For already 10 years indispensable for inside and outside cultivation...

Flowering automatically
Autofowering means flowering out of his own. It’s a cannabis plant that will flower automatically when reaching 3 to 4 weeks of age, independently of the amount of hours of light the plant receives. An autoflower or automatically flowering marihuana plant was created by crossing cannabis ruderalis with the existing sativa / indica combinations.

Cannabis Ruderalis
Cannabis Ruderalis

The cannabis ruderalis is a small variety native in Southeast Russia and China. Adapted to a cold climate and with limited increasing hours of light, this plant has the quality to grow from a seed to a flowering plant in 8 to 10 weeks time. This important characteristic is genetically included in the modern autoflower cannabis species.

Autoflower species
Autoflower weed seeds are available on the market since 2003. Cannabis seed breeder Seedsman was the first with the famous Lowryder #1. His goal was to develop an easy, small growing marihuana plant that can be cultivated discretely on a windowsill, balcony or in a small space. After Lowryder # 1 more automatically flowering species appeared such as Lowryder # 2, EasyRyder and DieselRyder.

Nowadays autoflower marihuana seeds are very popular among the hobby growers. The offer and range of feminized autoflower weed seeds are now very large. Not only more species are available, the current generation of autoflowers can also provide bigger harvests than the first generation autoflower marihuana plants. For outdoor growers and lovers of guerrilla cultivation autoflower varieties are indispensable nowadays.

Outside Guerrilla Autoflower Cannabis
Outside Guerrilla Autoflower Cannabis

There is a large variety of species suitable for outside cultivation. Small, quick and discretely or a somewhat bigger plant that can provide a bigger harvest. An Indica / Sativa variety that will quickly reward you with buds or a sativa specie that only needs a couple of weeks but does give you real Haze buds.

Autoflower weed seeds outside
With outside cultivation during a good season 3 harvests a year can be realized. Half April the first autoflower weed seeds are sown. A few weeks after that the second round and a couple of weeks later the third round. Spring does not always start favourably. If you start later because spring started cold and wet, 2 harvests can still be realized.

An autoflower plant that grows and flowers under sunlight often provides a better harvest than those grown below artificial light. Still, using artificial light such as hps, led and saving lamps can give good results, especially with the current generation of autoflowers. In general, the schedule for light / darkness is put at 18 hours to 6 hours or 20 hours to 4 hours.

Autoflower weed seeds inside
Autoflowers are very suitable for Hydro cultivation and Deep Water Culture. Cultivate your autoflowering plant in soil and use a pot size of 7 to 11 litre. The germinating weed seed has to be put directly in the large pot with lightly humid soil.

Autoflower Cannabis Plant Inside
Autoflower Cannabis Plant Inside

In this way, the fast growing and flowering weed plant is not hindered by over-pot stress or damage. Autoflowers are sensible to over-nutrition. To grow, the nutrition in the compost is in general sufficient. When the flowering is noticeable during 1 or 2 weeks, one can start carefully with plant nutrition (for marihuana plants) for the flowering. Be moderate with water and plant nutrition. In general, after 8 to 10 weeks the weed plant is ready for harvest, Sativa species take about 10 to 12 weeks to fully finish flowering.