Lion's Mane Gummies (Mushroom Bakehouse) 200 mg

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Delicious candies with as much as 200 mg of Lion's Mane mushroom extract per candy! A bowl full of memory aids. Lion's Mane is said to increase focus and maintain memory. A container of these mushroom candies contains 40 grams of soft gummies and is available in various delicious flavours. Great if you don't like the flavour of mushrooms but still want to benefit from them.

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Lion's Mane Gummies by Mushroom Bakehouse

Tasty candies each containing 200 mg of lion's mane extract from Mushroom Bakehouse. The extract is obtained from both the mycelium and the fruiting body of this fungus. Lion's mane is a beautiful looking mushroom that has traditionally been considered a supplement for mental health. Now also available in the shape of candy!

Characteristics & Benefits Lion's Mane Mushroom Gummies

  • Lion's Mane candies with 200 mg of Lion's Mane extract per candy.
  • Ideal to combine with microdosing.
  • Stimulates NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) *.
  • Supports cognitive functions*.
  • Supplied in resealable container.
  • Available in Apple, Blackberry, Cherry, Cola, Orange or a mix of all these flavours.

*These health claims are currently pending at the EFSA. Therefore, it cannot be guaranteed that what you read about this mushroom on the internet is actually true.

Habitat and effect of the Lion's Mane Mushroom

The bearded tooth mushroom, another name for Lion’s Mane Mushroom, is a sturdy and bizarre-looking mushroom you could simply stumble upon in the forest. The fungus grows on trees and has long, hair-like threads so it resembles the mane of a lion. In Japan, this giant is also called the mountain priest mushroom, because the cream-colored mushroom is thought to offer divine wisdom.

The Lion's Mane is recognized in traditional Eastern medicine for its positive effects on the mind. Lion's Mane contains nonlinear polysaccharides and active ingredients that would enhance concentration and memory.

Is Lion’s Mane a Nootropic?

A nootropic is a food supplement which temporarily puts us in the highest gear. That can be on all kinds of fronts. Thus, there are nootropics for tiptop physical performance or for when you can use some extra calculating ability. The Lion’s Mane mushroom falls under the second category. In addition, these capsules are 100% natural.

Note that Lion’s Mane has a mildly short-term effect which is perfect for countering the slow-down you get at around 4 o’clock in the afternoon. But where a Lion’s Mane supplement really scores is in the long-term benefits. Lion’s Mane stimulates a bodily process called Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) which needs time to develop. You can research how this works online, but we can at least say that it has something to do with your nerves and memory. To experience all the benefits of Lion’s Mane you need to take the food supplement consistently for six weeks.

Ingredients Lion's Mane Edibles:

Sugar, Glucose, Citric Acid, Gelatin, Water, Flavours, Colour, Lion's Mane extract (200 mg per candy).

Content of package:

  • 40 grams


Store in a dark and dry place, out of reach of children.

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Lion's Mane Gummies (Mushroom Bakehouse) 200 mg

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