What are the best autoflowering seeds? It depends on who you ask. Some go for the shortest flowering time, while others swear by maximum THC content. In this article we pick 12 autoflower cannabis seeds with the highest yields.

Increasing the yield

The weights mentioned in this article are all of fresh yield and growers have done their best with advanced growing techniques to achieve these maximum yields. Think ScrOG, LST, topping, phimming and mainlining. How to proceed with these techniques can be read in our blog about advanced growing techniques. All the autoflowers mentioned are suitable for this. Moreover, all brands always assume the ideal conditions. A sunny spot in the garden or a 600-watt growing lamp are therefore minimal requirements for the highest yield. Do not underestimate the importance of plant nutrition and water either. Have you mastered these basics? Then you are ready for the real work! Meet the champions. 

Autoflower with the highest yield

The easiest way to buy cannabis seeds from us is to use the filters. We even do that when we compile a list like this one! With almost 200 types of cannabis seeds, we fully understand that it is difficult to see the forest for the trees. So let's look at what the top autoflowers are at the moment. We have two categories for you. Outdoor autoflowers and indoor autoflowers. 

Outdoor Autoflowers

Growing weed outdoors is pure nature. But normally you have to decide well when to germinate your cannabis seeds in order to grow them outdoors. With autoflowers you don't have to worry about that. As soon as there is no more frost for the season, the autoflowering ladies can go outside. Usually this is around the beginning of May. Traditionally, the Catholic holiday of Ice Saints was considered a safe day to put plants outside. Nowadays, Dutch winters are shorter and wetter due to climate change. But nothing is as unpredictable as the weather, so make sure you are well informed about the weather in your area before you start germinating. Now it's time for the high-yielding autoflowers.

House brand | Auto Banana Punch

Up to 400 grams per plant| 17% THC | 1% CBD | Lovely sleeping

A flavour of tropical fruit, pineapple and banana? Give Auto Banana Punch a try! This is an autoflowering weed for true indica lovers. The effect hits you fast and hard: within seconds you feel a deep relaxation. You can put your worries aside for the next few hours, because you're on couch duty. Sit back and relax with some music to enjoy the taste and the relaxation.

The yield of 400 grams per plant is not bad! Especially when you consider that the height of Auto Banana Punch is small. 50-100 centimeters is usually the height. She will finish in 9-10 weeks. Be careful not to put her outside too early. She thrives best at temperatures between 20 and 25°C.

Royal Gorilla Automatic | Royal Queen Seeds

Up to a maximum of 850 grams per plant | 20% THC | Both strongly stoned and psychedelic high

Gorilla Glue has already won several superlatives. For example, it is one of the strongest varieties on the market and, thanks to the sticky buds, it is extremely suitable for making hash. This autoflower is a worthy alternative if you don't want to wait until early October to harvest. In the garden, Royal Gorilla Automatic grows to a plant about 140cm tall and has a short flowering time of 6 weeks or less. This allows you to grow the same cannabis plant several times in one year - even if you have limited space. Plus, you'll enjoy all the benefits of a handsome Gorilla Glue - including those sticky buds dripping with THC.

While Royal Gorilla Automatic also has a respectable revenue of 400 grams per square meter, she is definitely a plant to put in the garden, because in a sunny spot and with sufficient food and water she can promise you a maximum of 850 grams per plant. Not bad!
And the effect? crackling stoned!

Green House Seed Company | White Widow Auto CBD

Up to 600 grams per plant| 8% THC | 8% CBD | Medicinal, but also nice and stoned

We reach gourmet territory with White Choco Autoflower. Amsterdam Genetics deserves credit for not only introducing tasty weed, but also for coming up with new ways to enjoy it. The ice-o-lator hash of this weed is said to be delicious! You can make it yourself with .

White Choco Autoflower is a weed that usually does not grow taller than 1.5 meters, both indoors and outdoors, and does just as well under a lamp or in full sun. So if you want to grow in your garden, it is the ideal autoflowering weed. You can bring it inside and keep it there if it gets windy or rainy. Also special: she contains a considerable percentage of CBG - the natural precursor to CBD and THC. CBG has slightly different medicinal properties than CBD.

