CBD producer Endoca
Endoca arose from a small family company, located in Denmark. Endoca wants to distinguish itself through:

  • Quality,
  • Transparency,
  • Excellent service.

Endoca directly reinvests all profit into the company. The goal of these investments is to improve production standards and keep doing research.

GMP certification
Endoca does not want to depend on external parties, or as little as possible. For this reason they have full control over the whole production process, from hemp plant till end product. By keeping the whole production line in their own hands, they are able to comply with the requirements of a GMP certification.

Good Manufacturing Practice
This certification is not so easy to obtain. To obtain it, every step in your production process needs to be consistent, and this is really being monitored based on strict quality norms. Endoca more than meets these requirements, and is certainly proud of that.

Scandinavian beauty
The hemp is organically cultivated in Denmark. A country known for its high standards in soil care and low level of contamination. A pure and clean part of Europe, where this organic hemp can grow and flower in a good and healthy way. Of course, without the use of pesticides and herbicides.

CBD innovation
Endoca was already working with CBD before becoming a “hype”, and many companies started to think about it. Endoca therefore was always a step ahead of other labels.

Extraction method
The CBD is taken out of the plant through super critical CO2 extraction. The material is cooled and CBD is extracted under high pressure.  With this method of extraction, most cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes are preserved in the extract which ensures that the oil is as complete as possible. The paste can then be diluted with organic hemp seed oil to make dosing easy.

Endoca trusts
Endoca is very aware of the new, cheaper CBD suppliers that appear in large numbers on the market. Endoca focuses on quality and external checks. Reliability comes first. Therefore, all packages come with a batch number that corresponds with a quality test you can find online at endoca.com. So you can always check if Endoca does what it promises.

Health is our greatest worry and we should carefully handle it. Especially because people instinctively go for the cheapest CBD oil. But the past has proven that cheap often comes at a price. Please check for all CBD oils whether there is an analysis online that can be consulted. Confidence is good but checks are better.

Quality checks
Endoca checks and tests its products not only in the final stage but also in the stages in between. This ensures that the end product always complies with the highest quality norms. 

The semi-finished products are tested, as well as the seeds and the hemp during its growth.  Because Endoca carefully monitors this, there are no surprises in the results of the lab tests of the end product.

Quality tests are done by Endoca itself, but also by third parties. These analytic reports also appear online and can be consulted for all products. In this analysis, it is possible to see who did the test, what was tested and when, and of course which cannabinoids where found in the sample. Furthermore, it is tested whether the sample contains any herbicides or pesticides.

Types of CBD products
Endoca produces the following CBD products:

  • CBD oil
  • CBD capsules
  • CBD extracts
  • CBD suppositories
  • CBD crystals
  • CBD chewing gum
  • CBD skin care

Endoca CBD oil
Endoca CBD oil come in different strengths and types. Endoca offers almost all of its products in a hemp version and a RAW hemp version. The difference is that the hemp version only contains CBD. The RAW version contains both CBD and CBDA. Endoca has the following oils available:

  • Hemp oil 3%
  • Hemp oil 15%
  • RAW hemp oil 3%
  • RAW hemp oil 15%

Endoca CBD capsules
Capsules are the ideal way for consumption if one cannot get used to the taste of the oil. The taste is very bitter in case of most oils.  Thanks to the capsules, you don't taste it anymore. Besides, the capsules are also made from vegan gel caps and are free of gluten. Endoca offers the following CBD capsules:

  • Hemp oil 3%
  • Hemp oil 15%
  • RAW hemp oil 3%
  • RAW hemp oil 15%

Endoca CBD extracts 
These extracts are also called pastes and are a bit more viscous than oil. They are delivered with a syringe, whereby dosing can be done with a rotary switch. Endoca offers the following CBD paste concentrates:

  • RAW hemp oil 20%
  • Hemp oil 20%
  • RAW hemp oil 30%

Endoca CBD suppositories
A quick update of CBD is guaranteed with this suppository. Endoca is the only producer that included suppositories in its product assortment.

Endoca CBD crystals
These crystals are the purest form of CBD. A good 98% CBD! The crystals can be consumed in a number of ways, and that's the big advantage. Another advantage is that the crystals can also be used in (certain) vaporizers. So you take in pure CBD vapor and that has a very direct effect.

Endoca CBD chewing gum
An innovative and direct way to consume CBD, is Endoca chewing gum. This chewing gum contains 150mg CBD. With this product Endoca shows again they are innovative to ensure CBD can be taken in effectively on any moment of the day.

Endoca CBD skin care
Furthermore, Endoca has lip balm that can also be used as cream. This balm can be taken up quickly and effectively and has a nice taste.

Broad product assortment
Thanks to the diversity of the label, it is a nice producer to work with. Their product offer is very diverse, quality is guaranteed and their deliveries are always on time. The documentation of the products and quality reports are in order. These are some things that are important for you as consumer, but also for us as reseller.