Glass Mini Bong for Dabs & Weed (Black Leaf) 2 in 1

Glass Mini Bong for Dabs & Weed (Black Leaf) 2 in 1
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Looking for a top-quality Mini Bong? This glass bong from Black Leaf is just 15.5 cm in size and you can smoke everything with it. Using the supplied Dab Banger (quartz) and Weed Bowl you can smoke weed, hash, shatter, rosin or other types of dabs. The handmade glass bong is composed of expensive borosilicate and black glass. The bong contains a so-called ‘drum percolator’. A filter which cools the smoke by means of bubbles. It looks cool and the smoke is smoother in your throat. The tiny mini bong is sturdy (3 mm thick glass) and is stable when standing. The mouthpiece has a special rounded form which facilitates inhaling. This Black Leaf Bong is a practical tool for all your smoking materials!

Black Leaf
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Mini Bong 

The glass Mini Bong from Black Leaf. Look on it as a 2-in-1 box. With your Black Leaf bong you get both a Dab Banger (quartz) and a Weed Bowl. Both attachments have a heat-resistant part so you can easily remove them from the bong. It is handmade from borosilicate and black glass (3 mm thick). At the bottom of the bong there is a drum percolator for cooling and filtering the smoke. It is stable when standing up and the mouthpiece is perfectly shaped for your lips. The great thing about this mini bong is that you inhale the smoke directly. Thanks to the small space, you don’t have any difficulty getting your smoking material to burn and fill the bong with smoke. Thinking of buying a Mini Bong? This undisputed number #1 is what you’re looking for! 

Specifications for Black Leaf Mini Bong:

  • Glass Mini Bong from the Black Leaf brand
  • Includes quartz crystal Banger and Weed Bowl
  • Suitable for weed, oil, wax, shatter, rosin and other concentrates/dabs.
  • With Drum Percolator Filter
  • Height: 15.5 cm
  • Diameter of Tube: 1.9 cm 
  • Diameter of Bowl: 7.9 cm
  • Thickness of Glass: 3 mm
  • Made from borosilicate glass and black glass
  • Transparent with parts made from black glass

Dab Rig

Do you want to smoke dabs like shatter, wax or rosin? Or perhaps oil? Then use the quartz crystal banger supplied. It’s angled at 90 degrees so it stands completely straight and you can throw everything into it. In effect, your mini bong becomes a dab rig. How does a dab rig work?Fit the banger to the black leaf bong, heat the bowl, allow it to cool a bit and then put your dabs in with a dabber. Then inhale the smoke from the dabs via the bong and enjoy! Need more explanation? Read our Blog about Dabs!

Please note: when warming up the banger, heat the bowl only. The rest of the bong is not made from quartz glass and is therefore not resistant to very high temperatures. The glass could break or burst.

Glass Bong

Do you use the herbs or weed bowl? Then you simply have a glass bong. How does a bong work? Put some weed or other herbs into the bowl, place your finger on the hole at the front and inhale. When the Black Leaf Bong is filled with smoke, take your finger off the hole and you can inhale everything. Repeat this to get everything out of your weed until the bowl is empty and contains only burned down weed or herbs.

Over Black Leaf

Black Leaf has been designing and producing smoking wares such as bongs, grinders, vaporizers and much more for over 20 years. The German company works closely with production partners around the world and is continuously designing new products to keep up with market trends in its own design bureau. In addition to its many innovations, Black Leaf’s variety of products in each segment makes it a unique brand for smoking wares. And all from its own production. Guaranteed quality, direct from the manufacturer.

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Additional Information
AvailabilityOut of stock
BrandBlack Leaf
Suitable forWeed / Dry Herbs, Concentrates / Dabs
Nail / BangerBanger
Bong Height11 - 20 cm
Bong Diameter6 - 8 cm
Ice BongNo
Percolator / FilterYes
Bong Grind / FittingSG 14 (14,5 mm)
Lift-Off BowlYes

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