Wood Cannabis Pipe Rosewood 20cm

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A beautiful wooden pipe made of Rosewood. The wood is of good quality! The finishing looks nice! A true royal wooden weed pipe, over 20 cm long. Nice to smoke and recommended by many people. You need a screen (mesh) to put in the bowl of the weed pipe. As a result, ash and herbs won't enter the pipe or your mouth. Meshes are not included with this weed pipe.
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This is a nice, properly finished wooden weed pipe made ​​of rosewood. The wood is of noticeably higher quality than most other wooden pipes and a lot of time has been spent on the workmanship.

This is a very spacious wooden weed pipe with a length of about 20 cm. It is very nice to smoke and definitely a must have item for the smoker. The bowl (pipe head) is 3 cm wide with an inner diameter of 2.5 cm.  It is quite large and easy to use, the bowl and stem can be separated for easier cleaning.. The weed pipe has a flat bottom so it can be placed in a standing position with the opening facing upwards; this is useful when filling the pipe.

The wood used in the weed pipe is rosewood. Rosewood is a hard, precious wood characterised by its irregular dark stripes. It’s a tropical wood which is used for making furniture, jewellery, musical instruments and weed-pipes.

A screen must be placed in the bowl of the marijuana pipe to prevent ash and herb crumbs from moving further down the weed pipe and into your mouth. No screens are supplied with this pipe. Screens should be ordered separately. Screens with the diameter mentioned below are the best fit.

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Material Wood
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Wood Cannabis Pipe Rosewood 20cm

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