Overcoming your nerves and tension is not the only challenge novice trippers have to deal with. Yet another hurdle for many as regards a shroom or truffle trip is the actual consumption or eating of them. There’s no getting round the fact that shrooms and truffles are not the most pleasant products to eat. Logically, of course, they are derived from nature and many natural products don’t really taste that nice. Yet, it’s possible to disguise the taste of shrooms and truffles to a certain extent. Read the tips shown below!

Eating shrooms

1. Shroom Tea

This is the best-known and most commonly used method for taking shrooms or magic truffles. Those who have tried this once can vouch for the fact that drinking tea is a good way to take shrooms or truffles. Shroom tea is very tasty without you really tasting the shrooms. Drinking it as tea also have a positive influence on the trip itself. It reduces the nausea and furthermore your body assimilates the psilocybin contained in shrooms and truffles more quickly. You therefore get into the trip faster.

Before brewing the tea, you have to cut up the shrooms into small pieces. The smaller the pieces, the better. This helps the psilocybin to draw better in the tea. After you’ve boiled the water, you put the shrooms or truffles in a Tea egg. Wait until the water has cooled down slightly (don’t use boiling water) and then pour it over. Allow it to draw for about quarter of an hour. You then pour the tea into another glass and it’s ready to drink. You can add some honey or a small amount of sugar to the shroom tea.

Shroom Tea

2. Soup

Shrooms or truffles in a cup of soup work in more or less the same way as in a cup of tea. Here, too, you first cut up the shrooms or truffles into small pieces. Once you’ve done this, you can simply add the shrooms or truffles to the soup you’ve made. For example, cup-a-soup is really good for consuming shrooms and truffles, plus it’s easy to prepare. There are a couple of things to take into consideration here. As in the case of the tea, only add the shrooms when the soup has cooled down slightly. Otherwise, the active substance will be lost due to the heat. Furthermore, it’s important to properly chew the shrooms or truffles. Then your body will assimilate the active substance in an optimal way.

3. Hamburger

We all like one from time to time: a thick, juicy hamburger. Whether it’s from McDonalds or you make it yourself, a tasty hamburger goes down well. Have you ever thought of adding some shrooms or truffles in the middle of your hamburger bun? Probably not, but it’s possible to eat them in this way. Naturally, with this method of eating them, you have to chew the shrooms and you will experience their taste therefore. All the same, the taste is less strong than when you eat them on their own. In combination with a hamburger, bread, vegetables and probably some sauce, the taste of shrooms or truffles is less overpowering. Here, too, it’s convenient and effective to cut up the shrooms or truffles into small pieces. The Magic Truffles Grinder will take care of making your shrooms and truffles fine in no time at all without the loss of any active substance.

Eating Magic Truffles

4. Meals

It might be obvious perhaps, but the fact is that shrooms or truffles can be prepared between meals. If you’re planning to do this, then it’s important for you to understand that must never add shrooms or truffles during cooking. In the same way as when boiling soup, the active substance will be destroyed by overheating. The usual method is to add the shrooms or truffles when the meal is ready. Cold dishes like a salad or carpaccio are ideally suitable for this.

However, there is a disadvantage associated with taking shrooms or truffles in combination with food. This is because shrooms and truffles work best on an empty stomach. We recommend though that you take the shrooms or truffles in combination with a light meal. A cup of tea or cup-a-soup is ideal for that purpose. At the same time, it’s also important to follow your own feelings. If the taste is a really big issue for you, then simply throw them in with a meal. You are still likely to experience a trip.

5. Eating Shrooms of Magic Truffles Directly

Are you someone who has absolutely no problem with the taste of shrooms or truffles? Why then go to any trouble at all? Naturally, you can just simply eat the shrooms or truffles directly on their own. In principle, this is the simplest and most efficient method and it guarantees 100% than no active substances are going to be lost. But if you want to disguise the taste a little bit, you can take the shrooms or truffles with a piece of pure chocolate. People regularly do this, especially with truffles. Be sure to chew them thoroughly and be careful about how many you take of course. Don’t just take a random dose of shrooms or truffles without some idea of the quantity. Obviously, nobody is looking for a bad trip.

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