7 Tips for Growing a Cannabis Tree in the Garden

Do you think the yield of your own grow is important? Then apply these 7 tips for growing a cannabis tree. How to grow weed plants of monstrous proportions in the garden.

growing cannabis tree

The official record for the largest cannabis tree belongs to Hemp Traders. Although the 7.34-meter-tall tree is actually a hemp plant, you can perhaps imagine that cannabis plants can also become quite huge. Hemp and weed are actually very are in fact very closely related.

Before we start giving you tips on how to grow a cannabis tree, we want you to understand one thing. Always keep in mind the size of the pot. If you are going for records, a regular 12 liter pot will not be enough. Rather go for the largest specimen tub you can find or place your cannabis tree on a mound (hill) in the open ground. This type of elevation allows excess water to drain away and provides extra oxygen. What else can you do to grow such a plant? Are you going for length, size or yield? It doesn't matter. Use these tips to set records.

1. Choose the Right Weed Seeds for a Cannabis Tree

You can only grow a cannabis tree with weed seeds that will actually grow large weed plants. Not every type of weed has the potential to reach the height of the attic floor. Which weed seeds are best to choose for large plants? There are two things to consider. First of all you can check the specifications of the seeds. This is very easy on our website thanks to our Cannabis Seeds Wizard. Just specify that high yield is most important to you and the wizard does the rest. You can also use the filters in our seed shop to select a seed by maximum size. Slide the maximum height sliders to a range of 2 to 4 meters and the giants of our collection appear immediately.

Cannabis trees in california

Deciding on the specifications is one thing. You are looking at which weed plants have the best chance of growing into a cannabis tree. Secondly, it is also wise to read in the product text whether there are various phenotypes. A phenotype is the appearance of the weed plant. Especially with newer hybrids, you can expect diversity. This is when you order five seeds of the same type of weed, but they may look different. One may have broader leaves, start flowering earlier or grow taller than the rest. 

These are must-have weed seeds

Putting your bets on big plants and going for a new record? Then choose stable weed seeds. To make it easier for you we have made a selection of our most stable cannabis tree seeds.

2. Learn how to apply ScrOG and LST and think vertically

Our list of blogs is growing faster than the weed plants above. Gain knowledge about growing techniques such as scrogging and LST to learn how to guide a weed plant. This way you will support the plant and be able to make it reach for the sky.

LST in short

LST means Low Stress Training. This means, in practice, the use of soft binding wire and sticks to make the weed plant grow in a certain direction, without damaging or stressing the plant. It is applied especially in the early stages of growing weed in order to allow as much light as possible to reach as many parts of the plant as possible. The result of more light is a bigger plant in a shorter time. We'll come back to that later.

Scrogging in short

Placing a net or trellis over the weed plant in the last weeks of the growth phase is an attempt to make a weed plant grow more in width than in height and create more growth points. This is called scrogging in slang, referring to Screen of Green. ScrOG is particularly important in growing spaces with limited height and in gardens where keeping a cannabis tree is just not a good idea. You can avoid peeping neighbors who don't like the five- or seven-fingered leaves by keeping your plant low. But why is scrogging such a good idea when growing a cannabis tree?

3. Make a Trellis

Trellising is a technique that is much like a combination of LST and ScrOG. Whereas these two techniques are low key and not much can go wrong, with a trellis you can make or break a cannabis tree. Think of it as turning a scrog rack 90 degrees and then putting it around your plant. You tie the growing weed plant to an open trellis at strategic points to direct your weed plant more lengthwise than widthwise. At the same time, this is also a method to create new growth points and thus significantly increase your yield. In California, professional nurseries do no different. And there are truly enormous cannabis trees over there.

cannabis trellis

However, you do need to pay close attention to the attachment points. That's where making a trellis for a cannabis tree requires attention. If you attach a twig to the trellis, it won't take long for the twigs to jam. The plant will naturally continue to grow. If you allow the branches to be pinched by tying, then less nutrients can flow to the extremities, which actually stagnates the growth. So check every so often that your plant is wearing "loose-fitting clothing" and definitely not a restraining jacket.

4. Give Sufficient Nutrition, buy a Root and Growth Stimulator

Speaking of flowing nutrients; of course they have to come from somewhere. Weed plants need nutrition. Especially if you're planning on making an attempt to get into the Guinness Book of Records. In another blog we wrote extensively about the correct NPK ratio for weed plants. To make it easy for you you can choose from the following types of basic growth nutrition if you are going to grow a cannabis tree outdoors:

Preparing the soil

Also consider pre-treating the potting soil or garden soil with Bio Tablets, Bat Guano or Supermix, BAC Funky Fungi and Voodoo Juice by Advanced NutrientsBy doing this you make the soil suitable for growing weed plants and provide enough micro-organisms to stimulate growth. A healthy and therefore large weed plant is easier to grow if you take into account the interaction between plants, fungi and bacteria in the soil. With the mentioned additives you build a solid house for the roots of your weed plant.


