Can you buy drug pills online? Party drugs like XTC cannot be ordered on the internet, simply because it is not legal. Smart drugs are legal and they're excellent for a festival or party. In many cases, these legal drugs can even be combined with a beer or a joint. Are you looking for a list of party drugs? Then this article is for you!

Party Drug

What is a party drug? In the broadest sense, a party drug is a drug used at a party to intensify the experience of the music, the light show and the people around you. There are also party drugs that increase your physical endurance. It all depends on what the desired effect is. Often party drugs come in the form of pills, of which XTC is perhaps the best known example.

Not all party drugs have to be bought through the illegal circuit. In our shop you can also buy legal drugs with various effects. From uppers to downers and colourful psychedelic experiences. It's time to highlight the energy-boosting gems of the smartshop!

Party Drugs List

All smart drugs you can buy from us are legal in the Netherlands. They often contain a combination of different herbs, minerals and amino acids that control the body's natural functions. Party pills often also contain caffeine from plant extracts, which helps you last longer on the dance floor.


Speciaal voor

Belangrijkste ingrediënt

Jetpackkratom Gold

Energy, dancing, combining with alcohol


DNX Ultimate X Nitro Ecstasy

Euphoric feeling, dancing and party mood

Guarana (caffeine), and white willow bark extract

Mystic Herbs Kanna Extract 40x*

Relax, positive energy and endurance


Happy Caps Trip-E*

Intense experience of music and light, endurance

Hawaiian baby woodrose (LSA)*

Space Trips*

Intense experience of music and light, endurance

Hawaiian baby woodrose (LSA)*


Energy, euphoric feelings

Griffonia seeds (5-HTP)

Happy Caps Euphor-E*

Euphoric effect, similar to a light dose of MDMA,

Kanna and guarana (caffeine)*

Stargate 2.0

Partying all night, increasing alertness

Yerba Mate (caffeine), L-tyrosine

After D

The anti hangover pill

L-Tryptophan and moisturising minerals

*Do not combine with alcohol.

Uppers and Smart drugs

What many of these legal smart drugs have in common with pills from the illegal circuit is that they often give you a dose of extra energy. This extra energy can last up to 5 hours with most of our party drugs. Apart from the uppers, psychedelic pills are also popular among partygoers. Partly because they actually contain ingredients that make you experience reality differently. Take the capsules with hawaiian baby woodrose extract for example. The flower and especially the seeds of this garden plant contain LSA (lysergic acid amide). While a high dose has LSA effects comparable to a packet of LSD or a few grams of magic mushrooms, the dose contained in these capsules is enough to open up your senses. You experience music more richly and colour more intensely. For that reason Hawaiian baby woodrose capsules are not for sale in every country. However, you can often buy Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds in a country where extracting these seeds is not allowed. At your own risk of course.

Party drugs and Alcohol

With the exception of smart drugs containing kanna or (hawaiian baby woodrose) LSA, the party drugs on the list can be safely combined with a beer. Do not use more than the dosage stated on the packaging and do not drink excessively. Kratom is not a bad idea if you have already had a drink.

Read all about Kratom in this detailed article.