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Hemp can be used for many different purposes, making it a versatile and popular product. In general, hemp has many benefits for our health and society. Read more about hemp and hemp products now.

When we talk about cannabis, we mainly talk about parts or the processing of the cannabis plants containing hallucinogenic compounds. Cannabis, also known as marijuana, consists of the dried flower buds. Then there is hashish, which is made of a resinous layer on the flower buds. Since 2004, cannabis is a favorite cannabis variant. About 70% of the users smoke cannabis, 17% of them smoke hashish and 14% use both.

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What are the differences between hemp and cannabis? 
The terms hemp and cannabis are often used interchangeably. Which term is the right one, depends on how the plant is grown. The term cannabis (or marijuana) is used when describing a Cannabis Sativa plant and is cultivated for the powerful, resinous glands (also known as trichomes). In these trichomes, large amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are present and these cannabinoids on their part are known for the psychoactive properties. Industrial hemp contains negligible traces of THC.

Hemp grows up to the sky 
It is a tall growing plant and usually grown for industrial applications. One can think of oils, ointments, as well as fibers for clothing and applications in the construction industry. The products made of industrial hemp are legal to sell, buy, consume and ship. Because of the 0.2% THC concentration, one makes a difference between what is classified as "hemp" and what is classified as "cannabis".

More is known about the difference between hemp and cannabis. One difference has to do with genetics. In case of hemp we deal with the long, sturdy plants grown by early civilizations for oils and textiles (rope and fabrics). These are plants which were grown with other plants with similar characteristics, which led to the kind of cannabis which we now know as hemp. In the case of cannabis, we talk about the other plants that are now recognized for their psychoactive effects and which were selectively bred for medical and religious purposes in the past. This has led to several unique cannabis varieties, now often call marijuana. The differences are therefore determined by the genetic origin, as well as the environment in which they are grown.

The level of THC is another difference. In case of hemp (industrial / fiber) the THC concentration is maximum 0.2%. Cannabis (flower / weed) contains 5-30% THC and usually little CBD. Hemp and cannabis are cultivated for different applications, and therefore they may also require different growth conditions. Growing cannabis in the Netherlands is illegal, however, up to five plants are tolerated. Growing hemp in the Netherlands for industrial use is legal.

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Where is hemp used for?
Hemp can be used in resin, rope, cloth paper, fuel and has many other applications. Hemp is very expensive, and this has to do with the fiber length and strength. The long bark fibers are used for making paper, and this is done for almost two millennia. Hemp is functional for wood-based paper. That's because hemp is rich in cellulose and contains only 4-10% lignin. But it can also be used as food. Many different studies have been done on raw consumption of hemp seeds. These studies show that it can help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Furthermore, it might also promote weight loss and improve the immune system. Your blood sugar level can be maintained better and it can slow down inflammations. This could be the reason hemp seed is so extremely nutritious. Hemp seeds contain many amino acids, as well as fatty acids.

Hemp and plastic 
Nowadays, plastic is commonly made of cellulose. Which on itself is obtained from petroleum, which is made of oil (toxic to the environment and the oil reserves are also quickly running out). Plastic could also be made of cellulose of plants, which is stronger than conventional plastic. In addition, it is also 100% biodegradable. Hemp is a plant with the biggest amount of cellulose. The stems of the plant consist of 85% cellulose, one of the reasons why this is an ideal resource for the plastics industry. Hemp can also be processed into compost.

Hemp as fuel
Hemp can be transformed into a bio fuel. If we would make this step as a society, it comes with many advantages. Because growing hemp is simple and it is resilient. So it promotes self-sufficiency. It can also be made at home, so there won't be shortages. Countries wouldn't have to worry about fuel shortages. Bio diesel made of hemp is not toxic, while fossil fuel-based diesel is. It has only a minimal impact on the environment and is biodegradable. This will reduce environmental damage caused by oil spills and accidents. But also the lifespan of machinery will be extended and better.

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Hemp and clothing
Hemp is grown all over the world. China and India are the largest producers. A lot of hemp is used to make textiles, and most of it is sourced from Asia. Within four months, a hemp plant mature. It can reach four meters height. Textile fibers are extracted from the stem of the plants - the advantage here is that no pesticides are needed against weeds and fungi. This is because of the dense foliage of the plant. Furthermore, the plant has few requirements regarding the fertility of the soil, so there is no need for artificial fertilizer to help the plant grow. Hemp is an environmentally friendly product, because the deep roots bring direct benefits to the soil. The plants are always harvested with a threshing machine. It then remains for 14-21 days resting on the land (this depends on the weather). The natural product ensures the wood already gets partially separated from the plant's stalks and you will see that the fibers are already visible. What remains is so-called hemp straw, which is then compresses into bales. For processing, steam explosion is used, which ensures the fibers are spun on a cotton spinning machine.

Hemp and food for animals
Hemp contains high nutritional values, beneficial to both humans and animals. Hemp seed is often used in seed mixes for wild birds. The birds love it. This has to do with the energy-boosting properties and the rich oils. This helps the birds to get through the winter and maintain their healthy feathers. When a bird adds hemp seed to his diet, this means he can live 10-20% longer and has more offspring. Furthermore, he can make longer flights because of his good quality feathers.

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Other hemp uses
Hemp can be used in construction, the automotive industry, for clothing, medication, herbs, teas, fibers and hemp seeds. Because of its many uses, hemp is a very popular product. Buy your hemp products conveniently and quickly on our website!