pH plus (Plagron) 1 liter

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It may happen that the pH value of the nutrition water is too low when you want to give it to your weed plants. This is why we have pH Plus from Plagron. A few drops of this acidity regulator are enough to adjust your pH value upwards. This acidity level has to be right. Otherwise your plant cannot optimally absorb the nutrients it desperately needs. Plagron pH Plus is suitable for all watering systems and therefore for all forms of hydro cultivation. Order your 1 liter bottle quickly and discreetly.

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Achieve the ideal pH value of 5.5 - 6.5 in the feed water? Use a few drops of pH Plus and the job is done quickly.

Plagron pH Plus | Increasing pH when growing weed

It may happen that the pH value of the nutrition water is too low for your weed plants. For example, if you have used too much plant food or pH minus. No need to panic. With pH Plus you can solve this problem in no time. With a few drops you bring the acidity back to the ideal value (5.5 - 6.5). You can use it during the entire grow on all types of mediums. It is suitable for all watering systems and ensures a good curing of the plant. For the correct use of this product you need a pH-meter.

Quantity and Use pH Plus

The quantity depends on the pH-value of your tap water. After adding nutrients to your water, you measure the pH-value. If the pH-value is too low, you lift it up gradually with pH Plus. Use the product during the entire growing process, every time you nourish the plant. Make sure that the pH meter you use has recently been calibrated. Important: add pH plus only after you have added nutrition to the water and then measured the pH value.

Pay attention: This product has a strong effect and should therefore be gradually added to the feed water. We advise ≤ 0.5 ml pH Plus for 1 l of water each time. When you have brought the pH level down too much with pH minus, you can restore it with pH plus. Do take into account that the NPK value of your plant nutrition will change.

Plagron pH Plus is suitable for all types of watering systems and therefore for hydro cultivation on clay granules or coconut fibres, for example. 

Advice pH-values in the nutrient solution:

  • Terra-concept: 6.0 – 6.5
  • Cocos-concept: 5.5 – 6.0
  • Hydro-concept: 5.5 – 6.0
  • BIO-concept: regulates the pH-value itself; therefore do not use pH Plus here

Composition Plagron pH Plus

NPK- fertilizer (0-0-25).

Shelf life

Keep frost-free. Unopened products have a shelf life of 4 years. Check the shelf life based on the batch number on the packaging. Have you opened a product? Then it has a guaranteed shelf life of 6 months.


1 liter bottle Plagron pH Plus


Plagron has been producing a wide assortment of high-quality substrates, base fertilizers and additives for many years. The company is one of the market leaders for more than 25 years. Plagron products are intended for many kinds of breeders and guarantee excellent breeding performances.

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Brand Plagron
Content 1 liter
Substrate / Medium Coconut Fibre, Hydro / Aero, Soil
Suitable for organic grow? No
Composition Liquid
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pH plus (Plagron) 1 liter

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