Organic Root Stimulator (BAC) 120 ml

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BAC Organic Root Stimulator indirectly increases the uptake capacity of fertilizer and oxygen in the soil. This makes the roots of your weed plant stronger and you give them the opportunity to become gigantic. This is necessary for large weed plants and a significant yield! Feed your cannabis plant with BAC Organic Root Stimulator from the growth phase up to and including the second week of the flowering phase. You get 120 ml of root stimulator in each bottle. That’s good for around 1,200 litres. Concentrated enough for several weed plants! Read the detailed product description for the instructions for use.

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Weed plants cannot do without micro-organisms in the soil. Tiny creatures, good bacteria and helpful fungi work together to make your weed plant big and strong. How do they do that? By increasing the uptake of fertilizer and providing additional oxygen to the roots. And this BAC stimulator does that in a fully organic way of course.

BAC Bio Root Stimulator

  • Looks after and feeds the micro-organisms in the soil
  • Boosts the uptake of fertilizer in the roots
  • Increases the available oxygen in the soil
  • Hugely concentrated (1 ml is enough for 10 litres of water!)
  • Suitable for indoor use, and outdoor use either directly in the ground or in pots and tubs
  • Suitable for cultivation in potting compost and garden soil
  • Also cleans the holes in your watering device

Weed Plant Root Stimulator

A root stimulator is not a plant fertilizer. It’s an additive to your regular growth fertilizer and also to a slight extent for the bloom fertilizer. In any case you should combine this booster with BAC Organic Growth Fertilizer for Weed during the growing phase. For best results, continue applying the Root Stimulator during the first 2 weeks of the flowering phase. After that you switch to the BAC Organic Bloom Stimulator and/or the BAC Organic PK Booster. Then you’ll have a high yield of organic weed in no time at all. See the recommended products on this page.

Using BAC Organic Root Stimulator

Give it each time you water during the growing phase of your weed plants and in the first 2 weeks of the flowering phase.

Dosage: first week of the growing phase: 1 ml of Root Stimulator to 10 litres of water, after which 2 ml Root Stimulator to 10 litres of water. Measure in the watering can or the drip system.

About BAC Fertilizer

BAC is a renowned brand when it comes to organic fertilizer. BAC marijuana fertilizer has been a feature of growing rooms and gardens for both experienced growers and hobbyists for over 15 years. This brand produces an extensive range of cannabis nutrients, stimulators, plant boosters and substrates. BAC fertilizer can be applied to all possible substrates: hydro-cultivation, ordinary soil or growing on coconut? All these can be used with organic plant food from BAC. Virtually all products are 100% natural and thoroughly tested. BAC has won multiple awards for its products thanks to numerous certifications from universities, quality marks and scientists. Do you want only the best for your plant? In that case, opt for BAC organic plant food.

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Brand BAC
Content 120 ml
Substrate / Medium Soil
Suitable for organic grow? Yes
Composition Liquid
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Organic Root Stimulator (BAC) 120 ml

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