Hashmaker / Hash-shaker (Black Leaf)

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You are fond of making your own hash quickly? Then the hashmaker / hash shaker shouldn't be absent in your own inventory. Thanks to the presence of a special filter (150µ), you can easily separate the hash powder from your weed cuttings or buds. We are, of course, talking about the pollen or kief that is full of THC and other cannabinoids. The quantity you obtain depends on the quality of the plant material. You can directly use the kief or pollen, so do it all yourself from now on! You can also press the hash with the hash press. Experience the ease of use of this hash shifter box yourself and see the product's advantages.

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Hashmaker / Hash Shaker

The Hashmaker is a simple Hash Shaker but very useful if you want to make some hashish quickly yourself. The special filter in the Hash Maker (150µ) makes it possible to separate hash-powder (pollen or kief that is full of THC and other cannabinoids) of your weed cutting waste or cut buds. For the best result take moderately sized plant parts and crush the buds before putting them in the hash shifter box.

Working Hashmaker / Hash Sifter Box

Place 5 to 7.5 grams of dried plant material in the Hash Shaker and screw the cap back on it. Then, place the Hashmaker in the freezer for at least half-an-hour and then shake it. After shaking well you can collect the first hash powder. Repeat after shaking and collecting till there is no powder in the receptacle any more.

  1. Place the leaves, branches and small tops in the Hashmaker (150µ)
  2. Put the hash sifter box into the freezer for half-an-hour
  3. Shake it
  4. Collecting the kief or pollen
  5. Press it till you have nice piece of hash


The yield depends on the quality of the used plant material. You can directly use the collected hash powder or press it with a hash press to make a nice piece of hash. The hashmaker is simply the best and fastest way to collect kief and make hash.

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Hashmaker / Hash-shaker (Black Leaf)

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