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Unilite’s gas lighter with jet flame! Proof against all weather conditions and therefore highly suitable as a storm lighter. It has a lock function, the flame is adjustable and it is also really easy to refill with lighter gas. The torch lighter is available in various colours. It works fantastically well for dabbing and thanks to its reasonably large format it’s ideal for leaving in your regular smoking place. In short: a decent, multifunctional Unilite lighter featuring high quality for a modest price! Which colour will you choose?

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Jet Flame Gas Lighter

Looking to buy a handy gas lighter? If so, then this one from Unilite could be it. It makes a very practical torch lighter with its lock function and adjustable flame. Handy when you’re often outside, want to start dabbing or simply looking for a lighter with a substantial flame. This Unilite keeps going for a long time thanks to its large ‘gas tank’ and it’s perfect for keeping in your smoking place at home or somewhere else. How do you refill the gas lighter? That’s really easy. Add a tube of lighter gas (recommended products) to your order and you’ll be all set for the foreseeable future. 

What is a gas lighter? It is a lighter with a blue flame, also called a torch lighter, storm lighter or jet lighter. The substantial flame withstands all weather conditions and you can seriously heat up objects such as a dab rig with it, for example. 

Specifications for Unilite Torch Lighter:

  • Unilite gas lighter with jet flame (blue torch flame)
  • Windproof and therefore an excellent storm lighter
  • Necessary if want to start dabbing
  • Format: 11.8 x 7.5 cm
  • Fitted with a lock function and adjustable gas supply / flame
  • Lighter easily refilled with lighter gas
  • Available in different colours
SKU G-2032
Brand Unilite
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Gas Lighter | Jet Lighter (Unilite)

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