Sinicuichi [Heimia Salicifolia] (Indian Spirit) 50 gram

Sinicuichi [Heimia Salicifolia] (Indian Spirit) 50 gram

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Feel the power of the sun with Sinicuichi leaves! Experience the plant that has been used by shamans for centuries for spiritual connection. With its supernatural powers and psychoactive qualities, Sinicuichi offers a unique experience. Learn why the tea is known as "Elixir of the Sun" by exploring the yellow hues of its psychedelic vision. Enrich your mental peace, enjoy relaxation and euphoria, and increase the chances of lucid dreams. Prepare your own Sinicuichi tea with our 50g cut leaves of Indian Spirit. Order now and get to know this unparalleled source of powerful herbs.

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Sinicuichi is a plant that has been used by shamans since Aztec times as a means of feeling more connected to the spiritual world. Read on to find out how this plant from America came to be known as"Elixir of the Sun" & "The Sun Opener".

What is Sinicuichi

Sinicuichi is a plant from the Loosestrife family, Lythraceae. Sinicuichi,under the Latin name Heimia salicifolia, is native to the Americas. The plant has spread across both North and South America, from the southwest in the United States to Argentina.

The indigenous tribes consider Sinicuichi a sacred plant with supernatural powers. They see the leaves as the means to find mental peace, relive past events and experience them as if they were 'really' happening.

The leaves of the plant contain several alkaloids, including cryogenin (vertine), sinicuichin (lypholin), heimine and a number of others. Cryogenin is considered the main psychoactive component.

The effects of Sinicuichi

The heard effects of Sinicuichi further explain the names 'Sun Opener' & 'Elixir of the Sun'. One of the effects is said to be a psychedelic yellow tint in vision, which shamans say is the knowledge of the sun absorbed in the drink. Other possible effects would be a relaxed or euphoric feeling. The drug is also supposed to increase the chances of lucid dreams; dreams in which you gain control. People who consume this herb also compare it to wild dagga because of its spiritual and mind-opening effects.

Preparing Sinicuichi tea

Sinicuichi leaves have been used for centuries in many different ways. These include making a salve from the leaves or smoking them. The most common method, however, is making a Sinicuichi tea. Below, we describe how you can brew your own elixir of the sun:

  1. Collect 10 grams of shredded Sinicuichi leaves in an airtight jar.
  2. Pour in a cup of hot water and let it steep for about 10 minutes.
  3. Close the pot and leave it in the sun for a whole day.
  4. A day later, the tea is ready to drink, you just need to strain it.

The effects of Sinicuichi tea are experienced within 20 minutes of drinking the brew and disappear after about 2 hours.

Tip: add a flavoured tea bag and enrich the flavour of your tea!

Package contents

  • 50 g shredded Sinicuichi leaves

Indian Spirit

Indian Spirit collects and distributes extraordinary herbs from all corners of the world. Indian Spirit's overgrown psychedelic herb garden contains natural energy generators, aphrodisiacs, psychedelics and herbs for lucid dreams. From ayahuasca to zacatechichi. The garden was created in 2014 and the quality of the herbs and extracts make Indian Spirit unmatched in this segment.

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Sinicuichi [Heimia Salicifolia] (Indian Spirit) 50 gram

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