BAC Organic Fertilizer & Nutrients for Cannabis Plants

Growing your own organic weed is easier than ever. Choose the right organic plant nutrition and you are good to go. BAC nutrition has numerous quality marks on its name to assure you that your weed is organic. In this article we tell you all about growing with BAC and share the BAC growing schedule with you.

About BAC nutrition

BAC is a huge player in the field of plant nutrition and has caused quite a buzz on internet forums as the go-to plant nutrition for the weed plant. You should know that there are few brands that officially announce themselves as weed nutrition. Canadian Advanced Nutrients is an exception in our range, because weed is legal in Canada. Therefore, producers who have their roots in Europe are often more modest and conservative when it comes to growing weed.

BAC was founded in 2000 by the Dutchman Frits Visser. With his knowledge of professional rose growing, Visser became an expert in the field of agriculture and horticulture. At BAC they develop plant nutrition, stimulators and enhancers with a preference for organic cultivation. Visser is known in India and South America as a specialist in the field of soil life and micro-organisms that naturally feed and support the plant. Do you feed the soil life? Then you are feeding the plant!

Organic weed

Organic weed is extremely popular. That's because many blowers and amateur growers are becoming more aware of what's in our food. And why stop at nutrition? Especially when you smoke weed frequently, there is value in being aware of the substances you are inhaling. This is why you see more and more medicinal users switching to the organic weed. With increased demand comes increased market forces. As a result, more producers are specializing in organic plant food.

The idea of growing organic weed is to minimize the amount of fertilizer that goes into the plant that is not absolutely essential. Therefore, the focus is more on improving soil, soil life and the ability of the plant to absorb more essential nutrition. 

Funky Fungi

A great example of such a product from BAC's line is Funky Fungi. Funky Fungi contains 4 types of mycorrhizae. That's Greek for "fungal root." Fungi are vital to plant life, because they pass on nutrients to plant roots that they cannot absorb themselves from the soil, or can only do so with difficulty. In turn, plants pass on nutrients to fungi that they themselves have no use for. This creates a friendly interaction under the soil that benefits both fungus and plant. Such a symbiosis between species happens everywhere in nature. BAC Funky Fungi is a soil improver that you use to enrich the soil of your weed plant. For instructions for use see the extensive product text.

Organic Certified

To be called organic, a product must meet tough requirements. BAC nutrition meets not one, but many more requirements that important certifications require:

  • EnvirOrganic certified
  • Vegan (registered with the Vegan Society)
  • Certified organic by Skal
  • Suitable for products with Ecocert Label
  • Registered with FiBL, the research institute for organic farming
  • Certified by Control Union for Organic EU and National Organic Program NOP

BAC organic plant food contains only ingredients approved by the Soil Association. So you can grow your own weed that can be approved by the strict Ecocert label.

BAC growing schedule for organic weed

Let's get right to the point. What's the best way to grow organic weed with BAC nutrition? A picture says more than a thousand words, so check out this great growing schedule from BAC:

 Click on the growing schedule to open the PDF.

The growing schedule is a bit large to show it neatly. So click on it and download the PDF. Then you will immediately see that the BAC growing schedule is full of useful tips. From light to fan use when you grow indoors.

Plant Care with BAC Nutrition

Set your light schedule to 18 hours of light during the growth phase and turn off the fan. You should set the day and night temperature at 24 degrees. The humidity should be set to 80% during the first half of growth and 70% during the second half. In the flowering stage set the light to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. You gradually build up the fan speed and the humidity evenly until you reach 40% at flush week. During the flowering phase the day temperature may go up to 28 degrees and the night temperature to 20 degrees.

Pro-tip: Do you have a plant that can turn purple during flowering? Then lower the temperature gradually, until you bring the night temperature below 10 degrees in the last two weeks. This will speed up the breakdown of chlorophyll, causing the anthocyanins in your weed to turn the buds and/or leaves purple! Want to know more? Read the article on growing purple weed such as Purple Haze or Blueberry!

Growth phase

During the growth phase of your weed plant you give it BAC Organic Grow as a basic nutrition. This contains the essential organic fertilizers your weed plant needs to mature. Give 10-20 ml per 10 liters of water with every watering. In the growth phase it is advisable to add at least BAC Root Stimulator. This will increase the root mass, allowing your weed plant to grow bigger and therefore offer more yield. In the first half of the growth phase you give 1 ml Root Stimulator on 10 liters of water with every watering. In the second half of the growth phase, double the concentration of Root Stimulator. So if the growth phase lasts only two weeks, give 1 ml in the first week and 2 ml in the second week. Root stimulator can continue to be given at this concentration until the second week of the flowering phase.

Flowering phase

As soon as your weed plant starts to show signs of flowering and starts to become nice and fragrant, you can close the Organic Grow and bring out Organic Bloom. You can give a little more of this. A concentration of 20-30 ml in 10 liters of water is ideal. You can also add 2 ml of BAC Bloom Stimulator to every watering right at the start of blooming. By doing this you will feed the bacteria in the soil which will then produce more oxygen. This way your weed plants will flower more abundantly and fully.

In the second week of flowering you may also add BAC Organic PK Booster in addition to these products. Weed plants get, the older they get, a greater need for phosphorus and potassium. Therefore you can gradually increase the concentration of the PK Booster to meet that demand. Use the PDF for the correct proportions. Just make sure that in the last week before flushing you reduce the concentration. In the flushing week you give no more nutrition or PK Booster. Are you growing with BAC nutrition? Then you should only add Bloom Stimulator to your water in the flushing week. Since you are only feeding the bacteria, it has no influence on the taste of your weed.

Discount set

Would you like to get started with BAC nutrition after reading this article? Then choose Starter Set Cannabis Nutrients Big Organic (BAC) with BAC X-Seed, Organic Bloom, Organic Grow, PK Booster, root stimulator, bloom stimulator, Final Solution and pipettes for dosing for extra benefit. Starting with organic weed growing couldn't be easier!

Weed Plant Nutrition from the Garden Center

The best nutrition for weed plants is a basic plant food that contains the correct ratio of NPK. NPK stands for the amount of dissolved nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. All plants need these three substances to grow and bloom, but in what proportion they need them varies from one plant species to another. We went into great detail in this article on NPK bout what ratios weed plants like best. In this article we also concluded that a random diet from the garden center is not suitable for a weed plant. There is a good chance that you will develop leaf problems such as yellow leaves, brown tips or purple stems.

BAC nutrition not only has a sophisticated ratio of NPK fertilizers, but also contains calcium, magnesium and yuccah. Yuccah is a plant effluent that ensures fertilizer is distributed evenly in the soil and provides all parts of the root system with equal amounts of nutrition. 

Whatever brand of plant food for weed plants you choose, make sure you get the NPK ratio right in any case. Your weed plant will reward you with a healthy appearance and mountains of weed. And that is what it is all about after all!