In the Netherlands it is very normal to mix marijuana with tobacco and to smoke it as a joint. In many other parts of the world this is unheard of. There people only smoke pure and people wouldn't touch a mix of tobacco and marijuana.

Everybody knows that tobacco and marijuana do not fit together, still we roll our joint with tobacco. We have made an overview of the most important reasons to smoke pure marijuana.

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Tobacco does screw up the taste of marijuana
Tobacco has a counter-effect on marijuana which makes you slow and stoned. Who smokes pure cannabis will experience a high effect with energy and activity. This is one of the reasons why people choose to smoke pure marijuana. You must be prepared for this stimulating effect, you won't sit still anymore. If you smoke a normal cigarette after smoking a pure joint you will still get a slow high.

The taste of pure marijuana is much better
Tobacco interferes with the real taste of marijuana. Admit it; a cigarette doesn't smell and taste so good! In marijuana, there are different terpenes that provide the taste and smell of marijuana. This is the reason why there are so many types of marijuana. There is not only a difference in the effect or level of cannabinoids, but also in taste and smell. Tobacco always tastes the same and screws up the specially cultivated tastes of our deliciously tasting cannabis strains.

Pure weed smokers have a bigger lung capacity
Research has shown that smoking marijuana pure does not negatively influence the lung function. Another different outcome of this research was that pure marijuana smokers have an even better lung capacity than non-smokers. By inhaling more deeply and holding the breach for some time, the pure cannabis smokers train their lungs regularly, making them stronger.

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THC and CBD are the known cannabinoids

The cannabinoids THC and CBD are getting known better and better. There is a lot of information about the medicinal effect of these and other cannabinoids on the internet. Especially the effect of THC on cancerous cells in the body has been researched comprehensively. Without discussing this further, one can say that THC is better for you than tobacco. Because people smoke pure marijuana, they are acting in a healthier manner than people that smoke marijuana with tobacco.

A joint with tobacco is addictive
We all know that tobacco is addictive, although we don’t really want to know that. By mixing cannabis with tobacco you additionally get a nicotine addiction 'for free'. You want more, therefore you are gonna smoke more joints and that's not gonna help it. It is therefore wiser to change to smoking pure marijuana so you can stop smoking cigarettes. Many people might think they are addicted to marijuana, while they are actually addicted to nicotine.

Marijuana with tobacco is unhealthy
By mixing marijuana with tobacco, a lot of hazardous substances enter your body. When you are smoking pure marijuana, you save yourself from this misery. Because smoking actually harms your health.

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  • Tobacco screws up the effect of marijuana,
  • Pure marijuana tastes better,
  • Pure marijuana smokers have a bigger lung capacity,
  • Smoking pure marijuana is healthier than smoking tobacco,
  • Tobacco is addictive,
  • Marijuana with tobacco is unhealthy.

Not everybody can roll a joint
Rolling a pure joint is something different than rolling a joint with tobacco. This can be a reason for people to not smoke pure marijuana.

Smoking pure with a marijuana pipe
Smoking pure marijuana is of course also possible with a marijuana pipe. These are available starting from €2.95! You can choose between different materials, types and forms. We have marijuana pipes of wood, plastic, metal and stone.

Design marijuana pipes
Furthermore, there are different designs. Do you want a special form, then opt for a Journey or Share the Pipe or a Six Shooter. Or do you like a classic wooden pipe? Everything is possible at the Dutch-Headshop!

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Actitube carbon filter = Even cleaner smoking
Do you want to go for extra clean? Choose a pipe in which you can place an actitube carbon filter such as the NimbinVap 4.2 or DF Premium Hitter.

Conclusion smoking pure marijuana 
One thing is clear; Smoking pure is better from all perspectives! You might need to get used to this new and positive high. Such as with all good things in live, you will get used quickly to such intense enjoyment!