Auto AK (Private Label)

Auto AK (Private Label)
This self-flowering weed plant is named after the Kalashnikov automatic machine gun. After a couple of drags, Auto AK kicks in quickly and in a big way. The effect is mainly physical - you feel nicely sluggish and stoned when you try out Auto AK. It’s a hybrid autoflower which means that it stays small in size and flowers quickly. Within 9 weeks you’ll have a plant no bigger than a metre in height from which you can cut around 100 grammes. Provided you grow it outside in the full sun. Are you planning to cultivate Auto AK indoors? Then you can fit a number of plants into a square metre and produce a maximum of 800 grammes from that metre. You’ll receive powerful house-brand weed seeds and a complimentary germination tray which will give your Dutch Headshop weed seeds a good head start.
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Auto AK is a cross between AK-47 and White Widow, among others. Two plants that are renowned for high yields and getting you completely stoned. What makes these seeds even more special is that they are self-flowering and naturally feminised. That means you don’t have to get involved with lighting schedules or switching equipment.

Characteristics of Auto AK:

  • Weed from Auto AK acts quickly and effectively to produce a powerful, stoned effect.
  • Mainly Indica
  • Grows well indoors, outdoors and in the greenhouse!
  • Compact plant with a decent yield
  • Choose how many feminized autoflower seeds you want to receive
  • Strong fruity and spicy aroma

Taste and Effects

The smell of ripening weed is unmistakable if you plant Auto AK in your garden. But fortunately the plants stay small in size and the smell should barely waft over the fence to the neighbours. You’ll also smell this aroma if you vape the weed - the method for getting the best out of the taste and aroma! We already mentioned that you feel the effect mostly in your body. You can expect Auto AK to get you quickly and heavily stoned.

Growth and Yield

Auto AK plants won’t grow more than a metre in height. Give them sufficient light or else they may stretch out. During flowering, insufficient light will lead to them getting taller (and thinner) through trying to reach the sun or the lamp. For such a compact plant, the yield is very respectable: up to 100 grammes for a plant cultivated outdoors and up to 800 grammes per square metre if you use ScrOG growing techniques.

Specifications for Auto AK Weed Seeds:

  • Genetics: Auto AK (AK-47 x White Widow) x Green-O-Matic
  • Indica / Sativa: 10% Sativa, 80% Indica, 10% Ruderalis
  • Location: Indoor cultivation, outdoor cultivation or greenhouse cultivation
  • Flowering period within: 7 weeks
  • From seed to harvest: 9 to 10 weeks
  • Taste: Fruity, sharp and spicy aroma
  • Effect: Powerful effect on the body (stoned) - kicks in fast
  • THC: 17%
  • CBD: low
  • Seeds: Choose how many feminized autoflower seeds you want to receive
  • Indoor yield: 800 grammes per m2 under ideal conditions
  • Outdoor yield: 100 grammes per plant under ideal conditions
  • Autoflower: Yes

*The above figures are averages.

With Free Seed Germination Kit

Any purchase of our private label cannabis seeds, comes with a free seed germination kit. Our gift to you. Useful if you don’t yet have anything at home for the germination process or are experiencing difficulty with it. It’s bound to work with our gift. The kit consists of:

  • A round plastic tray
  • 2 wads of cotton wool to fit the tray
  • Manual (NL & EN)
  • 3 insert cards for the plant tray

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Additional Information
Family (Genetics)Indica Dominant
Gender and AutoflowerAutoflower and Feminised
Indoor / OutdoorIndoor, outdoor and greenhouse
From seed to Harvest (Autoflower)8-9 weeks
Average Flowering Time6 weeks or shorter
Average height50-100 cm
Maximum Height (approximately)100 cm
Harvest monthMay to August (Autoflower)
EffectsRelaxing, Stoned
MoodDaytime, Evening
TasteEarthy, Fruity, Hashish
Max. Yield Indoor (grams / m2)800 g / m2
Max. Outdoor yield (gram / plant)100 g / plant
THC percentage (average)17%
CBD percentage (average)0.1%
THC:CBD RatioMore THC than CBD

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