Auto CBD NYC Diesel (Private Label)

Auto CBD NYC Diesel (Private Label)

A very special variety from our private label range: Auto CBD NYC Diesel! With just as much THC as CBD. This autoflower CBD weed has a strong indica component that produces physical relaxation. At the same time, the 1-to-1 ratio of cannabinoids, means you keep a clear head and do not feel as dazed as with other indicas that are bursting with THC. It only needs 7 to 8 weeks in the flowering phase, can be grown indoors or outdoors, and is also suitable for Scrogging to increase your yield. That will enable you to harvest up to 600 grammes of fresh THC/CBD per square metre. Order house brand weed seeds from us and you’ll get a free germination tray as a present! Want to know more about Auto CBD NYC Diesel? Check out the detailed description below.

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In the early 1980s, a mysterious grower who went under the artistic name of Soma cultivated an indica-dominant strain that was guaranteed to produce a deeply relaxing feeling in the body. New York City Diesel was one of the varieties that represented the much-discussed physical effect of indica weed. Soon after that, NYC Diesel was crossed to get it to autoflower after a few weeks of growing. At the same time, on the other side of the United States, tenacious breeders were busy developing CBD-rich strains. That wasn’t at all easy. It wasn’t until twenty years later, that one CBD weed variety took over a large chunk of the medicinal weed market: Harlequin.

Characteristics of Auto CBD New York City Diesel:

  • A balanced but clear high with a relaxing physical effect.
  • A hybridisation between 2 best sellers: CBD weed legend Harlequin and autoflower THC smash Auto NYC Diesel.
  • Suitable for indoor cultivation, outdoor cultivation and growing techniques like ScrOG and LST.
  • Substantial yield for an autoflower: up to 600 grammes of fresh weed per square metre.
  • Feminised autoflowering weed seeds – choose how many you want!

Taste and Effects

Diesel weed is renowned for its strong aroma. So ensure you have good extraction and/or carbon filters if growing indoors. No problem with an all-in-1 growing cabinet like the MiniGrow Box. Check the recommended products!

Because this is a 1-to-1 CBD weed, the effect is mainly clear in your head. CBD suppresses the high, but at the same time there is 10% of both THC and CBD in the weed from this plant. Particularly well-suited to during the day to relax the body and keep a clear head.

The taste is somewhat sharp and pleasantly fresh. Especially when you give it the time during flowering.

Growth and Yield

The impatient among you can harvest it in the 12th week following germination. But what if you delay harvesting of this weed plant up to a maximum of 17 weeks after germination? In that case, you’ll be rewarded with a higher yield, more taste and stronger weed. If that’s not a reason for patience, then what is!

Specifications for Auto CBD NYC Diesel Weed Seeds:

  • Genetics: Auto CBD NYC Diesel (Auto New York City Diesel x Harlequin)
  • Indica / Sativa: 60% Indica, 20% Sativa, 20% Ruderalis
  • Location: Indoor cultivation, outdoor cultivation or greenhouse cultivation
  • Flowering period within: 7-8 weeks
  • From seed to harvest: minimum 13 weeks
  • Taste / aroma Diesel, lemon and hint of spice
  • Effect: Medicinal; clear thanks to 1:1 percentage THC/CBD
  • THC: Approximately 10%
  • CBD: Approximately 10%
  • Indoor yield: 600 grammes per square metre under ideal conditions
  • Outdoor yield: 500 grammes per plant under ideal conditions
  • Autoflower: Yes

*The above figures are averages.

Use a Vaporizer

We recommend using a vaporizer for medical use, but also for recreational use. A vaporizer is a healthier way to enjoy the cultivated plants. In our webshop we have a huge range of high-quality vaporizers available directly from stock. That way you prevent tobacco from making you lethargic and drowsy and of course you from ingesting harmful tobacco at all.

Includes Free Germination Kit

With any purchase of our house brand weed seeds, a germination kit is supplied as standard. From us, to you. Completely free of charge! Useful if you don’t yet have anything at home for the germination process or are experiencing difficulty with it. It’s bound to work with our gift. The kit consists of:

  • A round bio plastic tray
  • 2 wads of cotton wool to fit the tray
  • Manual (NL & EN)
  • 2 insert cards for the plant tray

Germination guarantee

All our cannabis seeds are of excellent quality. Yet, cannabis seeds are a natural product and it can occur, despite your best care, that one of your seeds will not germinate. Do you want the assurance that all your seeds will germinate? Make sure that your seeds germinate with the Dutch-Headshop Germination Guarantee! This is how it works:

  1. You buy the guarantee (per packet of seeds 1 guarantee) - add it to your shopping cart.
  2. You tell us how you germinated.
  3. You send us a photo where all seeds are visible.
  4. Your germination guarantee is valid 30 days after purchase

Are you entitled to replacement of the seeds you bought?

  • You can choose one type of seed from our private label selection as replacement.
  • The seeds that did not germinate will be replaced.

With the Dutch-Headshop Germination Guarantee you will receive assurance and service for a small price.

Private Label

Would you like to cultivate weed and are you looking for quality seeds at a competitive price? Then our House Brand weed seeds are your best choice. House brand weed seeds are high quality but economical in comparison with big brands. Follow our included germination instructions for best results.

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Additional Information
Family (Genetics)Indica Dominant
Gender and AutoflowerAutoflower and Feminised
Indoor / OutdoorIndoor, outdoor and greenhouse
From seed to Harvest (Autoflower)12 weeks or langer
Average Flowering Time7-8 weeks
Average height50-100 cm
Maximum Height (approximately)100 cm
Harvest monthMay to August (Autoflower)
EffectsLucid, Medicinal, Relaxing
MoodEvening, Motivating
TasteDiesel, Lemon, Pungent
Max. Yield Indoor (grams / m2)600 g / m2
Max. Outdoor yield (gram / plant)500 g / plant
THC percentage (average)10%
CBD percentage (average)10%
THC:CBD Ratio1:1 or more CBD

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