mean the state in which someone finds themselves. Try to help each other with this. Do you see that someone is not feeling that good or is not well prepared? Then advise him or her not to use smart drugs. The same goes for potential users who are depressed, stressed or unwell. Drug users who are optimistic, cheerful and healthy have much less chance of a bad trip.


As well a person’s set, there is also the environment which plays a role during tripping. This is referred to as the setting. The environment can affect someone’s trip. Some users feel more comfortable in a quiet and familiar environment, while others would rather trip in a busy and unfamiliar environment. This often has to do with the substance you use for the trip. When using Magic Truffles or Shrooms, you probably prefer to trip in a safe and peaceful environment. If you don’t have any experience with psychedelics, you certainly shouldn’t use them at parties or festivals. Even if you do have some experience, it’s not really a cool trip for these occasions. Party drugs and Energy pills are more suited to parties and festivals. These tablets or capsules give you energy and a positive vibe.

At all times, make sure that you’re with people you know and trust. Preferably with someone who is completely sober. Naturally, we’re not expecting a bad trip, but if that does in fact happen there’s always someone around who can help you.

Take care with the Dosage

A very frequent cause for a bad trip is an overdose. Always pay careful attention to the dosage of the smart drugs you are taking. With our products, we always recommend a specific dosage in the product information, so make sure you read this thoroughly. Take too little rather than too much. You can always take a bit more later. Certainly with products like Salvia Divinorum and Ayahuasca & DMT herbs, caution is advised. These products are known for their potent effects and too high a dosage can result in problems. This also applies fully to drugs from the illegal circuit. Let it be clear that we do not recommend illegal substances in any way, but should you decide to still go ahead with this: have the drugs tested at a testing service and be extremely careful with the dosage!

What to do in case of a Bad Trip?

If you or one of your friends unexpectedly get into a bad trip, don’t immediately panic, and stay calm. Have something to eat and drink, preferably something with sugar. A cola, Mars bar or Snicker bar can be a great help. Meanwhile go to a peaceful spot where you can just sit and relax. Let the trip wash over you and wait patiently until you feel better again. If you’re unable to carry out these steps yourself, then engage the assistance of a friend. But it’s self-evident and logical that you help each other as good friends.

A Quick Summary...

We have put the most important factors to take into account so as to avoid a bad trip into a short list.

  • Eat well before the trip and have plenty to drink
  • Be aware of what tripping substances you are taking
  • Take the set and setting into account
  • Never exceed the recommended dosage
  • Don’t panic, and stay calm

Store this list in your mind when going on a trip. Above all, we wish you a great and pleasurable trip. And do remember: The chance of a bad trip is very small when smart drugs are used sensibly!