Eagle Bill Shake & Vape Vaporizer

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Would you like to vaporize weed with a vaporizer? With the Eagle Bill vaporizer, you can do it easily. It's the simple version of the vaporizer where you vaporize weed, herbs, hash, oil, dabs, or even DMT by just holding a gas lighter underneath. The vapor produced is mild in taste and won't irritate the airways. Another advantage: vaporizing with the Eagle Bill is much more economical than with an expensive high end vaporizer. A glass pipe with a bulb like this one is also known as a base pipe, vaporizer pipe, pure pipe, or DMT pipe. So, it's versatile! Tip: use a torch or gas lighter. It ensures better vaporization and prevents the glass from turning black.

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The Eagle Bill vaporizer is the most simple version of a vaporizer. It is a simple portable pipe to vaporize your herbs by holding a lighter underneath. An inexpensive vaporizer pipe that allows you to vaporize just as well as an expensive vaporizer.


  • Convenient vaporizer for a nice price
  • Suitable for dry herbs
  • Mild taste
  • Can be used with a lighter
  • Easy to carry
  • Material made of glass
  • Suitable for weed, herbs, hash, dabs, oil, DMT, and more

Unique Vaporizer

Compared to other vaporizers, the Eagle Bill Vaporizer may not be as luxurious, yet the product is unique in its kind. It is a compact vaporizer that is easy to carry and needs to be lit up with a lighter in an old-fashioned way. Your favorite herbs are heated to temperature, after which the active ingredients vaporize. Vaporizing is healthier than combustion because fewer harmful substances enter the body. The vapor from the vaporizer is milder in taste and does not irritate the respiratory system.

Using the Vaporizer Pipe

This vaporizer is only suitable for dry herbs. You can easily vaporize your favorite herbs. First, remove the screen. Then, place the herbs in the bowl of the pipe and put the screen back in place. Heat the bottom with a blue flame until vapor forms. After this, you can fully enjoy the vaporizer.

Make sure to clean the vaporizer well after each use. This way, you maintain the quality of the vaporizer. Additionally, it also benefits your own health. Maintaining your vaporizer is therefore important.

Gas or Storm Lighter

For using the Eagle Bill vaporizer, you need a lighter. We recommend using a lighter with a blue flame. This way, the vaporizer retains its original color and the glass does not turn black. You can, of course, order these lighters along with your purchase. Make use of the recommended products.

Inexpensive Vaporizer

In addition to the fact that the Eagle Bill Vaporizer is a unique case with many possibilities, it has one very big advantage. It is a very cheap vaporizer, yet you almost get as much out of it as an expensive electric vaporizer. Modern portable vaporizers can easily cost hundreds of euros. But for a cheap vaporizer pipe like this one, you don't need a large budget.

Also Use as Base Pipe, DMT Pipe, or Pure Pipe

Calling the creature by its name. That's very difficult with this glass pipe. Everyone calls it something else. Base pipe, crack pipe, DMT pipe, pure pipe, vaporizer pipe, or just a glass weed pipe with a bulb. It's not surprising that it has many names, as you can use it for everything. Fill the glass pipe using the opening on top of the bulb. It is suitable for weed, hash, dabs, weed oil, DMT, and much more.

The big difference with such a so-called base pipe is that the Eagle Bill Vaporizer is much stronger, larger, and of better quality. A small base or DMT pipe is thin and fragile. The Eagle Bill, on the other hand, is thick and reliable. It won't break easily.

SKU 0323
GTIN 8718053624693
Availability Out of stock
Brand Shake & Vape
Method Direct with Heatcup
Inhale Direct
Temperature Manual Heating
Adjustable airflow No
Heat-up Time 10
Portable Vaporizer Yes
Number of sessions per battery charge Unlimited (no battery)
Oven Volume 2.50
Oven material Glass
Auto switch off No
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Torch lighter (Zorr)
Screens / Gauzes Steel 15,0 mm
Glass Pipe | DMT Pipe

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