Root and Growth Stimulator for Cannabis Tree


The larger the package of roots, the larger your plant can become. Remember this rule of thumb when ordering plant nutrition. For a few bucks you can get a first class stimulator such as B-52, Power Roots of BAC Bio Root Stimulator. Deze additieven geef je naast de reguliere basisvoeding als extraatje. Ze zijn ontwikkeld om planten groter te laten worden, waardoor je binnen de kortste keren een huge wietboom hebt.

cannabis tree big indica

5. Always make sure you have the correct pH

All that nutrition, along with rainwater and the housekeeping in the soil, can cause an imbalance in pH. And that is what is so important! The acidity or pH value of the water in the soil determines how well or poorly the roots of your weed plant can absorb all the nutrients. Use this pH meter to measure your nutrient solution and you will immediately know whether you need to adjust the pH. You can adjust the pH in various ways. Take pH-min or -plus from Plagron and read the extensive product description. The pH will be back in the right range in no time.

The ideal pH to grow weed in soil lies between 6.0 and 6.5.

6. Give your Cannabis Tree plenty of light

A powerful sun is undoubtedly the way to turn a weed plant into a giant tree. A sunny south-facing garden is the best environment for weed plants, whether you live in the Netherlands or Colombia. Provide a spot in the garden with little shade.


The position of the sun determines the amount of light. In extreme northern regions, the sun stands lower in the sky even in summer than on the equator, where the sun is perpendicular to your head twice a year. It is quite an odd sight when you are not casting a shadow around yourself. So it's no wonder that weed plants thrive in extremely sunny areas. Well, sativa weed plants with thin leafy fingers that is. Indicas, by nature, can tolerate lower sun and also cold a little better. The longest, tallest weed plants are therefore the sativas. In northwestern Europe you can grow fine weed and even trees taller than 3 meters are possible, because we have seen enough photos of Dutch customers to prove it. Provided of course that you take into account all the points discussed in this article.

wietboom in de tuin

7. Timing is Everything

Suppose you take into account all the steps above and you have told your neighbors that you plan to grow a weed plant in the garden for your own use (that's smart to discuss anyway). So when do you start growing?

If you want to grow a huge weed plant you would be wise not to pick autoflowering weed seeds. Although today's autoflowers can easily grow to a metre and a half tall, they certainly won't grow to 3 metres. This means that you have to take into account the onset of flowering. Usually this is around the end of August to the end of September for most weed plants. It is very much dependent on the genetics, but also on the quality of the darkness as night falls when a weed plant starts to flower due to the arrival of autumn.

woman in weed plantation

Day length

As if the beginning of flowering wasn't enough. You also have to deal with things like the last frost and day length at the beginning of the growing season. Has the sun been up long enough to start growing? We mention this common mistake on purpose. You may be thinking, "The longer the growing season lasts, the bigger my cannabis tree will be, right?" In basic terms, you're right. But if you put your weed plant outside in a frost-free February, for instance, a number of disastrous things will happen to your weed plant. Due to too little sunlight, your cannabisplant will start stretching. She will grow very tall in a short time, but will produce few or no leaves. She reaches for the light, as it were. As a result, the fibers become elongated and she loses the structure to become a cannabis tree. Also, your 2-week-old weed plant can already start to flower. This is because the nights are still too long. If the nights are still 10 hours or longer, the weed plant thinks that autumn is approaching. And boom: plant in bloom.

Pre-growing weed

The solution is to pregrow your weed plant. Don't start germinating until the end of April. Then you can put your weed plant in a sunny spot indoors for 2 to 3 weeks to give your plant a head start. Read all the benefits and steps around pregrowing weed plants here.

pre-growing cannabis

Cannabis Tree in the garden

You might just need a ladder to cut your yield from the tree. We hope the above tips have taught you one or two things about growing a giant weed plant. We'll say it again: keep in mind that not every neighbor is as happy with the sight of a weed plant competing with the biggest fruit trees. A cannabis tree like that will definitely go over the fence and the smell that comes from it is not something you can hide. Do you have chill neighbors, no neighbors or live somewhere where growing weed is completely legalized? Have fun growing your very own cannabis tree!