Everything about autoflower weed seeds

Looking for autoflowering seeds with the highest percentage of THC? Or a yield that comes close to the photoperiod weed plants? You can find them here. In this article we don't just look at the record holders and the best autoflowering seeds, but we mainly take questions from customers. When autoflowerings are ready to go outside and which weed seeds are suitable for beginners for example.

Beautiful autoflowering weed with a solid yield!

In this article (optional):

  1. Autoflowering seeds in a nutshell
  2. Autoflowering or Feminized?
  3. Pros and Cons of growing Autoflowering Weed
  4. When can my autoflowering go outside?
  5. Autoflowering with the highest yield?
  6. Autoflowering with the highest THC percentage?
  7. Autoflowering with the highest CBD percentage?
  8. Autoflowering Seeds for beginners?
  9. Autoflowering by the window?
  10. Your Autoflowering Questions answered
  11. Last but not least: Nutrition and Watering

Autoflowering Seeds in a nutshell

Weed plants have different phases in their life. Just like we were once children and then adolescents or young adults, weed plants also have these phases. To start with, you have the newly hatched seeds, the weed babies. They have two unrecognizable baby leaves. Until there are 2 or 3 nodes (branches), you talk about seedlings; the schoolchildren of the weed plants. Then the plant enters puberty: the growth phase.

Autoflowering means that after some time the plant will flower. There is the difference between autoflowering weed plants and so-called photoperiod plants. At the end of puberty, photoperiod cannabis plants need a signal from their parents that they can become adults. Autoflowerings are more independent and do that nicely themselves. 

That signal is a change in the amount of light per day. Outside the seasons regulate that. As soon as the night-length becomes more than 10 hours, the photoperiod plants begin their sexual maturity: the flowering phase. That's why as a "parent of weed plants" you have to reduce the amount of artificial light in 24 hours if you want your plants to flower. In this way you mimic the arrival of autumn.

Autoflowers do not wait for autumn and the extra darkness that comes with it. They usually show symptoms of flowering 3 weeks after the start of the growth phase. So they automatically switch to the flowering phase. And the nice thing is: it doesn't matter when they are planted. As long as there is enough light and no frost, autoflowerings go their own way.

Autoflowering or Feminized?

So the question is: which seeds do you choose? Actually, the question in the title is not the correct one, because you compare apples with oranges. Especially in our seed shop. Feminized means that the seeds have been treated to minimize the chance that male weed plants will emerge from the seeds. Why that is desirable you can read in this blog. Because all our weed seeds are feminized, the question you want to ask is: autoflowering or photoperiod. All our cannabis seeds are fruit (feminized), but certainly not all apples (autoflowering). Therefore you have to ask yourself what are the advantages and disadvantages of autoflowering compared to photoperiod cannabis plants.

Pros and Cons of growing autoflowering weed

Autoflowering seeds are incredibly popular. Not only among beginners, but more and more advanced growers are joining the trend of autoflowering weed growing. The reason is that autoflowerings have fewer and fewer disadvantages compared to plants that don't flower by themselves. Some of the myths that are going around have already been discussed in another blog about autoflowering seeds: Autoflowering Myths.

Autoflowerings will bloom by themselves. This offers several advantages:

  • No need for complicated lighting schedules for indoor growing.
  • No indoor switching devices required.
  • It does not matter when you put an autoflowering weed plant outside, as long as there is no frost (after mid-May is the rule) and enough light (in the summer period).
  • You do not have to darken if you notice in September that your plant is not flowering.
  • Multiple grows per season. Especially with short flowering autoflowerings.

These things make it easier to grow an autoflowering. Especially indoors. When growing outdoors you only have to take into account the date your ladies go outside. Nature takes care of the rest, right? Keep in mind that autoflowerings also stay smaller. That's why with photoperiod plants you have to take into account the fact that your 2 meter plant can get in sight of the neighborhood agent when she starts peeking over the fence with her buds. Plants such as Auto Blue Dream can still reach a maximum of 160 centimeters. If you add a large pot, the edge of the fence is in sight. But that's an exceptional case. So use the filters in our Seedshop if this is an issue for you.

Due to their limited size, autoflowerings have the reputation of having a lower yield. But that certainly doesn't always have to be the case. Let's take a closer look at autoflowering seeds that prove otherwise.

When can my Autoflowering go Outside?

Just a nice chapter to finish the article. Both autoflowering weed plants and photoperiod plants are allowed outdoors from the moment you can reasonably assume it won't freeze this season. In the Benelux and Germany we keep ice saints (mid-May) as a rule.

