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Bongs & Waterpipes

Are you looking for a good quality water pipe? We have a huge range of beautiful and well-functioning water pipes. It is a beautiful decoration for the home and sociable to smoke with your friends. Suitable for all your herbs and smoking materials. View our range and discover which water pipe will give you a lot of fun!

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The Emergence of the Water pipe.

The smoking of a water pipe has been done worldwide for years. However, it is not clear where the water pipe was invented. Some claim that the origin of the water pipe lies in the Persian Empire, according to others the first water pipe was smoked in India. A hollowed coconut appears to have been the first water pipe in the 15th century; the substances were inhaled by means of a straw. Water pipes were used at the time to improve the moods of the people.

Types of Water pipes

Like almost every product, the water pipe has undergone a huge development. Water pipes have grown into large, sometimes somewhat smaller decorations of strong material. Other names for water pipes are bongs or shishas. There are many different types of water pipes available today. View our range for a wide range of high-quality water pipes. When selecting a water pipe, consider your personal preferences as material, size, appearance and ease of use.

Function of a water pipe

A water pipe is ideal for smoking your favorite herbs. Although this mainly means flavored tobacco, the smoking of weed or hash with a water pipe is also very common. Usually, a fruit flavor is added to the water pipe to make the taste more pleasant during smoking. The water pipe is mainly used by people who want to relax a day or evening.

Important properties

  • Suitable for all kinds of herbs and tobacco products.
  • Nice as decoration for the home.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Cozy to smoke with a group of friends.
  • It holds well, it feels well.

A Bong or Water pipe?

A bong is a special water pipe for the smoking of weed or hash. Although the bong and water pipe have almost similar functions, there are a few differences. The biggest difference is that the pipe of the bong is thicker than the one on a water pipe. In addition, the bong can be used both with and without liquid. When you use a water pipe primarily for the smoking of weed or hash, a bong is the best choice.

Water pipe Accessories

Maintaining your water pipe may be just as important as smoking. You need accessories for both smoking and maintaining a water pipe. To prevent crumbs of weed coming into your mouth during smoking, using screens of gauze is essential. The maintenance is done by cleaning your water pipe. For this we have special water pipe cleaners on offer that are perfect to clean your water pipe in no time.

Buy a Water pipe or Bong? Check out our range of Products!

Do you want to enjoy a Water pipe as well? Check out our range of products and find the water pipe or bong that suits you.