Cannabis Fertilizer | Organic Grow (BAC) 1 liter

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Are you after towering weed plants, massive stems and healthy, deep-green leaves? Then you need weed feed! Special growth feed for weed, no less. BAC feed comes in two flavours for your weed plant. A flower feed (see recommended products) and this highly praised growth feed for the vegetative phase of cannabis. What makes BAC Organic Grow special? This weed feed has full organic certification, is ecologically responsible and animal-friendly (vegan). What’s more, in 2019 BAC growth feed won the Organic Grow Award in Rome. This is the equivalent of a seven-course Michelin dinner for your weed plant. A bottle contains 1 litre of organic BAC feed for the growing phase. Combine with flower feed from BAC for the best results.

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“That will make them big and strong later”. This could be an appropriate motto for this balanced organic BAC feed for weed plants. 

Cultivating Weed with Plant Feed

Cultivating without plant feed is like expecting a child to grow big and strong without giving him or her anything to eat. OK, we’re exaggerating a bit. Why is plant feed so important for the growth of your weed plant? Let’s not beat about the bush: weed is a greedy plant. As soon as the first mature leaves start to develop, most of the feed has already been taken from the soil. The roots then struggle to extract important nutrients from the surrounding soil. Do you want a healthy weed plant that will form the basis for a high yield? If so, this Bio Weed Growth Feed is a must. 

Weed Growth Feed

During its growing period, your weed plant is in extra need of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg). BAC organic growth feed contains a sophisticated mix of elements that can be seen as the 5-a-day for plants. Moreover, BAC feed is composed from ingredients approved by the Soil Association. As a result, you can produce your own weed that could be certified by the strict Ecocert Label. That is, if they certified weed. Here’s a brief summary of all the certifications for BAC growth feed:

  • EnvirOrganic certified
  • Vegan (registered with the Vegan Society)
  • Skal organically certified
  • Suitable for products with Ecocert Label
  • Registered with FiBL, the research institute for organic agriculture
  • Certified by ControlUnion for Organic EU and National Organic Programme NOP

That’s a very impressive list. Organic weed cultivation is child’s play with Weed Growth Feed from BAC. A bottle contains 1 litre of organic feed.


1 to 2 ml per liter of water. Can be given any watering. More information about the use of BAC Growing Nutrition can be found on the packaging.

Weed Feed with Yucca

BAC Organic Grow contains Yucca, a plant-based spreader that ensures that fertilizer is distributed evenly in the soil and provides all parts of the root system with the same amount of nutrition.

About BAC Fertilizer

BAC is a renowned brand when it comes to organic plant feed. BAC weed feed has been a feature of growing rooms and gardens for both experienced growers and hobbyists for over 15 years. This brand produces an extensive range of plant feeds, stimulators, plant boosters and substrates. BAC feed can be applied to all possible substrates: hydro-cultivation, ordinary soil or growing on coconut? All these can be used with organic plant food from BAC. Virtually all products are 100% natural and thoroughly tested. BAC has won multiple awards for its products thanks to numerous certifications from universities, quality marks and scientists. Do you want only the best for your plant? In that case, opt for BAC organic plant feed.

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Brand BAC
Content 1 liter
Substrate / Medium Coconut Fibre, Soil
Suitable for organic grow? Yes
Composition Liquid
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