CBD oil overview
You would like to try out CBD oil. But where to start, for God's sake? There are so many types and brands making it very difficult to make a right choice, with all those bottles. We would like to change that. With this article, we will provide you with information about:

  • The CBD oil labels
  • The usage of CBD oil
  • The price differences in CBD oil
  • The available CBD oils in our shop
  • A clear overview of the amount of mg per drop, per label and oil.

CBD oil user manual
Before that, we would like to inform you about the use of CBD oil. You always start with a few drops per day (2 to 4), spread out over 2 to 3 moments. We always advise to consult your physician or pharmacy first. We never recommend to self-diagnose and then take definitive decisions about the treatment of your complaints.

CBD illegal / legal
Recently, CBD and the possible illegality of it, has been frequently in the news. Let's be clear: We do not sell illegal products. CBD oil can be sold within the European Union, although the oil cannot be produced in the Netherlands. Yet, the production outside of the Netherlands is no problem.

CBD extraction processes
There are two ways of extraction when it concerns CBD oil. There is a cold process and a warm process. During a cold process, CBDA also is left in the oil. When heating, CBDA is transformed into CBD. In the 'raw' CBD versions, there is CBDA, and in the 'warm' versions, only CBD.

CBDA is known as a strong anti-inflammatory. For some people, this substance is really beneficial. The varies per person of course, and unfortunately, this is often a matter of trying out.

CBD price differences
You might have noticed that the price differences can differ quite strongly per label and per oil. Of course, it is true that each label has its own price setting. Furthermore, it is important with which oil CBD paste is mixed. You will understand that organically certified products are more expensive.

Hemp seed oil vs. Olive oil
Most CBD labels mix their CBD paste with organic hemp seed oil. This oil also has positive characteristics and components, which makes that CBD oil also has these positive characteristics. On the other hand, there are labels that mix their CBD paste with olive oil. This oil is somewhat cheaper, and therefore they can offer the end product for a different, lower price.

As mentioned earlier, we advise to start with 2 to 4 drops per day, selecting 2 or 3 moments to take it in. Overdosing is almost impossible when it concerns CBD, still we would like to advise to stick to the recommended maximum amount. This recommended maximum amount is indicated on the package.

Which CBD is a good start?
Where to start? In general, we recommend to start with 5% oil. Such as the MediHemp 5% RAW CBD oil. This has an ample range of cannabinoids, and this is our most commonly sold oil at the moment.

Cannabigold CBD
Cannabigold CBD is the only producer that uses an (almost) unbreakable bottle, and spilling is difficult as well, because bottle and pipette are merged into one. So dosing is very easy, and users are very positive about this.

An overview of the benefits of Cannabigold:

  • Easy to dose
  • 2mg CBD per drop
  • Certificates available online
  • Unbreakable bottle
  • Cannabigold has its roots in Poland
  • Diluted with hemp seed oil

Cannapower CBD
Cannapower's CBD oil is made through a cold extraction process. This means that also CBDA is present in the oil. Cannapower is the Dutch supplier that sources the hemp they use from Germany, among other countries.

An overview of the benefits of Cannapower:

  • 500mg pure CBD
  • Contains essential amino acids
  • Dutch company
  • Member of the European Industrial Hemp Association
  • Diluted with hemp seed oil

Cibdol CBD
Cibdol is also a Dutch company, and focused on the distribution of CBD oil. Cibdol's oil is mixed with olive oil. Cibdol also tests the products, and these tests can be viewed on Cibdol's website.

The benefits of Cibdol:

  • Dutch company
  • Each oil batch is tested
  • You can buy discount packages in 30ml or 50ml

Endoca CBD
This Scandinavian producer is working intensively for the future, and very innovative in the production of the products they offer. Endoca does not only offer CBD oil, but also chewing gum, lip balm and even suppositories. 

There are several other benefits with Endoca:

  • Endoca is GMP certified
  • HACCP certified
  • 100% natural
  • Made of organic hemp
  • Apart from oil, also capsules are available.
  • Endoca invests part of its revenues into research on the benefits of CBD.
  • Besides CBD oil, they also have suppositories, chewing gum and lip balm, and capsules.

Jacob Hooy
Jacob Hooy is a reliable name in Holland when it concerns herbs and homeopathy. For a good reason many people quickly recognize this label and this gives confidence in the product. That's logical, with such an established name.

Here are some further advantages from Jacob Hooy:

  • Mixed with hemp seed oil
  • Inspection reports available
  • Available in 100ml bottle, a unique size, only offered by this brand
  • Different discount packages

Non-profit organization Medi-Wiet
Non-profit organization medical marijuana was actually one of the first suppliers of CBD oil in the Netherlands. Founder Wernard Bruining was one of the first in realizing the fact that CBD has beneficial properties, unknown to many people. CBD oil from the Non-profit organization Medical marijuana is, however, a lighter type. We do sell these in different discount packages.

The CBD paste from Non-profit organization Medical marijuana is diluted with a mix of olive and hemp seed oil.

The oils of Non-profit organization medical marijuana are available in:

  • 10ml
  • 20ml
  • 30ml
  • 50ml

Medihemp CBD
Medihemp is a big CBD producer from Austria. In this sector, they are the only one with an organic certification. Also Medihemp is a very reliable producer, where supplies are constant, certifications are being audited and the quality reports can be found online.

Medihemp is also working on organically certifying the cold extraction process (CBD oil RAW products). Furthermore, Medihemp is a producer with an eye for nature and everything that's possible. They want to take maximum advantage of all possibilities and the plant's healthy ingredients. One of the big differences with all the other brands is that MediHemp certified all of its production processes and they are strict audits take place to check the veracity of this certification.

The benefits of MediHemp are:

  • Organically certified oil
  • A large product assortment
  • Big variety in CBD percentages
  • Clear online analysis
  • Besides oil, also capsules in the assortment.
  • Strongly concentrated paste

Sensi Seeds
Everybody knows Sensi Seeds as a traditionally Dutch seed manufacturer. But Sensi Seeds is also active on the CBD market. They developed a 3% CBD oil themselves. Sensi Seeds collaborates with HempFlax (just like Jacob Hooy).

Sana Hemp Juice
Sana Hemp Juice was one of the first to come with a CBD capsule. This capsule contains 6.9mg CBD in one pill that can be consumed without taste. Product benefits:

  • Completely approved
  • 100% natural
  • CE approved

Take in CBD, but through an e-cigarette. That is KanaVape. Kanavape offers a complete product, consisting of an e-cigarette with a cartridge. These cartridges can also be ordered individually. What we heard from clients, is that an e-cigarette ensures a direct intake.

Of course, it is very easy to bring along so you can use it quickly in case you want to use it. These individual cartridges are available in the flavors hemp and mint.

You already have an e-cigarette and you are only looking for an e-liquid, than Satijah is something for you. Satijah offers different strengths in CBD e-liquid, so you can refill your e-cigarette yourself. The 50mg variant is even available in different flavors.

The benefits of Satijah:

  • Can be used in any e-cigarette
  • Free of nicotine
  • Quick effect through vaporizing

Another e-liquid brand is Enecta. This one has a peach flavor. Furthermore, this e-liquid is also available for each e-cigarette and only available without nicotine.