Green House Seed Company | White Widow Auto CBD

Up to 600 grams per plant| 8% THC | 8% CBD | Medicinal, but also nice and stoned

White Widow is perhaps the world's most famous weed strain. The advantage of this cross is that it carries that deserved fame and contains a relatively high amount of CBD. With a flowering time of 7-8 weeks, she can produce up to 600 grams per plant under a powerful summer sun. In addition, White Widow Auto CBD is quite sturdy, making it especially suitable for beginner growers. 

With 8% THC and 8% CBD, she is suitable for medicinal users who appreciate the clarity of mind. However, recreational users also like White Widow Auto CBD because it offers a not-too-intensive weed. Great for a Sunday night!

Barney’s Farm | Zkittlez OG Auto

Up to 400 grams per plant| 20% THC | 0,1% CBD | Super high, cheerful

This is the THC topper of the list. With a THC level of 20%, Zkittlez OG Auto will give you a singing high that will flow through your body. This is thanks to the 50/50 indica/sativa genetics. Zkittlez OG Auto will also grow quite tall for an autoflower: up to 150 centimeters in full sunlight. She does need a flowering period of 9-10 weeks, but then she will immediately yield up to 400 grams per plant! 

Is it time to bring her inside because the autumn is getting too wet? That's no problem at all with this autoflowering weed. Under a good light she can produce up to 600 grams per square meter. The weed flavour is mainly thanks to her mother's side. Zkittlez is named after colourful fruity sweets. So berries and tropical fruits are definitely recognizable in this tasty weed!

House brand | Auto CBD NYC Diesel

Up to 500 grams per plant| 10% THC | 10% CBD | Relaxing, clear high

This indica-dominant autoflowering plant can be grown indoors or outdoors. That's partly because her ancestors are such strong plants. For this powerhouse, the CBD-rich Harlequin was crossed with the THC-rich Auto New York City Diesel. Diesel weed gets its name from the comparison with the intense smell that you get at the gas station. But the tasty citrus makes up for it.

Auto CBD NYC Diesel needs a flowering period of 7-8 weeks to provide you with 500 grams of fresh weed per plant. Do you want to bring her indoors after some time? She will have no problem with that under a good lamp. She will yield 600 grams per square meter. And with that, we switch to pure indoor weed!

Indoor Autoflower

Prefer to grow weed indoors? Then choose one of these autoflowers with the highest yield. Just like the growers, we use a different measure to indicate the yield. We speak of grams per square meter of fresh weed when we compare plants. So if your growing space is 50x50 cm, you will have to divide the mentioned yield by four. On the other hand you can of course grow weed all year round without having to worry about complicated light schedules. Autoflowers go seamlessly into flowering after about three weeks of growth without having to make it darker at night. In this blog you will read more about the qualities of an autoflowering plant. Now let's have a look at the autoflowering cannabis seeds with the highest yields:

Green House Seed Company | Big Bang Autoflower

Up to 900 gram per square meter | 15% THC | 1% CBD | Narcotic Stoned

House mouse number one is Big Bang Autoflower from Greenhouse. This autoflower lives up to its name, as long as you grow it indoors in plenty of light. With up to 900 grams/m2, Big Bang Autoflower offers the highest yield of any autoflowering cannabis seed in our range at the time of writing. But she comes with a catch: please don't put Big Bang Autoflower outside. That's a waste of effort. She will only yield 45 grams per plant, at best.

Big Bang promises a narcotic stoned effect after an earthy, spicy and berry-like taste. She is therefore often used in the evening to fall asleep. The THC percentage of 15% is high. She will grow to a maximum height of 120 centimeters in 6 weeks, but with ScrOG, topping and LST she will grow more in width. These techniques are, as we wrote earlier, required to reach 900 grams per square meter on the scale.

