Lion's Mane, who doesn't know this fungi? With its unusual appearance, it has been named Mushroom of the Year in 2016. An honorary title this fungi completely deserves. The Lion's Mane has many excellent advantages. So excellent that we think the mushroom should be put in the spotlights in 2019 as well.

The creators of the mushroom 'Miss election'

The mushroom of the year. That's certainly not a joke, it is the miss election among the mushrooms. Once a year, members of the Dutch Mycological Society (NMV) put their heads together to elect the mushroom of the year. The NMV exists since 1908 and has already more than 950 members. Their goal? Creating enthusiasm in the Netherlands and informing about the various mushrooms (mycology). Together, they ensure better understanding of the species, which helps in the protection of endangered species, biotopes and habitats.

One of the actions of the NMV is the annual appointment of the Mushroom of the Year. A beauty contest, that include many mushrooms. Only one species is allowed to carry the title of "Mushroom of the Year" for a year. Lion's Mane won in 2016.

Why the Lion's Mane so special?

The Lion's Mae is anything but a typical mushroom. She is 5 to 25 centimeters wide and has a compact, cream-white, hanging, compressed bundle of two to five centimeter long flexible spines. When looking at the fungus, it's cuddly and soft appearance is striking. The color of the fungus slowly changes from creamy white to yellow-brown, when it gets older.

1. A unique look

When you see the Lion's Mane, it is immediately clear this is a special mushroom. A hefty, bizarre-looking mushroom growing against trees. When you only spot it in an instant, the long stalks of the fungus almost resemble the mane of a lion. Hence the name: Lion's Mane.

2. Rare, and very tasty

The Lion's Mane is edible and a true eating experience. As its appearance, the taste is also very soft. The taste resembles the taste of lobster. It's a good solution for vegetarians and vegans. Lion's Mane is great for baking, and can also be used as a sauce with cream and white wine. However, the idea is not that you start picking this mushroom in the forests. These fungi are quite rare in Dutch nature. Therefore, when you spot them, always leave them alone. Yet, you really do want to try them? Also for sale: powders or tinctures.

3. International fame

The Lion's Mane is not only special within the Netherlands, also abroad this fungi is praised. In Japan, for example, the mushroom has been named mountain priest mushroom. The Japanese believe the mushroom offers divine wisdom, hence this honorary title. Besides, the Lion's Mane is recognized in traditional Eastern medicine for its positive effects on the mind. The Asian countries the Lion's Mane is certainly not unknown. They have been using the Lion's Mane for several centuries, for its powerful and special properties.

4. Perfect for supporting both body and mind

Lion's Mane is a name which is not only chosen because of its appearance. This fungus provides a number of important benefits for the user. It is said that the Lion's Mane mushroom, for example, supports the immune system. This mushroom could also be beneficial for your ability to concentrate. How? The fungus contains many active ingredients and non-linear polysaccharides, basically a mix of multiple, special sugars.

For this reason, Lion's Mane undoubtedly deserves a place of honor among all dietary supplements. You can use tincture of this fungus safely. No toxic effect or hazard is known when consuming.

Experience the power of the Lion's Mane yourself: Lion's Mane

In various delicatessen stores you can buy a grow kit for this Loin's Mane mushroom. Yet, it takes about a year before a Lion's Mane starts to develop. What if you don't have the "angelic patience" to bring this annual plan to a successful conclusion? No panic. There are also extracts made from the Lion's Mane, such as the Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract from the Mushroomist. This powerful elixir by the Mushroomist is exclusively made of Lion's Mane mushrooms. A pipette with this extract equals approximately three cups of mushroom tea. Ideal for a quick boost. And it also tastes deliciously sweet. Perfect for in a smoothie, or directly take it in. Experience the power of the Lion's Mane yourself!

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