The more to the south and the closer to the sea (because of the milder temperatures), the earlier in the year weed plants are allowed outside. For example, autoflowering weed plants in southern Spain and California can go outside as early as March. Please note that your plants must be finished flowering before the first night frost. Autoflowers can be sprouted from May to the end of July. Globally, you need 3 months, so if you start at the end of July you have August, September and October to grow. Then you are well in time for the first night frost.

Autoflowering with the highest Yield?

It is not true that autoflowerings have a low yield. Take a look at the AK-020 Auto from Amsterdam Genetics. Indoors it can produce a yield of 600 grams per square meter! For an outdoor plant you can also choose Blue Amnesia Autoflower, also from the garden of Amsterdam Genetics. These autoflowering seeds can produce 600 grams per plant. Of course these numbers depend on the amount of care you give your plants. Especially the amount of light plays a role. Plant them outside in a place where they can receive sun all day. A 600-Watt grow light should be sufficient when growing indoors. Do you grow with LED? Then choose a fitting with about 60 Watt actual consumption per plant.

Autoflowering with the highest THC?

The average percentage of cannabinoids is lower in autoflowering weed than in photoperiod weed plants. This means, for example, a lower maximum amount of THC. But take Green Gelato Automatic from Royal Queen Seeds for example, it has a measured THC percentage of 24% - That's much more than the average photoperiod cannabis plant can offer! Also our own very popular Auto Zkittlez is doing well with 23%. These are class autoflowering seeds for a low price.

Autoflowering with the highest CBD?

Prefer a CBD-rich autoflowering? Choose the 1:1 Auto CBD NYC Diesel for a total of over twenty percent cannabinoids. 10% of these are CBD and 10% THC. This top product will give you a mild high and a significant amount of CBD. Nice if you don't like the crackling effects of THC, but still want to feel chill and social. The highest percentage of CBD for an autoflowering goes to Dutch Passion's CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel with 15% CBD and only 0.7% THC. Getting high with this weed is almost impossible . 

Autoflowering Seeds for Beginners?

That's right, autoflowerings are very suitable for beginners. Plants such as Auto LSD and CBD Auto White Widow are also very mold resistant, which makes growing very easy. But because some autoflowering seeds are also very suitable for growing techniques such as budding, LST and ScrOG, you can maximize your yield with little effort. That's why they are also more popular with experienced growers.

Huge, wide plants with Scrogging.

Autoflowering by the window?

No. Not a good idea. Weed plants need a lot of light and glass blocks a lot of light. Moreover, a weed plant will start to smell a lot during flowering. That smell spreads very easily to your neighbors. If you want to grow indoor weed, do it under a lamp and in a separate grow room. 

Such a grow space doesn't have to be difficult to find or make. Just buy a complete all-in-one solution like the Minigrow Box. Lamp, ventilation, light- and soundproof, fireproof, air filters... The whole enchilada! Put a Minigrow Box in the middle of your living room and no one will see, smell or hear from a fan that a weed plant is being grown next to them. Is the price holding you back? Wonder how much weed you buy from the coffee shop each year. With the Minigrow you can grow all year round. 30 to 210 grams of dried weed per year can be produced, depending on your experience.

Your Autoflowering Questions answered

In addition to the questions in this article, there are a handful of other questions we would like to cover in this article.

Autoflowerings: How much light is needed?

An autoflowering growing schedule is not absolutely necessary. Autoflowerings can do well with 24 hours of light, but also with the usual 18/6 and 12/12 growing schedules.

Autoflowerings: When should I harvest?

From seed to harvest, growing an autoflowering usually takes 8 to 15 weeks.

When should I flush an autoflowering?

Flushing is when you stop feeding in order to improve the quality of your weed. Just like with photoperiod weed plants you only water the last two weeks before harvest. Want to know more about flushing cannabis? Read this blog.

When will my autoflowering start blooming?

After the first three nodes (branches), it takes another 3 weeks before autoflowerings start blooming visibly. But the transition is very gradual.

Growing autoflowerings with LED

That is very much possible. Pro tip: although autoflowerings will flower by themselves, it is more than advisable to change the color of the spectrum in the flowering phase. You can find everything about spectra and growing schedules in this blog.

Which pot should I use for my Autoflowering?

Each weed plant needs a pot volume of at least 12 liters. Autoflowering or not.

Last but not least: Nutrition and Watering

Autoflowering weed can be given food and water in the same way as the photoperiod plants. How much and what to pay attention to when feeding water and plants, you can read in this blog.