Do you want to buy the best quality CBD Oil? If so, choose sustainable Hemplife. Supplied in UV-resistant, pipette bottles – a genuine Dutch brand that is passionate about hemp and CBD. Based on natural hemp seed oil and available in various strengths, or combined with melatonin for a good night’s sleep. Also available: CBG oil – the proverbial mother of CBD. Something for everybody!

The Hemplife Story

Hemplife is a long-established Dutch brand that was born out of a knowledge of CBD and an unbridled passion for the key raw material: hemp. Hemp fibre has been used for centuries for clothing, rope and baskets and today scientists are continually discovering new applications for this remarkable material. Literally thousands of different applications are now known. 

In our generation, one of the major applications is the possibility of its use as a cheap and sustainable replacement for throwaway plastics. With the production of hemp fibre, Hemplife is supporting an ultramodern but fully plant-based solution in the hope of putting an end to the growing plastic soup. Everything that is not used in the production of cannabidiol can be used for sustainable applications. Isn’t that a wonderful contribution to ensuring a clean and safe environment for the generation that succeeds us?

The Hemplife team started to sell CBD as long ago as 2013 and has kept up with all the latest developments around this particular cannabinoid ever since. It was then high time to use the accumulated knowledge to produce high-grade CBD oil.

Is CBD Oil Safe?

There is only one way to find out whether CBD oil is safe. By rigorously testing it. At Hemplife that is done just before harvesting the hemp so that we know exactly what the plant contains. It goes without saying that the bottles are also measured after the extraction of CBD to ensure they comply with strict requirements. We share the results of the analyses on our website. Some points are to do with the composition of the cannabinoids. So we check whether the one cannabinoid for which headshops are well-known falls within European directives and we also verify that the amount of CBD equals what is stated on the label. So you won’t get high from this properly approved CBD oil.

One aspect of CBD oil safety is something about which very little is written: checking whether heavy metals or pesticides are present. As you can read in the detailed production method, at Hemplife we check for substances like lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic – awful substances that we do not want to be present. Rest assured: if even a bit of hemp exceeds a statutory limit for one of these substances then that hemp batch is destroyed. Consequently, you will not come across any nasty substances in your oil.

The Hemplife Production Method

At Hemplife, this does not lack for time, love or attention. It’s precisely the production process and our transparency about it that differentiates Hemplife. You are sure to find the answer to your question in the story of your CBD oil. For example, what types of hemp are used for making the oils? And are there checks for contamination?

Sowing - At the beginning of spring, Finola, Fermion and Futura75 hemp seeds are germinated and planted. Naturally, this is done under the watchful eye of the European Commission for the safe and controlled cultivation of hemp.

Growth and flowering – No fertilizer or pesticides are used. Watering is only carried out in times of drought using water from local, underground springs. In this way, the hemp is kept purely natural from seed to harvest.

Analysing – Just prior to harvesting the hemp is thoroughly analysed in the laboratory. Only the best clean hemp is harvested. Hemplife can therefore be certain that the oil is pure and well within the directives of the European food and commodity authorities.

Harvests – When the flowering has finished, the hemp is harvested with a combine harvester fitted with handmade blading. By this means, the plant is cut short and neatly laid in the collecting receptacle without breaking or crushing it. 

Drying – The meticulously cut hemp is brought immediately to the drying unit because speed is of the essence for quality CBD production. Hemplife’s hemp is dried using spectacular air-dryers that do not apply any heat. This protects not only the environment but also your health. Micro-organisms are given no opportunity so we know that no conversion of the vital substances in the hemp will occur. The moisture percentage is brought down to below 0.5%.

Storing – The dried hemp is immediately vacuum-packed in cold bigbags. This minimizes the loss of active ingredients.

Extraction – Your CBD oil is extracted by means of cold CO2 extraction in which no substances are lost or converted. Finally the correct concentration of oil is defined, measured and packed in the Netherlands. The hemp extract is dilutable and made easy to dose using a base oil.

CBD Oil: The Hemplife Arsenal

Hemplife CBD oil is available in various strengths. From a mild oil to a very strong oil with a healthy, hemp seed oil base. The selection is made for good reason. Hemp seed oil is bursting with healthy, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. In addition to CBD oil, Hemplife also supplies other unique products. This is Hemplife’s current range:

  • Mild CBD Oil: Hemplife CBD Oil 5%
  • Strong CBD Oil: Hemplife CBD Oil 10%
  • Very strong CBD Oil: Hemplife CBD Oil 20%
  • For sleeping well: Hemplife CBD Oil Night-Time with Melatonin
  • Mild CBG Oil: Hemplife CBG Oil 5%

Sustainable CBD Oil

Hemplife’s offices are located in Heemskerk in the Trompet sustainable business park. At this location, virtually all power is provided by renewable sources like solar and wind energy. The hemp is cultivated under the summer sun. All that is actually added to Hemplife’s hemp is a bit of rain. Only if there is a significant drought is it watered from local spring sources.