Myco-Zen | Bio (Mushrooms4Life) 60 caps

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Exam stress? Under pressure to perform? Make room in your bag for a jar of Myco-Zen from Mushrooms4Life. These easy to swallow capsules are the natural nutritional supplement for relaxation in your life and a turbo-charged brain. Take two capsules daily with a bit of water and be energised. This is a genuine health product so don’t expect it to get you out of your head. Simply feel good with organic Myco-Zen from Mushrooms4Life! 60 capsules per jar.

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The idea of Zen, the meditation principle from Japan, is to empty your head of distracting thoughts. With the space in your head, you’ll be able to perform more easily when this is expected of you. Big presentation, exams coming up or facing an IQ test? Golden tip: take these capsules for a few weeks before that time comes. For the best performance, all you need is patience.

  • To gradually build up your mental performance and physical relaxation
  • Ideal for meditation, yoga and prolonged mental effort
  • 100% Organic food supplement
  • 60 capsules

Lion’s Mane

In Japan, this giant is also called the mountain priest mushroom, because the cream-colored mushroom is thought to offer divine wisdom.

The Lion's Mane is recognized in traditional Eastern medicine for its positive effects on the mind. Lion's Mane contains nonlinear polysaccharides and active ingredients that would enhance concentration and memory.


Reishi is a real all-round feel-good mushroom. It helps to bring back the body's natural balance, so all healthy body functions perform properly. Think of your energy level, sleep pattern, mental focus and your general well-being. Reishi is actually best known for its so-called adaptogenic effect.


Organic Reishi spores (ganoderma lucidum), organic Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) extract, vegetarian cellulose capsule (Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose)*

* non-organic

Packaging Contents

  • 60 plant-based capsules (vegan)
  • Per 2 capsules: 400 mg Reishi spores, 400 mg Lion’s Mane


Mushrooms4Life is a British company, founded by the world famous researcher and author Martin Powell. His mission? Making organic mushroom supplements available to everyone at a fair price. At Mushrooms4Life they know that every mushroom has its own character. That is why only the best raw materials are used to grow the mushrooms. All supplements are free from binders, additives or artificial ingredients. Pure nature.

Brand Mushrooms4Life
GTIN 19962585166
Organic Yes
Product Type Capsules
Content 60 capsules
Vegan Yes
Ingredients Biologische Reishi sporen (ganoderma lucidum), biologische Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) extract, vegetarische cellulose capsule (Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose)* * niet biologisch
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Myco-Zen | Bio (Mushrooms4Life) 60 caps

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