House Brand | Auto AK

Up to 800 grams per square meter | 17% THC | 0,1% CBD | Relaxing, stoned

Our Auto AK is one of our bestsellers for a reason. The autoflowering plant, named after the Kalashnikov firearms, does not grow taller than one meter, which makes it ideal for growing in the MiniGrow Box. Whether you grow under LED or HPS/MH lights, Auto AK is a winner, provided you give her enough light.

Auto AK weed will get you stoned fast and sufficiently due to her sophisticated terpene profile and 17% THC. She can be used day or night and has a fruity, spicy and slightly sharp flavour like Eastern spices. She can yield up to 800 g/m2 indoors and up to 100 g per plant outdoors.

Dutch Passion | Think Big Autoflower

Up to 600 grams per square meter | High THC | Low CBD | Clear high

“Autoflowers will always stay small”. Well, we can bury that myth. Dutch Passion's Think Big Autoflower can grow up to one and a half meters tall, so make sure you have enough height in your grow room or greenhouse to be able to grow her! This is one of the reasons she promises such a high yield of 500-600 g/m2. Although you can also grow her outdoors, indoors she has the advantage of being a year-round grower.

Think Big Autoflower weed gives a clear sativa high. But Dutch Passion couldn't tell us exactly how high the THC content is. "High", was the answer we got. If we compare that with similar plants from Dutch Passion's garden, we would say around 15%. But please don't pin us down on it. When you vaporize or light her, you will be met with a pleasant incense smell. The citrus flavour, found in more sativas, will not come as a surprise. The yield, however, will surprise you!

Paradise Seeds | Vertigo Autoflower

Up to 500 grams per square meter | 15-19% THC | <0,1% CBD | Numbing and activating

This indica/sativa hybrid autoflower from Paradise Seeds is an instant classic. Vertigo, like all the other cannabis seeds on this page, is a high-yielding autoflowering strain. Her buds can contain 15 to even 19% THC! No wonder you get dizzy if you're not careful. The effect of the weed is both physically sedating and mentally activating. That's why it works well in company or while watching a captivating movie.

Indoors, Vertigo Autoflower needs about 8 weeks of flowering time to guarantee a high yield, but of course with plenty of light and a diet for titans. Check out our blog about growing weed for beginners. It tells you exactly what steps to take to get the most out of your indoor weed. 

Grass-O-Matic | Sugar Gom Autoflower

Up to 750 grams per square meter | 15% THC | 0,1% CBD | Cheerful and stoned

For the hash-fans among us: Sugar Gom Sugar Gom from Grass-O-Matic makes hash-making child's play. The sticky buds that she develops after 7 weeks of flowering are considered by many growers to be very suitable for making charas or other sticky types of hash. The dreamy effect will appeal to sativa fans and indica fans alike.

Sugar Gom's fresh weed yields up to 750 grams per square meter. She usually stays between 50 and 100 centimeters tall, but if the lamp is placed too far away from her buds, the yield will decrease and she will stretch to 120 centimeters.

Green House Seed Company | King’s Kush Auto CBD

Up to 600 gram per square meter | 8% THC | 8% CBD | Calming, clear and numbing

King’s Kush Auto CBD brings recreational and medicinal users together. A full-bodied stone combined with a clear high make for a great daytime smoke. The Green House Seed Company's CBD-rich autoflowering plant is a winner, producing up to 600 grams per square meter, even in a small space. It also does very well outdoors with 300 grams of fresh weed per plant.

Within 7 weeks of flowering, she produces as much CBD as THC in her buds. Together this makes for 16-18% cannabinoids! This kind of 1-on-1 weed has the big advantage that it doesn't make you feel as paranoid if you're sensitive to that. The smile on your face lasts longer. Even when you have been hanging around the vaporizer just a little too long.

Did you make your choice?

This concludes our list of autoflowers with the highest yield. Have you been able to make a choice? Or would you like to discover other superiorities from our cannabis world? What is  for example? Are you looking for autoflowers with the highest percentage of CBD, THC or do you wonder when an autoflowering plant can go outside? It's all here in the frequently asked questions about autoflowering seeds.