Reishi’ has been a household name among Asian peoples for centuries. In Europe, Reishi has also turned a well-known mushroom with unmistakable qualities. This is the story about a mushroom that developed from an Eastern recipe into a high value food supplement.

Originating from the Far East

The origins of the Reishi mushroom lie in the Far East. Occasionally, you will find old maples with red-brown outgrowth. Reishi is known for its healthy properties, and is therefore declared a rare mushroom. In ancient Chinese writings, people even refer to the fungi as the "mushroom of immortality". Over time, the Reishi mushroom grew into a mushroom with many qualities in the Far East. Reishi mushrooms can be classified among the "most popular products" in Eastern medicine.

When do you take Reishi?

Reishi can be used by everyone. For people who are perfectly healthy, it is definitely not a luxury. Reishi can, for example, contribute to a more relaxed evening. Besides, your feelings are enforced in a positive way. Among experiential experts, The Reishi mushroom is also called the "Feel-good mushroom".

No trip from Reishi!

It is generally known that tripping on certain mushroom varieties is possible. What about the Reishi mushroom? The answer is no! You don't have to be afraid of hallucinations or other well-known effects of magic mushrooms. Reishi only has a favorable influence on your general health and well-being.

What does Reishi consist of?

Reishi is a mushroom with several specific characteristics, that's clear, but which substances are present in Reishi? The two main components are polysaccharides and the triterpenes. These components have one important function. Polysaccharides have characteristic properties, with beneficial effects on your health. Triterpenes are also present in other plants, and are the reasons for the bitter taste of Reishi.

The Mushroomist

The Mushroomist allows you to enjoy the power of mushrooms. The company sells several tinctures, including Reishi Mushroom Extract. The Mushroomist is made up of a team of professional mushroom growers. The cultivation, harvesting and extraction of mushrooms is done by themselves. The mushrooms are then processed into "full spectrum" extracts. The extracts from The Mushroomist are known for their natural strength, environmentally friendly ingredients and rapid absorption by the body.

You would like to try Reishi?

Nature has been hiding other powerful mushrooms. We have beautiful products in our product range that are valuable for your general health.

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